1. The party without a plan or the party with a plan most Americans would be appalled. Either way…crazy!!! Vote 2022 to eradicate this cancer.

    2. @E Bay yes, I know, but the meaning of Ouroborus is : immortality, the constant renewal of life, eternity, and I don’t think I would use that to describe MT Greene

    3. Give him a chance to be the voice of sanity in a mad house.They’ll are but at least he is not on steroids😂😂😂

    1. @Stephens Odyssey Trump’s lawyers had nothing. The tall stack of affidavits were for the cameras and did not expose those who gave them to real risk of prosecution if they lied. If they contained real evidence Trump’s lawyers would have submitted them all to the courts instead of cherrypicking a few that fell apart under scrutiny. You fell for smoke and mirrors and fake news. The fact others are intelligent enough to see that and you’re not does mean we’re ignoring the evidence, though from your perspective it will appear that way.

    2. Actually it is a very accurate definition of the Republican Party in general at the moment. McConnell is a hypocrite of the highest order. Note that he could have said the exact same thing about Donald Trump the last four years but hasn’t. He has blood of Americans on his hands.

    3. Wow so many damn lunatics in the Republican Party.
      They’re in the wrong WH. They all should be in a
      mental institution. How can these people be in
      government? Wow what a crazy bunch of people!
      Orange face seems to Attract all the lunatics!

    1. McCarthy is a coward putting off meeting with this Karen hoping it will blow over. It will not. Man up or quit.

    2. @Mike Samra if Trump had been re-elected would you be blaming him and the GOP for no stimulus money or would you still be pointing the finger at Biden and the Democrats? You’re just grasping at straws because you hate Biden clearly

    1. Why wait for a stimulus? The government needs to start recognizing that this face mask, lockdown bs is hurting more than helping.

    2. “Senate minority leader” it ain’t no passing craze 🎶🎶

      It means no instant Republican-led motion to block legislation (inhales)… for the rest of your days🎶🎶

    1. @Dicky Jones I was gonna respond, but when I saw your name I realized even your mom and dad knew how you would turn out

    2. @Dicky Jones you might not be smart enough to know what projecting is, but you just totally described the nonsense and foolishness now called the republican party. I mean trump is gone. Isnt it time to stop with the blatant lying?

    3. @Borvo I miss debating with the real republicans over a beer. The tea party took you guys over the top into the rabbit hole. Ive waited for years for them to purge the quackery. Maybe this Capitol riot crap will wake the party up

    1. @coolnameism No, but he is WEAK. That us why he was appointed Republican leader. He guest with the flow too much rather standing on and for traditional American values that made the USA great and blessed by God. Supposed Christians want to force our faith upon others as Islam is doing elsewhere. That is NOT how it works nor what Jesus Christ taught. Faith must be a free choice.

    2. @Jason Boyce I think you mean Radical Republicans. And the words CONSERVATIVE and RADICAL have opposite meanings. These violent, domineering right wingers ARE NOT CONSERVATIVES.

    3. Oh yeah, it’s all too little too late for all of them. And now she’s on a committee instead of being committed. No one will ever hold her accountable. Conservative politicians all aided/ abetted/ spread/ popularized this insanity. None of them have ever faced any consequences or repercussions for anything. The whole party is toxic and its leaders insane.

  1. Look who learned how to talk like a politician, in just a few days…
    “I realize now that those things I said could hurt my career, so in all honesty: I didn’t mean it”…
    It’s even more disgusting than sticking to your (crazy) opinions.

    1. I completely agree with you…I guess she has become one of those “weak Republicans who lose gracefully”. She pretends she’s a “non-politician” but her response sounded so rehearsed like a robotic politician.

    2. Except that she DIDN’T say that she didn’t mean it. She just said that people died and that it was a “red flag” event (which is Qanon conspiracy lunacy for being a left-wing plot).
      She didn’t say she was sorry, or that she was wrong.

    3. @Adam Taylor Lemme guess, “red flag” is code for CCP (which these nut jobs think literally 60%–or more–of the country belongs to).


  2. If the GOP doesn‘t survive „chemotherapy“ against the conspiracy cancer, there is another very sick patient ready to step in.

    1. At this point,since the ‘cancer’ is spreading across the GOP so rapidly, just euthanize the entire party.

    2. You say “Conspiracy” Does that include the “Russian Collusion” hoax, that CNN pushed 24/7 for over two years? Just curious…lmao

    3. xlr8r2010. „no collusion, no collusion, no collusion“ is the conspiracy theory hammered in naive people’s heads like many other idiotic allegations. Are you ignorant or vicious? Read the the Mueller Report but most of your kind only believe things that confirm their bias. It’s a a real tragedy!

    4. @Wassily Kandinsky How come not even one witness that was called before the House Judiciary Committee, when they were asked “Do You Have Any Evidence Of Collusion” answered yes? Explain that dumbass…not one witness, had any proof of collusion. The Trump dossier, was bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton, and the DNC. You don’t find that suspicious at all? lmfao

  3. Let’s start another conspiracy: People still supporting Trump are aliens in human suits. Can we do that?

    1. @Tracey Purcell impossible he’s too far down the rabbit hole I put on the Biden inauguration & ish hit the fan “pedophile this pedophile that” but he knows I didn’t vote for Biden he just got triggered like a snowflake & couldn’t control himself

    2. I think that’s a GREAT idea – combat the nutso conspiracies by spreading conspiracies against them. I think that’s got traction 👍✔

  4. The scary thing is that she won that race with an overwhelming majority of the vote . So yes there are lots of crazies out there just like her 😐

  5. Notice she never said “I was wrong” or “I am so sorry”. She isn’t smart enough to back down, which means she is a weak lunatic.

    1. Just like their x leader saying sorry or admitting wrongful doings is a sign of weakness. Mitch, instead of talking about cancer , why don’t you fix the mess you all caused? Bunch of weak leaders, they shouldn’t be In charge of any kind of law making

    2. You mean like entire dem party has done four the last four years.
      Nothing but psychic hippocrits.
      And if you voted for it, so are you.

    1. @Debra Johnson see, you just admitted it. And while there are caps on donations, there are not on lobbying and Super PACs.

    2. @Holden Ennis ha ha ha, such simpletons. he money is owned to Russia. and the banks. he owns nothing. Watch for the bankruptcies once the gov of ny takes him to task. Look up the numbers not just listen to the idiots who spout laser beams. gawd!!!!

    3. @Holden Ennis Yeah but the left does it on steroids. I suspect donation fraud on the left is as bad as voter fraud. There have been over 1,000 arrests made. Wonder how many votes were fraudulent.

  6. This isn’t him having a moral compass. This is him knowing one day Greene and those like her will cost him his position and interests.

    1. Mitch doesn’t have a moral compass, but he has a political witching stick and it tells him he’s just struck turd.

  7. These type of people are narcissists. You will never hear them say, “I’m sorry” or “I was wrong”. They don’t care who gets hurt.

    1. @Bradyn Lotterman You’re so right brother. All this huffing and puffing about Major Taylor Greene while their president tries to back door our females with his transgender agenda pushing policies. I say let them rant and rave. Conservatives are finally waking up and not putting up with their donkey dung anymore. While they blow a blood vessel about one senator , somebody’s daughter gets bodyslammed by some dude trying to pass himsrlf off as a chick. FT

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