Mitt Romney: ‘Increasingly Apparent We Need To Hear From John Bolton’ | MSNBC

Mitt Romney: 'Increasingly Apparent We Need To Hear From John Bolton' | MSNBC 1


    1. @LaRae Carter No only because he’s just as Guilty unless he turned complete “states evidence” and reported to Schiff and someone in Justice, or FBI, otherwise, he could and would be charged.

    2. Makes sense. He might be the author that wrote the anonymous book. Pence would then become the lodestone in all this.

    3. I can’t see it, as according to Sondland and others Pence is as up to his neck in this as Pompeo, Mulvaney and Perry. I could completely see Bolton being the whistleblower though. That would explain the rabid frothing for the whistleblower’s identity during the House inquiry, they knew Bolton knew everything, was writing a book, was willing to testify, and exposing him as the whistleblower was the only strategy they have to attempt to discredit him (a lame attempt, but POTUS et al would try Bolton = Whistleblower = Traitor). Just a theory.

    1. There are NO Bolton bombshells! This is more nyt Fake News! “Sources say”, well the fact FACT is that nobody NOBODY has seen anything!

    2. Sock-puppets abound. So nice to see that the needle is moving enough for Sen. Romney to feel emboldened enough to speak out; if there weren’t enough GOP senators to vote to call Bolton as a witness I don’t think he would have, and they won’t be satisfied merely with the manuscript as that’s still hearsay. POTUS still will never be voted for removal, but history will show at least how corrupted the GOP has become and beholden to Rupert Murdoch et al.

    3. @the blue penguin You should stick to playing with sock puppets, and stay far from Latin. (you used et al., incorrectly)

  1. Mitt Romney your coming out for witnesses is only because you now see that it’ll be increasingly impossible to try and contain more damaging news coming out. You should never have sided with the call to suppress the call for witnesses when the initial rules were being set out. This trial needs the witnesses and the Senate should be demanding the documents from the WH as well. After all, Trump claims everything is so above board and so innocent there should be no problems in the senate seeing just how above-board things are. The public has a right to know what this POTUS has been up to.

    1. @the blue penguin Are you enjoying Schitt’s fake case being decimated and shredded in front of the American People? It’s only going to get better.

    2. Shut up already. Bidens Oboma Dems are crooks. We have you all exposed today! We have a plan and are draining the swamp!😃

    1. @the blue penguin WOW, you have range! You used “sock puppet” in TWO different threads. Good for you. Have a cookie.

    1. @Bobby Smith because intersectional theory has one thing right, everything is influenced by everything else and with even a rudimentary understanding of machiavellian politics we can see it’s all about advanceing progressive power and not truth, if you want to argue we can argue but don’t try and tell me that you represent the good guys.

    2. @Rusty Shackleford Also, stupid, Sovietwave is one fckin word. Good on you for being too useless to know music genres, roach.

  2. We’ll see if Romney is the last Republican left with integrity. Funny I remember one thing from my Political Science class. All politicians are greedy, incompetent and abuse power. That was 40 years ago. Some things don’t change.

    1. I’ve had some experience in politics, and it’s funny how quickly the mindset sinks in that the prime directive so to speak is if you’re not in the legislature you can’t do any good, and how that thinking warps you into doing anything to win. What you wrote is sad but very true… I remaining silent about a whispering campaign about a primary competitor many years ago though I knew the substance of it not to be true. I won, but after that term gave up my political career… it is one of my biggest regrets in life and a huge source of shame. All these years later it still eats at me.

    2. “We’ll see if Romney is the last Republican left with integrity.”
      Nope. His statement right in this video shows that he has no integrity at all. For him (or anyone else) to be undecided on this matter is an abomination to every principle of justice and fairness that the Constitution stands for. Just for his equivocation on this, the people of Utah should be demanding his resignation right now.

    3. The sentence is inaccurate. It should be “All people are greedy, incompetent and abuse power.”. Politicians are just people.

  3. Trump/McConnell has no doubt made it quite clear that heads will roll and be put on pikes if Republican Senators agree to hear any testimony from Bolton.

    1. But with 6 year terms, there are many GOP senators that don’t need to worry about any primaries for another almost 5 years, by which time Trumpeteers may be long forgotten, and more that have no plans to run again. So there may not be as many heads to even put on pikes as POTUS would like, especially if the evidence becomes so overwhelming that they have no political cover left to hide behind. That being said, I would never assume a GOP senator would ever do anything out of motivation of conscience, ethics, or patriotism.

    2. They know when dump get removed there is nothing more to fear from him so i still think the russians have hacked the rnc server and is holding something real big over their heads i cant think of another explanation can you?

    3. @the blue penguin There are 23 Republican Senators up for re-election in 2020. That’s almost half of them. I will be sending $1 to the campaign of their opponents, and hope that 70 million Americans will do the same.

  4. His next tweet [High probability]: “I don’t know John Bolton. Maybe he was just another groupie. I take millions of photo’s with people. I don’t know the guy. Ask Rudy, he’s my personal lawyer…” What a putz!

    1. @Frisky Bottomsuuater I did not get your point. It was obfuscated by your repugnant and asinine evisceration of the written word.
      Unless it was intended to invoke a chuckle at your expense?

  5. Democrats: here is proof
    Republicans: democrats make fake proof
    Democrats: prove it
    Republicans: I can’t. I just think it’s fake because it doesn’t fit what I believe.

  6. “The Bible tells us to love our neighbors, and also to love our enemies; probably because they are generally the same people.”
    G. K. Chesterton

    1. @Hamberder King Actually, they had a very sophisticated understanding. However, the Bible was done under Constantine to solidify his power over his Holy RomanEmpire by blending paganism and christian cults. Easter and Christmas are actually pagan celebrations. But it’s good to Love.

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