MLB Broadcaster Alanna Rizzo Talks Making Historic Game In The New Normal 1

MLB Broadcaster Alanna Rizzo Talks Making Historic Game In The New Normal


Sports broadcaster Alanna Rizzo was one of five women to make MLB history Tuesday night as the first all-female on-air crew to cover a baseball game. She joined Stephanie Ruhle to discuss what it means to her and viewers, and how to turn the historic moment into the new normal. "Hopefully we get to the point where it's not a big deal, it's just a bunch of women doing their jobs."

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MLB Broadcaster Alanna Rizzo Talks Making Historic Game In The New Normal


    1. Well NFL,NBA and MLB are dropping like a rock in ratings because of all this woke garbage, only golf is steady:-)

    1. @B. T. Oh really? Yet MSNBC and CNN had him on over 100 times and you sat there agreeing with all they said.

    2. Michael Wolff too. They were happy to host and support him, while he bashed, and lied about Trump. Then he bashed, and lied about someone else. Got kicked off 5 minutes into an episode of Morning Joe, and then vanished until recently…….Cause he wrote another book about Trump lol.

  1. Its good to see women are breaking the ridiculous barriers that used to inhibit them. Old fashioned old timers and ignorant people are already complaining but its going to happen

    1. I know how to turn it around. First female qb! We can take bets if she could survive a single possession

  2. Wow. It only took until the 21st century.
    And STILL the weakest of “men” whine about it.
    These women are not getting special treatment. MEN have been getting special treatment.

  3. I never heard about this. It’s a shame that this kind of thing has to be news. This should have been a normal possibility to start with. But phrasing it differently, I think men and women should be working together on EVERY broadcast. It should not be all male or all female, there should be a mix and around the various positions. As a white male I feel more like the minority every day as “minorities” get everything around me and I sit here twiddling my thumbs. Though now people are going to call me racist for saying that.

  4. Alanna is really missed by Dodger Fans who appreciated her great work on their local telecasts. She is the real deal.

  5. Awesome. Female empowerment is fundamental to the health and greatness of society at the same time.

  6. Awesome!

    I know here in Canada, they are hiring more women to broadcast and also in player development. Usually Hockey Canada greats, which are some of the greatest, and most decorated athletes in any sport.

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