MN Councilman Explains How Police Unions Block Real Police Reform | All In | MSNBC

“There's a growing realization that you're not going to get at the problem with policing if you don't do something about the unions,” says Chris Hayes. The Minneapolis councilman who tried to take on the police federations weighs in. Aired on 6/3/2020.
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MN Councilman Explains How Police Unions Block Real Police Reform | All In | MSNBC


    1. It’s not lobbying it’s one city employee caving in to the demand from another city employee to be able to use gratuities violence if they see fit, the person that decision effects is not are of the negotiation in fact because they are committing crimes they may not be eligible to vote so it’s a win/win. The picture of Trump shaking the hand of the murderer at a MAGA rally is priceless irony, it should be part of yet another negative add.

    2. Or, if you receive lobby funds you can not vote for that piece of legislation… or transfer funds to other party members.

    3. @Chauncey Chappelle Exactly, if I had a billion dollars imagine what laws I could have legislated!

    4. KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR THE LOGICAL PARTY. Give it time and we will get there. It starts with logic

  1. Policing is assisted increasingly daily by surveillance, including phones and security cameras. No better witness, due process for all!


    IN AN INTERVIEW in April, Lt. Bob Kroll, head of Minneapolis’s police union, said that he and a majority of the Minneapolis Police Officers’ Federation’s board had been involved in police shootings. Kroll said that he and the officers on the union’s board were not bothered by the shootings, comparing themselves favorably to other officers.

    The Intercept
    Ryan Grim, Aída Chávez
    June 2 2020, 5:05 p.m.

    1. @ForThePeople ByThePeople you need cops, but not the ones you have. You want men and women who can de-escalate a tense or dangerous situation without shooting around like a cowboy on speed.
      Cops need to be trained in these techniques. Police officers in other countries fire way less bullets. If they can do it, so could the cops in the USA

    2. of course cops are not bothered by shootings, because every time they are involved in one they are rewarded with a 2-week paid vacation. How is that not incentive for them to instigate violence?

    3. @Theinternalrewrite – these red-flag tactics have become common practice by our corrupt authorities and the Govt.

    1. @tim conway triggered much but unions are good but it is also can be really bad too, just look at the major league’s player association the players a cheating but they are still playing…

    1. @Joao Klein Nope, you very much implied something when you meantioned the communities need healed after talking about the crime statistics. Also poverty causing crime isn’t a myth, desperate people do desperate things.

    2. @Killraven “Nope, you very much implied something when you meantioned the communities need healed after talking about the crime statistics.” That’s on you my friend. Clearly, the African American communities are in turmoil and pain, but your association is yours. Stop going around calling and thinking that everybody is racist. It is a childish mannerism, a lie, and it will not help. AT ALL.

      Regarding poverty and crime, there are a plethora of studies dismissing this myth world-wide. Regarding the USA, the FBI NATIONAL CRIME STATS debunk this too. Read it. You have been lied to.

    3. @Killraven You are having a conversation with yourself. The article you posted actually defends what I have stated. Read the sources carefully, they all correlate the world “disadvantaged” and this word is often parred with poverty. The study is vague on its terms, but it is possible to extract that they are correlating Ethnicity with crime, not poverty.

      Plus: “The absence of annual, national neighborhood-level data frustrates efforts to compare violent crime trends across and within communities.”
      They themselves admit that they are doing nothing but concentrating sparse indicators and consequences rather than showcasing evidence. 
      Also: ” when people view the law as “illegitimate, unresponsive, and ill equipped to ensure public safety” — explained why homicide persisted in some communities despite citywide declines in poverty and violence.” Have YOU read the article?

      “Numerous studies show that immigration is strongly associated with lower rates of violent crime.72 One rigorous study of neighborhoods in Los Angeles in the mid-2000s, for instance, found that greater concentrations of immigrants in a neighborhood are related to significant drops in crime.”
      This literally proves what I’ve said above.

      The only palpable hard evidential number there is FIGURE 3. The source is THE FBI CRIME STATISTIC. LMAO!!!!
      Read your own articles, and PLEASE READ THE FBI CRIME STATISTIC.

      You will NEVER act change if you are full of prejudice and ignorance. Grow up and read up.

