Mocha Fest Organizers Respond | TVJ News - May 28 2021 1

Mocha Fest Organizers Respond | TVJ News – May 28 2021


A response from the organizers of the Mocha Fest party series in Jamaica on the continuation of events following uproar over covid 19 protocol breaches our news center has gained access to emails sent out to patrons attending the seven day series of events.

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  1. Private or not no entertainment activity supposed to keep in Jamaica because the entertainment industry still not open.

  2. Duty jamaica government system only a fight ghetto people nun a dem cant get MY vote…jamaica ppl need to stop vote fi ppl wehh no care bout unu..kmt poor ppl need to wise up and stp run bck a these dirty polition fi likkle food and a 10 grand smh

  3. All of this would’ve still continue if dem neva go pon blast.. suh wait nuh police nuh deh a Nigril how me nuh c dem run in and pack up the ppl dem ina truck back…. PM Andrew fi gweh now mon

  4. Was suppose to visit May..Tour operator in the UK cancelled our vacation 3times due to Covid. Jamaica on our Amber list atm. I don’t get how all these people managed to get into the venue, Ricks knows the Govermnent guidelines & curfews why go ahead? Are the party goers tourists or locals? I’m still looking at visiting Jamaica, maybe when there are less restrictions & don’t think it’s fair to be able to be free to tour when the people of Jamaica are restricted. So the Hotel staff & tour operators don’t have to follow the Curfews?

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