Moderna to start production of COVID-19 mRNA vaccine in Canada 1

Moderna to start production of COVID-19 mRNA vaccine in Canada


Moderna Inc. said on Tuesday it had agreed with the Canadian government to start domestic production of mRNA vaccines as the country looks to boost supplies to fight respiratory viruses, including COVID-19 and seasonal influenza.

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  1. MRNA stock is over 400.00 a share, think they want to lose that market share? Nope…..this is why any opposing views on their product makes it disinformation

  2. It will take a Few Years to Build… How long are they Expecting Covid and LockDowns to Be Implemented ?? 2025, 2027 ???

  3. They are almost 2 years late sadly. Like I was saying, in March 2020 they should have done that exactly like the UK was building their capacity. They too started from nothing. They couldn’t know which one was going to pan out. True however. But yeah glad to see this going forward.

    1. We have had a plant for Novavax for nearly that long. The technology is the most tested. But here we are. For some reason, it still isn’t to market for Canadians.

  4. Classic delay in emergency/disaster management approach as seen last year
    Maybe then it would be for export …

  5. If Moderna builds the plant in Quebec, we should lock Trudeau and Co up in a cell in Quebec and throw away the keys.

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