    4. The F.O.P
      Fraternal Order of Police
      That’s the real Enemy .
      They will go fund those Thugs with badges.
      There will be some of them on the jury.

    1. The F.O.P is the Real Enemy.
      Fraternal Order of Police.
      Fraternal Order of Psychopaths.
      A Nation wide cult of Narcissis.
      Just like they had in Germany.

  3. I grew up in a small town. We had a total of 5 police officers, and one chief of police.
    Our chief of police was a big part of the community. In the winter he was always at the door when school let out. In the summer, he hosted a weekly volleyball game at his house, where he and his wife always served cold watermelon and lemonade.
    He knew every kid in our town, and every kid knew that if they had a problem, any problem, they could go see him.
    He had a calming effect on the community.
    Now, more than ever, I realize how fortunate I was to grow up with him as a rare example of what a policeman should be and do in the community they are sworn to protect.

    1. Try that in a black neighborhood in any democrat city and you’ll probably wind up badly beaten or dead.

    2. @Liberty Tree I’m calling BS. The only time you see ANTIFA is when you see alt-right protestors. You’re mistaking ANTIFA for Boogaloo Boys.

    3. 😂Where did you grow up, in Mayberry?!😂

      In the metropolitan areas police are organized criminals!

    1. @Sheabutter A Please refrain from implying that people are racist if you do not even know them, or heard their point of view. Second, read the stats. They are not an opinion, they are facts. They don’t bite, but they hurt. We need to heal those communities, but nothing built on lies last. This few paragraphs study you posted is utter senseless BS.

    1. In my town the police were not happy with the raise they were going to get from the city. They posted billboards around town that implied if they didn’t get their money they wouldn’t show up when you called. They got their money.

  4. Many cities have city counsel members who have received much of their campaign financing from the police unions. It has a corrupting effect on city governments across the nation.

  5. Police unions are MOBSTERS!!, I learned this with the NYPD when I was young. The police worked with the Mafia, then they became the Mafia.

    1. F.O.P
      Fraternal Order of Police. 🤔
      Fraternal Order of Psychopaths.
      A Nation wide cult of Narcissis.
      Just like they had in Germany.
      It used to be call Gestapo.

    2. I remember a murder scene being covered up for a drug dealer, because he gave to the local republican party, and hired from police owned security, and they were almost all off the books. Almost nobody had security licences.

  6. So the police union is basically running a protection racket? Gee, that’s a nice city you got there – be a shame if something were to happen to it.

    1. Its called the F.O.P
      Fraternal Order of Police
      A Nation wide cult.
      Fraternal Order of Psychopaths.
      I’m just thankful that no one is
      Burning Down
      Fraternal Order of Police Lodges.

    1. George Floyd was murdered in a Democrat state, in a Democrat city and the cop who killed him was protected by a Democrat DA and a Democrat Police Union.

      Gotta be Trump’s fault.

      The looting, the arson and the vandalism in Democrat cities? Yup, that’s Trump’s fault too. Just like all the CV-19 deaths in New York State nursing homes.

      And, those little white suburban socialist brats with their black hoodies and Molotov cocktails?

      You guessed it. Trump’s fault.

    2. @razumfrackle yes it was a democratic state. But the Republicans are always the ones the stand behind the police even went they’re wrong” that’s what I’m talking about like your dear president the ignorant Donald Trump

    3. @Steven Poynter the only ones who have stood behind Derek Chauvin are Democrats, including now US Senator Klobuchar. That’s a provable fact. Now, instead of dealing with that reality you’ve concocted in your demented skull that somehow it’s “the evil Republicans”.

      It’s hilarious reading your comment where you completely contort your worldview in the the face of reality. It’s Joe Biden who is singularly more responsible for black incarceration than any living person who has served in the US Senate. In contrast, President Trump recently championed a bill that has significantly reduced black incarceration.

    1. not people with a record, and who gets profiled to catch a case? not people who have family members that smoke; you are disqualified if a cousin or sibling 420’s. so you get one type of personality only in to begin with.

    2. The mayor usually hires the chief, but the union is above the chief, and the union answers to no one.

  7. “…It’s a federation not a union…”, Makes sense. I’ve never really heard of a labor union fighting for, or promoting far-right and fascist-racist extremism.

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