Moderna doses to be sent to Indigenous communities 1

Moderna doses to be sent to Indigenous communities


PM Trudeau says Canada has contracted to receive up to 168K doses of Moderna vaccine, which will be directed to remote and Indigenous communities.

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  1. I don’t think anyone can trust you, unfortunately your history is a strikeout.
    Trust you will have your conscience assessed by then and will be reaping the consequence for your behaviour

    1. @Nick Young sorry but i get a gates africa vibe from this… not a everyone needs it…

      the other baffling thing is how the hell are remote communities getting slammed in a socalled lock down?

  2. Read through FDA documents there is zero information that shows immune parameters so it’s not the same. It’s not indicated for 16-18 years. In patients over 86 years it’s not as effective. We can assume the omission of immune data is because the results are not favourable which would indicate Moderna would only last a few months

    1. Lol the laughability of the implication you actually read something, you’re just repeating something you heard from a conpiracy theorist. Go home

    1. And stop adding fluoride to our drinking water. Fluoride is a major neurotoxin destroying our ability to think clearly, destroying pineal gland

    2. It’s called hire a water drilling company. Get it out at the reserve drill for water and boom. But no they spend their money on booze and smokes.

  3. Long Term Care facilities receiving CERB/Businesses issuing turnaround Dividend payments ??? Over 150 mil to the 2 LTC companies ??? Tell me it AINT so.

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