Moderna Says Vaccine Has Same Immune Protections For Teens | MSNBC 1

Moderna Says Vaccine Has Same Immune Protections For Teens | MSNBC


Moderna said this week that its coronavirus vaccine, authorized only for use in adults, was effective in younger individuals between 12 and 17.

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Moderna Says Vaccine Has Same Immune Protections For Teens | MSNBC


  1. I had a vaccine card in 1997 just to get into kindergarten. You can call it a passport if you want but we’ve needed them to get into public schools for decades. It’s just a safety concern.

    1. @REAL BLACKS KNOW THE TRUTH “…young children that are getting heart attacks from these shots…”. Where did you pick up that bit of nonsense? Children under 12 aren’t even being vaccinated against Covid-19 yet.

    2. @Alex Mitchell Look for “CDC investigating heart issues among some teens after COVID-19 vaccine l GMA”.

    3. @Kaitlyn Livingston Heart Inflammation leads to heart attacks, take medical school for 4 years please.

    4. @NPC 10048 orangebad Fist of all,
      teens are not, “young children”. Secondly an investigation is not a conclusion. It is a sign of an abundance of caution, which runs counter to you narrative of recklessness in the vaccine industry.

  2. This videos been up 25 minutes it has 5 comments if it’s not about Trump nobody gives a s*** about MSNBC and your ratings prove it

    1. @Rebellc You need to move beyond your sandbox and realize how much damage Trump and his family really did to this country. It’s amazing that he campaigned to fix this country AFTER he was in office for four years. It’s truly mind boggling that you can’t acknowledge reality. Turn off your TV and do some actual research if you have no common sense.

    2. @Rebellc I look forward to seeing your head spin in circles when God finds Trump guilty of his sins on judgement day, and he calls God rigged, just like everyone else. Mark. My. Words.

      So who’s it gonna be? Trump or God? Is God rigged? Sadly you can’t choose both of them.

    3. @Wolfgang Vetter M̶a̶r̶k̶.̶ ̶M̶y̶.̶ ̶W̶o̶r̶d̶s̶. Your words are marked. Thank you.

  3. and what about the teenagers who have been getting heart attacks and dying of blood clots? can we talk about that?

    1. ​@Yvonne Tomenga No it’s just a moral obligation? Everyone is here to help one another, this isn’t a dog fight..

    2. @Yvonne Tomenga Also, it’s norm to make assumptions/claims at this rate because the vaccines have no long term affect data, and it doesn’t help that you cannot sue the vacinne companies. People can make rightful assumptions, and if anyone is willing to think that this vacinne is the cure to Covid, and also put down people who simply question about the stability of this vaccine, then maybe we should actually be finding a vaccine for stupidity at this point because there are people who scorn critical thinking for some reason nowadays.

    3. @NPC 10048 orangebad • I haven’t heard anyone who has claimed any of the COVID-19 vaccines are “the cure for COVID.” Have you?

      The FDA parameters under Warp Speed only required a 50% efficacy against infection, which the mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna have achieved, both rating over 90% efficacy. Johnson & Johnson was tested on the South African variant and its efficacy ranges in the 80%.

      To the best of my knowledge, no one has ever claimed any vaccine would “cure” a disease and the only disease that has ever benn eradicated by vaccination preventing its spread is smallpox.

      If you watch the press briefings on COVID-19, you are probably aware that the NIH is the lead on finding additional therapeutics to treat the people who have become infected with COVID-19. Approved therapeutics so far have only mitigated the symptoms of the disease, but I haven’t really kept up on them. Possibly some current or planned therapeutics will “cure” COVID-19.

    4. @Yvonne Tomenga Don’t just nitpick my argument to fit your narrative, you know what I meant. People can question and there is nothing wrong with that. Yes, I have heard people claim the vaccine was a cure.

  4. So we’ll be able to get rid of the masks, but can we keep the 6 foot rule? Standing on my heels isn’t going to make the line moved any quicker. I don’t need guys a foot taller than me looming over me or women with their nasty e-coli coated purses brushing up against me.
    If I can’t move 6 inches without bumping into you, YOU’RE TOO CLOSE!

    1. Stop crying. Physically distancing will be your choice. You cannot tell somebody to back up and keep a 6-ft distance unless your state or locality requires it. If you want somebody to be 6 ft away from you then you move to make the distance. Get a box of tissues and move on.

    2. @Primalxbeast If you’re that concerned what would prevent you from using a cart? Seems an obvious solution.

    3. @Primalxbeast If someone stands too close in line, simply take a step back – onto their foot.

    1. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson Rational? Indeed, rational people are often seen sitting in a corner giggling to themselves.

    2. @Alex Mitchell Pointing at you and just laughing and laughing at your glassy-eyed smugnorance

    3. @Harvey Manfredsenjenson Sure you are, Sunshine. It’s always interesting to see what nonsense trolls like you will come up with next.

  5. So many followers willing to take an untested drug with dangerous side effects. And you want us to join you?!? Smh

  6. Can you believe this profit making corporation that has been raising their prices for years is now telling us the truth! Also where are studies, statistics and other creditable sources,cases, trials that can augment their assertion , sadly only time will tell

  7. Why should we believe what Moderna says about its own product? Do you think a company will EVER say anything negative about what they are pushing _SO HARD_ to sell?

    Think, people. Think.

    1. @Alex Mitchell if they cared about your health they stopped the jab after people died because of it. In 79 after 59 deaths they stopped the swine flu shot. Now with 4000 dead they encourage people to get it.

      If you actually believe this is about health than I think the elites might be right trying to destroy the weak minded ones

    2. @Dino Steaks OOoohh, the “big pharma” conspiracy theory rears its ugly head, once again.

    3. @Alex Mitchell It would have taken you all of 5 minutes to figure out Pfizer are serial felons. As you were, droid.

  8. The Biden administration has done great things to bring America out of Covid-19. But the Republicans claim it’s just like Nazi Germany and mass exterminations. That’s totally effed up and absolutely beyond comprehension. The best thing Americans can do is decimate the GOP in 2022, put them in the political wilderness that they deserve.

    1. I will certainly vote out this party. But the bigger challenge is to convince those around us to vote in the midterms. Many believe that the midterms are not important, it’s time to tell them otherwise.

  9. Got my 2nd shot Moderna yesterday. I have Epilepsy and have had two strokes. I only have a little ache in my arm. No problem

  10. lol at that cross purposefully shown in the background in the thumbnail.
    God said don’t fear pestilence. See Psalm 91:5-6.

  11. Most teens don’t need the vaccine because they aren’t high-risk. The only reason to vaccinate them is if immunity would last a long time, which the left-wing seems to act like it doesn’t. Sounds like cognitive dissonance to me.

  12. So let’s all take the masks off.
    Everyone who wants the vaccine is now fully vaccinated.

  13. If this was actually a pandemic, you wouldn’t have to be constantly reminded it’s a pandemic. This isn’t the Black Plague, this isn’t Ebola. Healthy and young people have a 98% chance of survival, according to the CDC. The black plague had a survival rate of 50%, Ebola has a survival rate ranging from 27% – 30% survival rate.

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