Moderate Democrats Call On Pelosi To Pass Infrastructure Plan First


    1. @sour kush Oh no, I was formed many years ago (and recall, every snowflake is an individual, and beautiful in it’s own right). But I see you are also a newly formed troll – barely 2 years old (makes total sense reading your comment). Definitely a newly formed troll account.

    2. @Mark Evans And – yet – another newly formed troll account (Mark Evans): 18 Aug 2021. Empty, and without substance.

    1. Joined Nov 10, 2020, just to make stupid comments, now that is insane….not a spec of content, nothing, nada, zip, loser troll…

    2. @Bill Hilyard Go ahead and name something “insane” that a elected Democrat has done this year, you crying liar.

  1. I’m very much a moderate-democrat and I like that there are representatives who aren’t afraid to stand against their own party for their political views, now I don’t know why they’re against it I haven’t been keeping myself up to date with it but I trust their reasoning, but for some reason it’s considered obstructing now? what happened to working together to come up with a deal that will satisfy the majority. Same can be said with the republican party too though, almost everyone just falls in line just for the reason of party before country. the golden age of politics is completely dead now, it’s all just us vs them now

    1. This bill is 10% infrastructure and 90% pork for Democrats. You can go read the bill on the senate website

    2. A leftist is a leftist is a leftist.

      There are no moderates.

      In the United States today, there are Leftists, and there are cowards, namely, the Republican party and the conservatives.

      That’s it.

    3. @Justin I glad that some of them are standing up against the progressives. Some of these moderate Democrats are against that ATF jack leg that thinks any weapon that takes a magazine or clip is an assault weapon. Biden needs to be put in his place. Biden crime family should have been in jail before the ELECTION in 2020 was even started. TRUMP WON the ELECTION and the TRUTH will come out!😡😎🇺🇸

    4. @Justin A Democrat today all are the same. That’s what you’re saying. I don’t think all of the Democrats wanted to see BLM AND ANTIFA MEMBERS burning buildings and cars and beatings of innocent civilians. Not all of them believe that CRT is nothing more than a way of wanting a civil war to happen. AMERICA NEEDS TO WAKE UP! NOT WOKE!
      BTW Biden crime family should have been in jail before the 2020 election was even started! TRUMP WON the ELECTION and the TRUTH will come out!🇺🇸🗽🇺🇸🗽🇺🇸🗽

    5. @Justin Republicans make up less than 25% of registered voters and they are poorly educated for the most part.

    1. Messing with the ratio?? WTH does that even mean?? ” Y’all done messed up da ratio agin….”. The Rebel without a Clue.

  2. Democrats will hopefully start splitting to save themselves in 2022! Joe seems very wounded and is taking Nancy and Chuckie with him!

  3. I agree with the 9 moderates. Obama got little done on infrastructure, primarily because of the self proclaimed party of no. Trump didn’t get it done either so we are at least 12 years behind. At a minimum we need the infrastructure to pass and it should not be tied to a wish list.

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