1. What an immense loss that was completely preventable. She knew what she needed with her own health and body. Wishing healing to all of her family.

    1. @Nino 718 can you control if they use protection? You shouldn’t be allowed to. So the right to abort must exist.

  2. “Sacrificing the living” is a really loaded phrase. Alternately, “a religious offering to God”, “a purely political decision”, or “murder”.

    1. Apparently it’s more important for an as yet unborn child to have rights above and beyond the mothers right to stay alive.

  3. Their will be a rise in these incidents, as women resort to more and more desperate measures. *Steel Talk*

  4. We know what killed her. The Drs’. suspension is pretty much an admission of guilt 😔 This is just tragic. Waiting for the baby to die to help the Mom is absolutely backwards.

    1. @#SuperOldGameSaturday No, it doesn’t…but you go ahead and keep trying to peddle your opinion as fact

    2. @#SuperOldGameSaturday Do you even read what you type? Opinions are not facts and one’s opinion should have nothing to do with what someone does with their body

    3. @a g – Well, this is how it’s going to look in several states here in the United States but not all of them. I’ve lived in Cali. my whole life and abortion is still safe and legal here. Either way, if that happened here, the family could sue the eff out of the hospital and more than likely win.

  5. How can it be we are going backwards in so many places on so many issues when we already know better. This wasn’t even highly controversial, the mother’s life was clearly at high risk. We need common sense to prevail not make the same mistakes of our past.

  6. My God I hoped I’d never see this “time.” It might as well be the 19th century! Such a tragedy for women all over the world. This woman should be alive and raising her young daughter. Absolutely a preventable and tragic death. I’m sickened and just about ready to happily leave this world. Good luck to future generations…

    1. @Roe your boat down your tears drinking and driving? How is that a comparison? I’m not following?

    2. @Sawyer Thank you! And hugs back to you…you and so many others have given the gift of a loving heart and a wise words with your lovely and thoughtful comments. I wish for you all long, happy, and peace-filled lives. You people are the ones who continue to make this country and this world a better place…❤

    3. @BurBur Clemm Your comment brought me to tears. You are the young mother I once was, and in my mind I see you…young, strong and principled, picking up the baton and running with it to continue the chain that I was lucky enough to be a link in; after our mothers, grandmothers, and the people before them. You will undoubtedly raise wise and good children. I don’t even know you, yet I’m immensely proud of you.. Thank you.❤

  7. It is an impossible situation when lawmakers ignorant of medicine put restrictions on doctors who cannot honestly determine what medical procedures they can and can’t do without consulting a lawyer. In the meantime, the patients die.

  8. This is exactly what happened in Ireland about 10 years ago, when a perfectly healthy young mom had a natural partial miscarriage, and needed a medical abortion to clear the dying tissue. This condition can easily result in fatal sepsis. The dying fetus, which had a barely detectable heartbeat, could not possibly have lived at that stage. Ireland had a total abortion ban at the time: they admitted her to hospital, refused an abortion for dire medical need, and basically waited for her to die, which happened after several days.

    1. That is really a sin to let someone die bc you are afraid of legal repercussions! Drs/nurses should not have to work under those constraints & threatening consequences! They should be able to do their job. What is best for the patient.

    2. @Beth Sanchez Smith Yes it does. An infant experiences all the emotions of any human being but at a much more basic undeveloped level. They feel pain, fear, hunger, discomfort

  9. And now her 9 year old daughter is left behind without the sibling and most importantly her mother. 😣 this is insane.

    1. @blue whiteandgreen Be glad you are in America then. We’re talking about Poland. They are 30 years behind us. Even medically. American doctors would have performed the procedure the first time they saw the problem. Because that’s how America is. But again, if she wanted to keep the baby, why is CNN trying to tie it to Roe? Did you not watch her story? Or are you only going by the story CNN told you?

    2. @luckyluc25 not true, swallow that with a bit of sugar. If your life is in danger and you’re over 15 weeks say bye to your loved ones because there’s nothing the doctors will be able to do for you even if they wanted to. Plus, why do you care what I do with my body?! When I die and I face judgement day in front of God who’s paying for the sin? You or me? My body, my freaking choice. You cannot force anyone to believe what you believe, simple as that.

  10. I’m old enought to remember the images of the results when Romania not only banned abortions, but also restricted contraceptives. The images of the Romanian orphanages were horrifying. I know the dictator that imposed those rules in Romania was removed, not sure if he was put to death or not. And yes, many Americans did benefit from adopting some of these babies. But the ones that weren’t perfect, had a disability or became so institionalized that they became disabled, faced a life that was completely inhumane.

    1. @michael say Good! I saw the suffering that he caused. Not sure how the wife was involved though.

    2. @Heather Shaw Yep, and I’ve very concerned that children will be trafficked. Baby selling has happened before in the US.

    3. I’m Romanian and remember seeing some photos. So absolutely heartbreaking. What a failure and this is what’s next for America. A lot of uneeded suffering because these anti-choice people don’t actually care about children . They don’t…

    4. I watched an entire documentary, plus a follow up a few years later about a Romanian orphanage. It was the most upsetting thing I’ve ever seen before or since. I seriously wanted to sell everything I had and go launch a rescue mission. I will never forget it, especially the older children, including a teenage girl, who had spent their entire lives in that underfunded and bleak hellhole. I’ll never forget watching them clutching their knees and rocking back and forth for hours at a time in a desperate attempt to stimulate their senses in any way they could. God, it was ghastly and makes me tear up even now.
      If I recall, the president, Crucesceau (sp?), was dragged into the street and shot or hung along with his wife. Couldn’t have happened to a better guy. I fantasize the same fate befalling certain members of a certain court that shall remain unspecified.

    1. What a beautiful miracle for that child to draw its first breath in this world. How incredible the miracle of life is.

    2. Totally agree @sandra she should of been permitted to abort, now her other children have no mother 😢 this worlds gone crazy and has lost all logic

    3. @Fiction Indian Space Program – SFS Birth control is 99.99% effective, this should not be an issue very often.

  11. So horrible and the young girl has lost her mother. This will happen here for sure as doctors fearing retribution for their state governments they will waffle on life/death decisions.

  12. Good job Poland. Now the little girl is an orphan. I hope she grows up to fight the good fight for herself and women everywhere.

  13. This will now happen in the United States. Doctors will be afraid to act quickly and the mother will die. Then the family of the deceased will want to hold the doctor accountable for not acting quick enough and the physician then will blame the law. So nobody will win in this case. It is absolutely senseless and abhorrent. I guess it is time men did their part and start having vasectomies’ in mass…. It takes two to tango and it isn’t fair to put this burden all on the woman. It’s terrible. Either that or start practicing *ABSTINENCE* Which obviously people will not want to do.

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