Mohawk women build tiny homes for those fleeing domestic violence

Tammy McGuire and Kylea Smart participated in a government program aimed at training women in carpentry and other trades. With the help of three other Indigenous women—and no prior experience in home building—the group built the two tiny houses in just six months on the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory in Ontario.
Now known as The Red Cedars Shelter’s tiny houses, the buildings will be used for women in need of transitional housing after leaving the safe house on the Mohawk Nation.

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  1. Pretty pathetic that there not only needs to be housing for DV on the Reserve, but that the women have to build these…while young indigenous men continue to sit around get drunk and high , and let their own homes and families fall apart…

    1. @Martha Bouwma how much more “encouragement” would you like Society to give indigenous men at this point? We give millions of govt dollars to indigenous communities year after year after year, yet the cycle of addictions continues, and with a lack of respect for their own housing and communities.. These young men need to get it together at this point. No more excuses.

    2. No excuses being made.
      My point is that the conversation began on what these women are doing, which is something positive and beautiful for others.
      Highlighting the “shortcomings” of others is an entirely different conversation.

    3. @Martha Bouwma is it beautiful that they need to build a DV shelter for themselves?….think about what you’re saying…
      It would be beautiful if they were building a community centre , or regular housing,, yes. These are strong women no doubt. The irony is sad though

    4. No, it is not beautiful they NEED to build these themselves, it’s BEAUTIFUL that they do. It is beautiful that any woman who has truly been let down stands up and doesn’t wait for others to do there bidding. These are strong women who deserve to be commended rather than reminded.

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