1. The oly way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a vote.

    Want gun law changes, vote the GOP out at every level, or get used to the carnage.

    1. Guess you are not aware of how the Senate works …. and you say we are uneducated . Oh and ONLY is spelled ONLY not OLY…. don’t proof read yourself …. but you really should.

    1. Momma will bring a glock to the next game..its North Carolina Its Marines and Ex marines in NC they love them guns too or they wouldnt of voted in People who want more guns and less gun control

  2. Lmao good. Keep em coming. At some point the clowns who ignore the gun violence will have to react when they are directly affected. One can only hope

    1. Nah, remember when that guy shot up the Republican ball game and nearly killed one of them? Even the guy that nearly died is still for guns…guns…guns. Even after a school shooter killed their children (in a town I lived in) they were more worried about their guns than their dead children.

  3. Even Wyatt Earp’s Tombstone, Arizona had gun control laws. Me had to surrender their gun for a token while in town. They got their gun back when leaving town.

    1. Kinda. You could also get a written slip from the sheriff exempting you. That’s why the Republicans (Earps) were armed and able to murder the Cowboys (Democrats) pretty much at a whim. Doc Holiday was never a peace officer there, but regularly carried a gun in Tombstone.

    2. This was also commonplace in the founding fathers day. City limits was often a gun free zone. Universities were all gun free zones.

  4. Tell me again why we need guns, even one.
    I am an old man, I have no children, and therefore no grandchildren, but this video brought me to tears. I don’t understand how people can hurt our children, our future.

    1. @Brian Conner Sure! And no one has ever heard of “stray bullets” hurting anyone before! Wtf?! Are you actually saying that if that was the case, everything is cool and everyone should just chill?

    2. 2nd Amendment. Shall not be infringed. You can pry my countrymen’s guns from our cold dead fingers, old man. come get some.

    3. We in Ukraine used to think same way 🙁
      Trust me, you need your guns to be free, democratic state

    4. @BetsyS Your reading comprehension really that bad? The commenter insinuated that the children were targeted, which they were not. Yes, a stray bullet can hurt and kill someone, but the kids were not being targeted.

    1. And when you join the national guard, they give you a gun when you need it. 2A made itself obsolete as soon as the NG stopped needing people to BYOG.

  5. O M G ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET THESE GUNS OFF THE STREETS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. @Donald Darko Chicago is next door to Indiana,where you can buy a gun faster than you can get a driver’s license.

  6. It’s pretty nuts how the richest country in the world has become such a dystopian hellscape.

    1. @Reason Yes, it is nonsense. Parents are afraid to send kids to school. Not even the cops can save them.

  7. The right to own a gun is a priority over your right to not be shot at a public event 👌 🙈 , I very much doubt those who wrote the 2nd ammendment could have imagined the US today and would amend the 2nd ammendment if they could

    1. The fact is that it’s easier to obtain a gun illegally than legally, we need to treat those who are selling guns illegally the same way as we do drug cartels. And another thing, is background checks, we can’t take that for granted.

    2. @Laurenze E. that’s not true as many places you can legally buy a gun in minutes with no real checks , to buy illegally you need to know criminals make contacts and put yourself in a compromised position of illegally dealing with criminals and guns that seems alot harder and more dangerous which many wont put themselves in that position

  8. When she says she’ll have her guard up, she really is talking about her gun, this people won’t learn and never will.

    1. And even if she did in this situation what would she have done?? Shoot into the distance?? Possibly hit someone that was not even involved?

  9. Imagine voting for guns to stay unregulated, and then being so scared of an active shooter you’re army crawling across a baseball diamond

  10. If only there was a good child with a gun to stop the bad guy with a gun.
    Look at all those brave adults crawling around in the dirt.
    I wonder if they were proud of themselves and their second amendment rights.

  11. So terrible that we have to be afraid to go to our children’s sports events or to think twice about going to a market, a theater, a shopping mall or to let a child go to school

  12. I’m sick and tired of the repeated violation of MY 2nd amendment rights. The constitution entitles me to live in a country with a “well regulated militia.” I want more responsible gun ownership laws!”

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