1. Seriously wtf, did he forget about all the live footage they captured that day. Where was the kissing and hugging.

    1. @MIX MAKINGS Were you praying for the kids at the border when Trump was president? It was the same kids and the same problems at the border. Don’t you dare try to act like this is new. You Trump supporters need to quit trying to make this a Biden problem. This is a AMERICAN problem!!!!!!

    2. @MIX MAKINGS Yes, it is. This is a Democrat and Republican problem which makes it an American problem. If both parties work TOGETHER and stop finger pointing, they can get something done and put this behind us.

    1. @arkinner got aid $$ out to Americans- mainly the lower income- not like Trump
      Who gave it to the rich. Tripled the amount of vaccine produced and set up the distribution of it. Repairing relations that Conald chump fucked up with the rest of the world. Put Putin and xi on notice that there isn’t a patsy in the White House any more. Stock market hitting all time highs. Unemployment going down faster than a trump mistress in a jewelry store parking lot. 0 days golfing.

  2. We need more of this, especially people like Mother’s of those hurt from the Insurrectionists that the GQP will find it hard to harass and deny

    1. @Kelly Danscak Right? I keep telling these Trump cultists this, but they are too far gone.

    2. @God Loves Abortions right… You say Trump golf’s too much.. boohoo
      Joe Biden and his mockery of administration rig the elections and they are madthat stricter rules are being in place so this circus of recounts doesn’t happen again.. which probably means they won’t be able to manipulate the votes this time 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️😂
      Have you even watched a live Senate hearing with witnesses of voter fraud in any swing state.. I live in one of them.
      I was awake that night Joe Biden went from a clear loss to a spontaneous win

    3. @God Loves Abortions and I see a few of my replies missing already..
      But I’m sure you’re opposed to the existence of censorship as well..

  3. It just boggles my mind to this day how Trump isn’t behind bars languishing in a prison somewhere.

    1. @Searching 4 a cure Trump would have been found guilty if more republican senators had spines and if they cared a bit for their country and not for their own careers. It’s always party over country with the GOP.

      The election wasn’t rigged and Biden is coherent. When ever he speaks he makes far far more sense than Trump ever did about anything, can you at least admit that?

    2. @David John Dupee Please, you get high on copium everyday because you can’t cope with reality.

    3. The speech before the riot. The speech that came after 3 months of lying about a stolen election. That speech.

  4. Trump was not even there like he said he would be, instead he was soaking his feet in the white house due to a untimely flare up of his bone spurs

    1. Thank God the Trump supporters were there or Antifa and BLM would have killed that poor officer.

    2. @buhe1 your a genius Couldn’t agree with you more! You must have been educated by only the most qualified professionals!
      Did you you take your studies abroad?

    3. Klang.! You mean the ones he had to keep out of the Vietnam conflict? Funny how they never flared up when he played golf for four straight years.

    4. @Nisa PDX amen! He does not care about anyone but himself and that includes his family. The only goal is to glorify Donald.

    5. @Slight of Man false orange God led them to do his dirty work on his quest to be American royalty and rule an authoritarian.

  5. I’m reminded of a Richard Pryor joke in which he talks about his wife catching him in bed with another woman, and saying, “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?”

    1. @Cheryl Luna I think we should meet under the bleachers at the playground to settle this dispute.

    2. @Cheryl Luna Lets be really clear. Fox has been sued until they admit they are not news but entertainment. CNN has NOT been sued and are still considered journalists. Do the math.

    3. @TRUMP 2024
      You didn’t see!?(-!
      I was down there and I can tell you everything was fine until Trump’s hired security thugs got there.

  6. Americans have been gaslit for the past five years. Unfortunately, not all of them are discerning enough to realise…

    1. @DarlingPortraits Hey!!! Who’s in the Whitehouse???? He was ” certified” by numerous “re-
      publican” state legislatures
      and the US senate!!!!
      Trump lost, that’s why he’s in Florida!!!! Hahaha!!!

    2. @H K S 👍👍👍 That is what a lot of these people remind me of, , , the abused protecting their abuser!!!!!

