'Mitch, please': Acosta on McConnell's remarks about Jan. 6 commission 1

‘Mitch, please’: Acosta on McConnell’s remarks about Jan. 6 commission


CNN's Jim Acosta reacts to some Republican leader's remarks about an independent commission to investigate the events surrounding January 6, which is likely to fail in the Senate.
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  1. Ordinarily he is insane, but he has lucid moments where he is merely stupid.
    – Heinrich Heine –

    1. @Censored User You said a mouthful. We have the most serious threat to our democracy since the civil war and millions of people are backing the instigator. In Dodge City, Kansas, the Republicans removed the lone voting location to a remote place outside of the city limits. This greatly hampered the mostly Hispanic population’s ability to vote. Unfortunately, it took a lawsuit to restore their voting place. The USA is supposed to be the bastion of freedom. It we lose our democratic principles then the stability of the entire world will be at risk. The people pushing these hairbrained ideas only care about themselves.

    2. ..Shameful Democrats Funding Terrorism. U Still Kissing cheater Biden & CNN Hamas’ rear ?

    3. @Lanuiiohu Sukikiya It is amazing to see the number of gullible and unhinged people that exist in this country. Love your fellow citizens and stop letting an unhinged and self centered moron divide you from your own countrymen.

  2. Tourism must be pretty wild in the Capitol if you’re regularly hiding behind a guy with a gun shitting your pants in front of a camera LOL.

    1. We are living in a world now in which there is much greater concensus about the existence of UFOs than about what happened on January 6th despite the much better quality of the video footage from hundreds of cameras which recorded what was going on on Capitol Hill from a much closer distance in DAYLIGHT and despite hundreds of credible witnesses like cops who have not only seen the domestic terrorists but were also physically assaulted by them. And yet it is much easier to organize a congressional hearing about UFOs in the next couple of weeks then about January 6th 🤯

  3. In Australia if politicians make statements in Parliament they become a matter of record. If they then contradict those statements they are guilty of misleading parliament and are then subject to legal action. Why is it that in the US they can lie and there are no consequences.

    1. The House and Senate passed legislation years ago, that allows them to prevaricate while on the floor. They don’t HAVE to be accountable.( both sides voted for this)

  4. It ain’t to avoid tough questions, it’s to avoid their culpability in both enabling and spreading the big lie.

    1. Adam Rosenfield
      No, it isn’t tough to avoid touch questions. All one has to say in response is, “I will have to circle back to you on that one.”

    2. ,.Shameful Democrats Funding Terrorism. U Still Kissing cheater Biden & CNN Hamas’ rear ?

    1. I don’t think any Republicans give Trump as much thought and allow him to rent as much space in their brains as Democrats do. Honestly you really just got to let that guy go.

  5. These guys must get alot of hate mail/tweets, but yet they don’t get it through their heads how everyone can see their game. They absolutely dont care.

  6. The Party of Being Honest Integrity and Family Values doesn’t want the truth to come out.

    1. Anthony Zeno
      We finally have someone admitting that the Democrats are dishonest and have no integrity, unless you were referring to the Democrats.

  7. “Mitch, please!!”🤣😂😂 I love this new version of Jim Acosta. He’s been burning them up!!😂

    1. This is the Real Jim Acosta, he was attacked several times by Donald, and that tends to keep one very cautious. This is how Journalism always worked before Donald.

  8. The new grand wizards, Dragons, or DEVILS don’t wear sheets, and dunce caps in 2021, they wear cheap suits, and go by the names of the sundried orange peel, and turtle head.

    1. The Democrats party supports the anti-Semitic terrorist group Hamas. The racism of democrats was VERY evident after Tim Scott’s speech. You’re a racist!

  9. How about they don’t want this to be looked into because many of them were complicit in it!

    1. @Demetria Karnavas It’s been reported that “some” congress and senate GOP people were ALSO communicating with the mob rioters right before (that same day) and during the insurrection on Jan 6th. They are terrified of that information getting out…but they will find it (on their phones) and maybe FBI and other investigators already have all that info and we just don’t know it yet.

    2. @Demetria Karnavas Truly degusting, they made a hero out of Kyle a murderer. By the way Kyle broke his probation and hung out at bars bringing a weapon (he’s not supposed to have one) and yelling out racist things etc..He also never told probation he and his mother had moved. He then fired his attorney, the one that ‘set up “donations” of over a million dollars for this murderer! I mean seriously sick! What kind of human beings would donate so much to a killer? Says a lot about those that donated to Kyle. Like Ricky Shroder.

      trump and GOP are so twisted and sick they seem to love to hate and hate to love and love violence and being hateful racist and always claiming “they are the victims” and anything they are accused or even proved they have done, they always call whatever it may be “a hoax”..Hitler did the same thing..it’s straight out of his playbook playing the victim always, and then accusing the true victims of things that are totally false. It is truly sick and twisted. Hitler played “the big lie” also. trump has had a book about Hitler in a dresser next to his bed for YEARS (ex wife said he had “a thing for Hitler thought he was clever”) and it is obvious trump is playing Hitler’s same games of big ole lies and deceptions and then threatening, intimidating and going after anyone that speaks up with truth and facts.

    1. @A.G. Slutburger It’s real news, partner. Unless that was a DNC crisis actor impersonating Mitch McConnell blaming Trump for the insurrection.

    2. And that’s it in a nutshell. Kudos to you Barry Comer! They are not protecting Trump or their party. They’re protecting themselves.

    3. @A.G. Slutburger how can it be fake with video evidence? Oh … wait a minute my bad …you’re just a troll. you had me ….not….

    4. What truth? What is it that we don’t know? Will Nancy Pelosi and the capitol police be subject to investigation? Of course not.

  10. When an investigation is about to tell you the truth, look out for the ones who don’t want it… they are the quilty

  11. The screeching of the tires goes in to one of Mitch’s ears and then out of the other, unnoticed.

  12. Wonder what Mike’s brother’s reaction would’ve been, if his dear siblings corpse would’ve swung on live television? Just a thought.

    1. @A.G. Slutburger
      The American people saw and heard with their own eyes and ears, the insurrection happening on January 6th, live, so the only fake people are all those who are pathetic, stupid and miserably failing at trying deny the truth!

  13. It’s like they’re not even trying to hide the fact that they’re all scumbags anymore.

    1. Problem is everything is a distraction while they pass communist Bill’s w/I Americans getting upset because of borders schools mask mandates and racist agendas

    2. They learned that being scumbags is what gets them elected – witness MTG as evidence of this fact.

    3. Pence brother comments towards Nancy sounds threatening just as MTG did about gun to her head.

  14. Jim wanted to drop that “M” for the “B” but then he remembered “I’m on live tv.” 😬😂

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