1. Willy’s taking a long time answering.must be his turn in the glory hole. HEY LEAVE SOME FOR THE OTHER PEOPLE YOU GREEDY BASTARD! YOUR HOOVERING UP THE JIZZ LIKE A DEMENTED, POSSESSED VACUUM CLEANER! 😂

    2. @William H it doesn’t matter if you’re gay or not your a massive kunt who isn’t funny. Deal with it and accept it.

  1. “Conflict in any form distorts the mind. This is a fact, not some opinion or judgment given thoughtlessly. Any conflict between two people prevents their understanding of each other. Conflict prevents perception. The understanding of what is, is the only important thing, not the formulating of what should be. This division between what is and what should be is the origin of conflict.” – Zen teaching

    1. Howard S – I think the idea is to recognize the origin of conflict within yourself so that we can better understand each other. Once we truly understand each other “what should be” naturally occurs through that understanding. And we can’t truly understand each other until we truly understand ouselves.

    2. Donald Trump – You can’t really analyze Zen. Once you start thinking about it, you aren’t doing it. It’s weird.

    3. @Bovine One understanding definitely helps prevent conflict
      It’s that phrase
      “any conflict”
      I have issues with.

    4. Howard S – Why? Conflict has to begin somewhere right?
      I like vanilla ice cream and you like chocolate. That’s a difference of opinion. But the CONFLICT doesn’t begin until I think “my opinion is superior to yours”. Then I start to be more concerned about “what should be” (you should like vanilla better than chocolate) rather than “what is” (you like chocolate better) and my perception of you becomes blurred and therefore so does my understanding of you.

  2. MLK Jr. legacy still lives in his family and all those who advocate peaceful protests for racial equality!

    1. @Larry Nelson I’ll always celebrate Martin Luther King’s birthday because he’s a legend a civil rights Legend and he did a lot for the black community back in the day and people shun him because of what he was trying to do for black people as a whole

    2. @Larry Nelson and I really wish she was alive so he can speak to some of these people in society right now because it’s really messed up

    3. @Larry Nelson Martin Luther King will always be a holiday I believe in Jesus myself but for you to say that people try to compare Martin Luther King to Jesus Christ that was a atrocious statement you just made

  3. Glad to see MLK III. He looks like his mother. It’s great to see a new generation. It’s nice that he named his daughter Yolanda, after his older sister, who passed away quite a few years ago.

  4. Happy MLK Jr. Day! Here’s to a true American hero!
    *”The time is always right to do what is right.”*
    Here, here!🍻👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏✌️💜🇺🇲

  5. MLK Jr’s granddaughter looks so much like her grandfather! It breaks my heart that he is not there to watch her grow.

  6. When you remove the Father from the home, the boys have no direction…! Look hard at the policies the government implements and then ask your self; have these policies worked to improve the community ..?

    1. if you can’t do the time, then don’t do the crime. I’m sure the majority of arrests in these communities are for petty drugs but do you think they will pass a drug test to get a job if they weren’t to be arrested?? Lets be honest here.

  7. At point 3:20, he is so proud of his daughter. Did you see that big smile?What an awesome smile they both have. Good job Mr. King III.

  8. So cool to see MLK granddaughter sitting next to her dad and having a chance to speak her thoughts. This is how you train up to next generation of leaders. Way to go dad 💪

  9. Well if a socialist is voted in we will all be starving and homeless so i will take Trump any day of the week.

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