Moderna Asks FDA For Full Approval Of Vaccine 1

Moderna Asks FDA For Full Approval Of Vaccine


Moderna asked the FDA for full U.S. approval of its vaccine while up until this point it has only been available for emergency use authorization. NBC’s Cal Perry reports. 

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  1. Just imagine how the vaccinated must feel knowing those special ingredients are inside of them right now

    1. @Richard Thomas it’s my body my god given right to fight it so i will keep wearing a mask so the vaccinated ones dont infect me…get it.

    2. 2024 ANOTHER ECLIPSE COMING making an X across AMERICA, Then many that has taking the vaccine will turn into zombie

    3. @Mary Alfardi Awwwwwwwwwww butt hurt Mary , you poor dear . I bet your a Christian too .

    4. @Richard Thomas better then a man made vaccine with spiked proteins. Your the experiment sheep boy.

  2. Full approval means that the military and private businesses can require all their people are vaccinated. That is a good thing. Memorial Day weekend was a super spreader event of the more lethal variants currently circulating in the US. Those vaccinated will be protected. Those not vaccinated will have a high mortality rate.

    1. @Rad tech If people were able to do simple math, they would see that these vaccine are bogus.

  3. This should reassure many of the vaccine hesitant. I don’t know what to do about the never vaxers. Too bad there is not a Coventry for them (Robert Heinlein short story – 1940).

    1. Well they will just have to loose there jobs when their business they work for make it a requirerment

    2. @JJ West Just make sure you can pay your own medical bills. I am getting sick of having society pay the bills of slackers and nut jobs

  4. Maybe they should say, We stand behind our jab and will not seek NO LIABILITY. That’s what people do when they are 100% with their product.

    1. @GreenKrickett It is not that people die from any vaccine, but they die of other causes, after being vaccinated, and fools blame the vaccine.

    2. @GreenKrickett These mRNA vaccines have been in development for over 20 years, not 10. And you’re wrong, biotech has advanced in quantum leaps from where it was ten years ago, certainly from where it was 20 years ago.

    3. @GreenKrickett
      Well it is not a new kind of virus. You are right. But this is the most INFECTIOUS/TRANSMISSIBLE virus we have ever come across.

      Before we have never been able to use traditional vaccine technology to make an effective vaccine for any type of coronavirus. But we effectively made one using mRNA. This is also the first mRNA vaccines every made. We may have been studying it for the past 30 years but it is relatively new technology.

      Vaccines at large do not make pharmaceutical companies very much money at all. Most of the vaccine companies right now have stated that they will not make any profit from these mRNA vaccines. Pharmaceutical companies make the vast majority of their profit from prescription drugs not vaccines.

      If they were held liable for the very few potential deaths that could come from the vaccines there’s a good chance they would raise the prices to compensate for that risk. Again these vaccines are mostly nonprofit as of right now.

    4. @GreenKrickett
      Autopsy, medical examination, doctors, and the CDC have all confirmed that the mRNA vaccines have not been the cause of any deaths. You are just simply wrong on that one.

      There have been a a small small number of reports of blood clots from the Johnson & Johnson vaccine that caused death (Less than 10) but that vaccine is not an mRNA vaccine. It is a viral vector vaccine I believe.

    5. @James McCabe show me this. I do not believe that the CDC have investigated all the reports of death. normally they only need to investigate a 150 over 12 months. itts been 4 months and they have received 4000 and counting reports. usually it takes years and court cases to prove a vaccine has been the cause and any individual can challenge what the CDC or FDA claim. that’s how drugs get pulled from the market.

    1. @Jeff S One can think stupid, selfishly, and irresponsibly, all on their own, without govt interference … ’cause Freedom.. ‘Merica!!!! .. The Right to be Stupid.

    2. yep more deaths from this vaccine than all previous vaccines the last 20 years. Be the guinea pig buddy. Super hero. You’re vaxed now, don’t worry about me. I’ve been around hundreds of not thousands of people at racing events all over the country the last 12 months. From infants to elderly, no one is sick, no one is dropping dead.
      In another 2-4 weeks when multiple states shows selection fraud. You lemmings will finally figure out you’ve been bamboozled since birth.

    3. There’s nothing stupid, irresponsible, or selfish about refusing an mRNA shot that’s never been given to humans before, has no long term studies, and killed every animal in testing. Especially considering the shots dont immunize, just assist with symptoms. They do not prevent contraction or spread at all.

      You are a brainwashed idi0t with all your buzz words.

    4. @Peggy Sheerin-hamill Dude, please. in addition to dragging this pandemic out longer than it should have been, you’re also putting yourself, your friends and loved ones, and people around you in danger. Please, you have nothing to fear with this vaccine.

    1. @Deborah Freedman The effects that occur in that short timeframe may have longer-lasting implications. Search “J Bart Classen COVID-19 prion”.