    3. @Jeff S Antifa? You must mean the full meaning of that word Antifascists eh? YUP thought so. #WW2ArmyAirCorpMilitaryPolicemansDaughter #3RDGenerationOFArmyMPFamily #SappersCLEARTheWay #AirborneALLTheWay

  7. The only thing those cops was kissing was, Louisville sluggers, flag poles, brass knuckles and the flood…

  8. These poor officers are there to defend the capital and had save them self!
    My biggest thanks go out to all the officers

    1. You really should not talk about stupid. And you need to read what they are t a lkin GG about so You sound intelligent.

    2. @Marty Baldwin And who decides what is truthful? Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey? Biden was just spewing lies about the new Georgia election rules, I guess we should shut him down.

  9. Many Congresspeople have turned their backs to those brave police officers that put their lives on the line to protect them, but those congresspeople have also turned their backs on democracy. That’s an incalculable loss for this country.

    1. @SirDiglett 556 Sure I see it!
      All politicians are evil incarnate, but some, (democrats and independents), tend to be less evil than their republican counterparts so I take the lesser of two evils, and republicans have a long history of evilness!

    2. @Kelz Bryant There are those who would wallow in self misery or get extremely angry, and there’s those of us who acknowledge that life isn’t always fair and we move on!
      I like moving on because I feel miserable when I allow myself to feel self pity!
      Plus, it was a long time ago and I’ve developed a thicker skin!

    3. @tenebrous soul Uh… whut? Are you stuck back in the 50’s, Bud? Did you miss the part about how people even stop Vets in the airports and on the street, thanking them for their service?

      Oh, wait… I get it. You’re referring to President PussyGrabber BoneSpurs calling our military personnel “losers” and “suckers”. Yeah, well, he’s gone now, so you can relax.

    1. @The standard narrative has holes in it nothing. Just right extremists and sufficiently easy debunked falsehoods.

    2. @TRUMP 2024 you watch footage of your child being beaten within inches of his life(yes, they were yelling about killing him with his own gun) with the flag that is the symbol of the country he was trying to protect.

      You’d get emotional too.

  10. Man I feel bad for that guy I am glad his kids still has a father I lost mine 2 years ago and it still feels like yesterday.

    1. @Calvin Parish
      Your calling others sheep is an attempt to build yourself a lofty perch
      A haven for yourself among the elite.
      And nessesary when you feel yourself to be uneasy, unjustified, and tenuous in your conclusions.

      And, as long as you are using the same language as the sheep, paid in the same currency. AND EATING THE SAME FOOD?


    2. @Bonnie Robinson
      Have you considered having a second funeral for him?
      Even if it’s just you? Often, funerals have so many hands preparing them that it diesbtbfeel much like the person you lost.
      Maybe you need to get into the wild places, or in his favorite ballpark, or your own bedroom, play music that yall both loved, have a conversation, hold up both ends of the conversation, and say what you need to say. The way you need to say it. Cuss if you have to, you can apologize later.

      Just a thought.

      After all, a life well lived is bigger than the funeral that is designed to be its summation. So if yall gotta get a bigger summation, do it.

      I wish you well.

  11. Thank Q Don for giving Mrs Fanone the opportunity to speak out . I am sure the families of the other brave officers who defended the Capitol with their lives would also appreciate the opportunity to be heard by the masses .

  12. I don’t think that I’d ever get over being attacked by a mob. It’s so sick. Prayers and love to all those injured in body and mind.

    1. Its terrible, but the brain is amazing it helps you by blocking a lot of trauma. Unfortunately that also leads to PTSD.

  13. Prayers for this family, let the traitors pay dearly. The trauma they caused was not confined to the Capitol or DC, the trauma was felt in the heart and soul of every real Patriot’s heart.

  14. For his mother, I am happy you still have your son, even though he was hurt.
    Officer sicknick wasn’t as lucky.

    1. @Rian Draegon Sounds like you’re jealous that people agree with me and with reality and not you.

    2. I feel for the mother. As a Dad, I understand her pain. Whoever, I can’t help feel how Lemon just exploited her for her emotional appeal to the public. Why were there so few police officers there at the capitol control a crowd of such great magnitude?

    3. @Tony A Because Walter Piatt the Director of the Army said he didn’t like the optics of an enhanced presence at the capital.
      Paul Irving the House Sgt of Arms also said he didn’t like the optics of extra police with the Capital in the background.
      Micheal Stenger the Senate Sgt suggested a more informal request.

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