1. I don’t know about the rest of you, but this ain’t exactly the moment I’ve been waiting for.
    Get back to me CNN, when Trump has been indicted.

    1. Yes, agree. The click bait headline about what we’ve all been waiting for is a huge huge stretch. Megan and Harry Markle are reality TV people now and European monarchy, well, the US has its own monarchy, the Kardashians whom we hope are deposed.

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  2. To fully appreciate the Queen you must familiarize yourself with her complete life……what a remarkable woman.

    1. @Matt Finch I have asked the same question of @Cinnamon as you have. It’s one thing for a resident of another country to voice opinions on Britain’s PM since the actions of the PM may end up having an affect, albeit small, on countries outside the UK However, the Monarchy has minimal-to-no actual effects on countries outside the UK. Therefore, to use a US phrase, if you have no dog in this fight, your opinion on this particular subject is mute. It is what it is, and I am not trying to light someone up.

    2. @B Bodziak but that figure has changed drastically in the last 50 years, and look at the support of the under 30s, fast forward 50 years and the support for the monarchy will be massively reduced

    3. @bill blow I believe the Queen may still be the wealthiest woman worldwide, and if I’m remembering correctly, it wasn’t until the late 80s and going to the States for Uni that I learned of her status as the wealthiest female and also that she held the most valuable private art collection of any individual worldwide. But, I have no idea if she still holds those titles.
      From my experience, the popularity of the Royals and the public’s desire for the Monarchy to remain in place, varies quite a bit based upon age groups and it alao fluctuates quite a bit depending on what is publically taking place at the time, ie, A Jubilee, a Royal wedding, a Coronation, etc., all bring in massive pounds to the economy, both overall and in local, limited economies.

  3. “You say that people need to see her – this year. Why do you say that?” So obvious what she was looking for in the answer, and happily, Robert Hardman didn’t give it to her. The usual tasteless and graceless American journalism we’re so used to. Civility is an alien concept.

  4. As much as i love Queen Elisabeth,and what a fantastic representant for her country she is, i always these days start to laugh when i see her. Donald Trump and his visit immediately comes to mind when he casually strolls around ahead of the Queen and rumbles aroud aimlessly and doesn´t seem to have a clue about protocols and etiquette. The buffon! God save the Queen!!

    1. I always think about how stupid it was when Obama gave her an iPod with photos from his inauguration and audio files of the his speeches as a senator and his inauguration address.

    2. Think of the Americans the queen has met. This is her experience regarding America.
      Consider that

    1. @kay armstrong you might be in England that doesn’t mean that you were present. You are certainly incorrect, maybe you have been drinking too much during the celebrations? If you are a Brit, that would certainly make sense.

  5. I believe the queen is still grieving over her husband death and he been by her side for so long and you know she just going through it and hopefully she will go through and she will overcome it

    1. The Queen is 96 years old and if Prince Andrew.can not be there, then she will not go as well and I do not blame her! Elizabeth probably stayed at home sleeping and laughing with Andrew and Harry and Meghan on different days of course!

    2. The Queen will overcome it. It might take a few years. But she will go through and will overcome it.

  6. Hardman is very kind with his comments. They have to treat her with courtesy if they are gonna invited her.

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    1. LET’S TALK 💬👆 Comment appreciated❤️👍👍👍

  7. The Queen looked lovely. Her outfit reminded me of a Wedgwood vase. I hope the British move towards accepting Harry and Meghan. Even though they are raising their children in the US, it would be a shame if the cousins were not able to form close bonds at these early ages. Due to the restricted mobility of Prince William and Catherine, this will only happen if Harry and Meghan are made to feel welcome when returning to Britain.

    1. Lol it’s not just the British mate it’s the whole commonwealth that can’t stand him and his wife

  8. even jesus was gone through hard times , and those who work for people are like megan and harry , God bless ..one love !

  9. Love covers multitude of sin. No Matter what our enemies do to us we are taught not to revenge but to show love to them that way we put coal on their head and they get to realise what they’ve done!
    I believe the Queen and Royal’s should have invited Megan and Harry in the balcony. Spread love to people who have hurt us, show them we still hold beautiful place in our hearts for them.
    The disgrace that we have seen in the balcony is like ” throwing stones” to our enemy as if we have no sin and are so perfect. Spread love
    Love Meg and Harry 🌹

    1. Tell Megan to spread the love then n forgive her father just as the queen has overlooked the lies Meghan told on Oprah

    2. Your right the Queen’s family in the balcony are not perfect. Its only show the there true color.

  10. The FED has lost it and the sad fact is it’s pretty obvious we are headed for hyperinflation.i think stores better have tight security because when people can’t afford to feed their families, things might get ugly.

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  11. Thank god CNN covered this story……Really takes my mind off the economic problems we are having in this country..

    1. @THE ANGRY QUAD Not eating meat has gained popularity – not so much to help reduce methane emissions & help mitigate climate change rather because we cannot afford it any more. How tighter are we meant to tighten our belts?

    2. @Kathy Piazza Not eating meat isn’t so bad, just watch your gas tank, people have sticky fingers.

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  12. A huge overstatement to say this is the moment we have all been waiting for……for me not so much. Their guests not the main attraction….that goes to the 95 year old monarch and not these two reality stars thank you very much.

  13. Harry and Meghan were received extremely well, to consider. I ❤ 😍 💖 ❣ 💕 Harry and Meghan

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  14. I think Harry & Meghan have had a rude shock about how insignificant they are during the Platinum jubilee

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