  5. Let us all remember the greatest mass shootings in American History.
    Sand Creek Massacre, November 29″ 1864. The US Cauvery killed 500 American Indians living in a village.
    Colfax Massacre, April 13′ 1817. A total of 150 black Americans were murdered by various Louisiana militias who attacked a courthouse.
    Wounded Knee Massacre, December 29, 1890. About 300 American Indians, mostly women and children were attacked by the 7th Calvary.
    We cannot forget Waco TX where 150 innocent Americans were killed by gunfire and fire on Order of Janet Reno.

    1. 2024 ANOTHER ECLIPSE COMING making an X across AMERICA, Then many that has taking the vaccine will turn into zombie

    2. @LAST WILL BE THE FIRST Unless we can turn the economy around and overcome the runaway inflation that we are facing. Unless Americans get back to work I fear that we are soon going to be talking about the Biden economic disaster.

    1. Liability for all vaccines is covered by the VICP.

      VICP aka The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program is a no-fault alternative to the traditional legal system for resolving vaccine injury petitions.

      It was created in the 1980s, after lawsuits against vaccine companies and health care providers threatened to cause vaccine shortages and reduce U.S. vaccination rates, which could have caused a resurgence of vaccine preventable diseases.

    2. @Easy Money covered by the VICP, the manufacturers still have no liability. Similar with banks and the FDIC…

    3. @E If you read the whole post, then you should understand *WHY.* And not at all similar to banks. Banks are still liable and can be sued for mistakes and malfeasance.

    4. @Easy Money under the PREP ACT of 2005 there is no access to even that pathetic govt program that pays out less then 12% of the time because it was made during an ’emergency”. Get a life UN troll

    5. @Ginger Snap Bet you can’t post a credible source for that claim.

      And don’t bother telling me to look for myself. You made the claim, back it up.

    1. @UselessNations they are applying for approval because the state of emergencies are going to be lifted and when that happens these vaccines can’t be in use unless they have a actual stamp of approval.

    2. @W L you say they cant make it mandatory. But they will make it mandatory, when the time is right. You will not be able to work, rent a car, eat at a resturant, go to a bar, sporting events, concert, travel, get a haircut, or buy groceries without proof that you took the poison. Mark my words.

    3. @UselessNations I live in a area that is filled with Mennonites. those people wont even vaccinate their kids with MMR’s they are always in the grocery stores and shopping center just like us. your never gonna inject those folks.

    1. What freedom is being taken from you from getting a freaking vaccine to protect you from a potentially fatal disease? DO you want to leave your fate to chance?

    2. @Grapeapethem8te I survived a year without one. Pretty sure I’ll be fine. My concerns are over the fact that this will soon be mandatory.

    1. @Josi Galvan Thats fine just make sure you pay your own hospital bills. I am sick of society having to pay bill for slackers and idiots.

    2. @John Farmer but you’re okay with society funding a 32 billion dollar experimental vaccine? Maybe take steps in improving your own immunity so you don’t have to put your hopes in a rushed vaccine.

    3. Josi, easy money is a troll. The United Nations has over 100k people those job is to troll comment sections about vaccines. No amount of money in the world can make me get it.

    1. @Easy Money yes according to them. And you believe them with blind obedience. Gaucho will be convicted of fraud very soon. Tell me all about those CDC numbers. You lemmings need mental help.

    2. @Easy Money What are these “credible” sources? Fauci? Do yourself a favor and look into what he’s talking about, because it’s 100% true.

      Or don’t and just stay a sheep.

    3. Is it wrong that part of me wants these moronic anti-vaxxers to get covid and suffer a while so they learn their lesson?

    4. @Grapeapethem8te That just makes you a worthless sheep. Refusing the covid shots isnt “anti vax” either. This is the first vaccine of it’s kind, and has not gone through the same protocols as other vaccines.

      Plus, there is that whole 15k plus dead within 3 days of getting their shots statistic

      So, please, get all the shots they tell you to and stay sheepin kid

  6. How can businesses stop people from working for a living unless they inject themselves with an experimental drug authorized for emergency use only?

    1. @Easy Money Hows it not experimental when it’s never been administered on humans before and there are no long term studies. It is the definition of experimental.

    2. @Easy Money it actually is referred to as experimental by their own documents and the fdas as well and it is NOT approved other then emergency use authorization.

    3. @Ginger Snap What ‘documents’ ? Bet you can’t post a credible source.

      And don’t bother telling me to look for myself. You made the claim, back it up.

      Many vaccines and drugs are first released under EUAs as part of the approval process.

  7. If people are assuming FDA approval means “it’s perfectly safe,” they need to read up on the 30+ drugs that the FDA pulled from the market after they had been fully approved.

    1. So, why then was ‘it’s not FDA approved’ one of the most common arguments against the vaccine, then?

    2. @Perriwen Plays to point out the fact that the vaccines are still experimental and have not been tested enough to be approved by the FDA.

  8. Yes!! Please get that approval. I now wear a mask over my eyes because the democrats say the variants’ path of invasion is through the eyeballs.

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