1. Get this guy out. He’s not even a politician anymore… just a physical embodiment of corruption and greed

    1. McConnell does seem to halt progress a lot by not even allowing a lot of votes. A 9/11 firefighter had the come to DC and two days later for him to put a vote on 9/11 assistances on that calendar.

    2. Trump 2020 are we to assume that the Bible is a legit text? If so there are quite a few things most people would have to answer for. Like you can’t convince me you’re not some 300 pound non-magnate with a hard drive full of porn 🤷‍♂️

    1. @Bryansk Scion hey don’t get me wrong I’m no fan of Mitch by far especially after his Obama was my reparations comment. IJS I’m not rooting for anyone that could possibly put an LGBT agenda before a black one.

    2. Charles Putnam @ Charles. Your not afraid of “people of color?” I guess you didn’t see all the Obama thugs last night on my show …, So in the ultra liberal run democrat city of Philadelphia tonight Security camera footage from Walgreens just uploaded on YouTube shows 60 blacks running into a Walgreens & destroying & looting the store.
      Right here on the new YouTube video link. And this is what Democrats and liberalism has done to our nation. These are the districts that vote 90% for Obama …

      Stop this insanity and vote for law & order from the Republican Trump Party in 2020.
      Here is the newly uploaded YouTube link security camera footage. Unbelievable…

    1. Kevin —That doesn’t means Mitch is safe because his approval rating in Kentucky is in the 20%. The people feel that he’s there too long and wants someone new. But hey, there’s always a cheating route.

    2. @G. A. Faux news has people believing the Dems. want to abolish the 2nd amendment which is not true at all, back when the Nixon administration was running the country the argued the 2nd amendment doesn’t guarantee individual gun rights for citizens but well-armed state militias and ever since then when someone brings up reasonable gun control laws the right and the NRA go on the warpath…we need guns in this country but logically a terrorist that has been investigated and tons of money to do it and is deemed “NO FLY LIST’ can buy a gun so, in essence, the legislative branch of government has decided a passenger airplane is worth more than human lives, responsible gun control laws are not even close to repealing the second amendment!

    3. @G. A. Ps, Faux News had everybody thinking Obama was going to take away everybody’s guns, I would laugh because Obama was a constitutional law professor, on the other hand, Trump who knows nothing about the U.S. Constitution and attacks it and disrespects it every day is more likely to take away guns and we are still to see because he is loyal to no one!!!

    4. @Sicklady Just because I want the old man out doesn’t mean I hàve to support a swamp creature/rhino . He’s one of many reasons why we need term limits. You would get rid of the entitled elitist scumb. On both sides and watch how things can get done. The democracts are all for status que.

    5. Brian Perry —I’m a Progressive so I completely agree. Corporate dems has to go but it will take several election cycles to clean house. In 2020, I’ll vote all progressive candidates in HR and Senate BUT in order to get rid of trump, I’m willingly to vote for a conservative dem if needed be so I don’t have to see that pos trump again. Also I want JUSTICE because that piece of human garbage is NOT ABOVE THE LAW.

      So any dems in 2020 to presidency 🙏

    1. @Crawcrawc California has a booming economy, less poverty than most States so the rest of the country should follow California’s example.

    2. @Bryansk Scion That is so fucking wrong. Come up here to the Bay Area and you’ll see why this whole state should sink into the fucking sea.

    1. @CD Smith I get the feeling you are Triggered by GAY insults. Is that because you are HOMOSEXUAL?

    2. Clearly some of you have emotional and mental issues that need treatment. 🤦🏿‍♂️

    1. You money is well spent on Mitch McConnell America!
      Mitch McConnell has stopped the Dirty Democrats Dead in their tracks!
      America needs more Senators like Mitch McConnell to stop the Socialist Democrat Party agenda!

  2. The Grim Reaper = McConnell. Appropriately named. McConnell named himself this. Haughty, arrogant.

    1. @Jewels Star I’m not kidding, though. Dude is legit disturbed. Pence wouldn’t want anything to do with a psychotic mess of that depth.

    2. @Jane Hathaway He has had botox everywhere n his face is frozen. I doing think he looks human. His wife is just as evil as he is.

    1. Without Jesus Hell Awaits but which one is really more evil in the eyes of the lord? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Definitely the Mitch the Spawn is Satan. Why would anyone vote to help SATAN? 😌

    1. Likely we will go extinct before things change. It’s like a living hell for many women here. It continues to get worse as I get older.

    1. @Br Car – and you offer nothing as a retort but dumbass bullshit, so shut the fuckup yourself.

    1. Blk folks think God is their personal bodyguard…slavery went on for 400+ years but he gonna grant your political prayers…🚫😅🤣🚫

  3. McConnell and his wife are the undisputed champions of grift and corruption in politics today.

    1. William H Queer. This is your theme of postings everywhere! Take that micro trump mushroom out of your mouth!

  4. McConnell has to go. He is seriously compromised. He no longer serves the american people. Thats too obvious.

    1. @Crawcrawc He and his wife are currently under investigation by a house subcommittee for receiving large sums of money from an unidentified foreign source. Mitch is very dirty my friend. That would explain his abhorrent behavior at times.

    2. @Crawcrawc You have a point there. However, there is a reason why these investigations are open. Where there is smoke, there usually a fire.

    3. @sbgibbons99 No, actually, “where there is smoke there is fire” doesn’t apply to criminal justice. The vast majority of indictments and accusations are false. As a result of this, here in the United States we assume innocence until guilt is proven. You should get with the program on that, even for people you dislike, like McConnell.

  5. Mitch McConnell is the slimiest, sleaziest, most corrupt politician i have ever seen in my lifetime. Please get him out of there asap.

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