Mitt Romney: We Need To See The Trump Whistleblower Complaint | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Mitt Romney: We Need To See The Trump Whistleblower Complaint | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


GOP Sen. Mitt Romney is calling for more information in the wake of reports about Trump and Ukraine. The president responded by tweeting a video about Romney losing the 2012 election to Barack Obama. Aired on 09/23/19.
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Mitt Romney: We Need To See The Trump Whistleblower Complaint | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

63 Comments on "Mitt Romney: We Need To See The Trump Whistleblower Complaint | The 11th Hour | MSNBC"

  1. B. Terence Harwick | September 24, 2019 at 2:09 AM | Reply

    LET the GOP Senators Go on Record as saying it is NOT an Impeachable offense to Bribe (by withholding Military funds) a Foreign Country to seek Dirt on his Political Opponent.

    • @Maja-Danmark he’s releasing the transcript. House Dems have already seen it. This seems to be a political stunt. Not sure yet from which party.

    • Trump’s lying. His mouth is moving, but that aside, Biden had been checked and was found to be legal.

    • John Dear : I never said Mitt, “told us,” he wants to settle scores, son. You need one of those, “chill pills,” you always take, whenever Trump commits another gaffe, or another crime. It’s over, son. Learn to live with it 🙂

    • DAYBROK3 : It’s astonishing, how Trump Trolls are SO desperate, they think they can spin Biden TELLING THE WORLD the WHOLE STORY, LAST YEAR, into some kind of, “gotcha’,” tape, isn’t it? Total desperation, from people who FAKE their, “belief,” in Trump, because they literally hate their fellow Americans MORE than their foreign adversaries. Makes you think, doesn’t it? ✌️👍

  2. #OrangeMoron can tweet himself the loser meme on election night next year 😂

  3. It’s too bad we can’t trust one Republican anymore they’re all spineless coward’s. ➿

  4. America’s CEO mentality on full display. New CEOs arrives, screws up then leaves with a golden parachute and zero accountability. Pretty good deal.

  5. This may be the Republican Party’s only remaining opportunity to take a path of moral responsibility. Let’s hope that Mitt Romney is not on that trail alone.

  6. REPUBLIC Shall Endure | September 24, 2019 at 3:25 AM | Reply

    how do republicans stand on 2 feet?? they dont seem to have any boney spine at all. they look more like crawlers

  7. Yes, KISS ! Keep it simple, s…..Now in the summation tho l would point out the overwhelming amount of circumstantial evidence ( concisely – as there is so much of it ) all unavoidably leading to the same conclusion which is too obvious to overlook ! Then list all the different questionable activities chronologically in order of them being part of a larger blatant and intentional lawlessness on the part of this President who knows no restraint, despite being warned otherwise !

  8. Every minute that passes is another minute the complaint and all the evidence that goes with it is being doctored, spun, and evidence buried & falsified

  9. Republicans love their King😹

  10. Everblue Freediving | September 24, 2019 at 4:11 AM | Reply

    Says the guy that wouldnt release his mysterious tax returns of mystery…. there are just no good guys in the GOP.

  11. Is Romney just offering some platitudes toward the law or is he going to show some real and sustained leadership? I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • The GOP was the Party of “Law and Order”. That has now been destroyed by Trump. I support Romney for at least making a statement with his message.
      I saw Trump’s tweet with the Romney’s video. It is another bullying tactic.
      I will forever leave the Republican Party if they don’t stop cowardly bow to this sick dictator!

    • They’re all spineless boot lickers.

    • ROmney would have won 2012 if the “Trump loving Evangelicals” showed up.

  12. Hurricane Donald is upon them, and Republicans have to decide whether to cut anchor or go down with the ship…

    • I would love to see the Republican party go down with their dear leader at this point!

    • Marius Thefaker Amen!

    • The Repugnant party is so hamstrung and pitiful since letting a neo-conservative become president. Dump has NEVER been and will never be a real conservative, he was a Democrat for years. They have bitten off their nose to spite their ugly old white men’s face. Pitiful. And Dump knows more about fake stuff than anyone in DC…..that’s why he always talks about it. He is a fake.

    • his forecast sharpie unfortunately covers the entire MAP!!!!

  13. When does the doctored transcript get released?

  14. Trump releases dirt video on Romney.Just a little trick he had up his sleeve. Just in case.

  15. Trump is a walking talking Obstruction of Justice.

  16. Don’t worry, Donnie. I’ll tweet a video of you losing in 13 months.

  17. Trump won’t stop until he’s stopped. It depends how many of these politicians have the courage and fortitude to stand up to the wannabe bully.

  18. He called Romney a LOSER. What a mean girl 👧🏻.

  19. Trump is a f#$king disgrace

  20. Romney is what I remember as a Republican party member.

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