Moment Of Reckoning As Corporate America Is Forced To Confront GOP War On Democracy | Rachel Maddow 1

Moment Of Reckoning As Corporate America Is Forced To Confront GOP War On Democracy | Rachel Maddow


Sherrilyn Ifill, president and director-counsel for the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, talks with Rachel Maddow about why the Republican threat to U.S. democracy means American corporations don't get to be bystanders in current fight over voting rights. Aired on 04/15/2021.
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Moment Of Reckoning As Corporate America Is Forced To Confront GOP War On Democracy | Rachel Maddow


  1. So, let’s see. The GQP wants you to boycott Major League Baseball, Coca-Cola and CBS television.
    Looks like someone sure hates America!

    1. @Gregory Powell It’s funny that the state that helped them steal the election is now the enemy. What a joke!

    2. @ViciousSid 67 Tell me just how they restrict voting? I’ve heard they do but no one seams to be able to point out how.

  2. The thing is, corporatism is a key component of fascism. And the GQP have been pro-corporatism for decades.
    So it’s very good that even corporations have finally had enough of the GQP’s decades long war on US democracy.
    Or, at least, to be more cynical, corporations think that the GQP is on the losing side and that their profits will be better served if they side with what the vast majority of consumers (especially younger demographics which are the most important to most businesses) want: democracy, justice, equality, freedom.

    1. However it still allows corporations to retain control which in itself is not freedom per say. Idk I don’t think capitalism has done anything besides create every monster we have from economic inequality to the determination of how law and order works in this country and for whom.

    2. corps have a legal obligation to pursue profit. it’s illegal for them to not chase profits. But I guess it’s something. it sends a clear message: hey gop, you are the persona non grata, the minority, the fringe opinion.

    3. Well if they are on our side wouldn’t that make us the fascists then? None of this is a good thing. As a progressive you should be viriantly ant-corporatist no matter where they stand on on social issues. Acting like they are doing this for anything other then brand building is incredibly naive and is going to perpetuate the same corrupt system.

    4. It’s only a matter of time when the south is going to separate from the united states again and the civil war starts all over again!

  3. reporters: remind us which senator campaigns by which corporations
    so those companies will have to work harder to get them to change/do something or we can start to boycott them

  4. The US Supreme Court has destroyed our democracy with its Citizens United decision and dark money decision.

    1. The SCOTUS just helped you guys install a guy who didn’t win as POTUS! You should be thanking them.

    2. @Tim Kozlowski
      SCREW you and your B$
      Unions are made up by Citizens of the United States that work for a living, Corporations are not Citizens and they only exist for profit, there is no comparison.

    3. @Mark Ray
      Trump LOST the Popular Vote in 2016 by just under 3 Million, he LOST the Popular Vote by just over 7 Million.
      He LOST the Electoral College in 2020 by the exact same number that he won it by in 2016.
      FACTS, not ongoing lies care of Donald J Trump.
      There has to BE evidence before a trial can start, they were thrown out over 60 times INCLUDING by a United States Supreme Court that he managed to get 3 new Judges appointed to because they have none.

    4. @Robert Rohleder Unions do have unlimited amounts of money and Right to Work laws are one of the best laws around.

  5. We are witnessing the dissolution of a major political party. Corruption is rampant. Are the Democrats strong enough to preserve our nation? Or will infighting destroy them too?

    1. Is that why the Democrats, have only a two seat majority in the house and are basically tied in the Senate.

    2. @Tim Kozlowski After the January 6th war on our democracy, the Democrats will have a much greater presence after the next election. Hold onto your seats. (we will see Republicans having a much harder time holding onto their seats).

    3. Are we witnessing the dissolution of the Republican Party or is the Republican Party just lowering its standards (using the word loosely) to meet its base where it’s at? Cuz from where I sit, 74 million of us are demanding that the GOP fight for a demographically-dwindling white populace to maintain its iron-fisted grip on political, economic and social power.

    4. @Demetria Karnavas I think 74 million of us are fed up with the illegal heavy-handedness of Hitler-wannabes that make up the Republican Party. It doesn’t necessarily need to be about race. There are huge numbers of white people who can no longer tolerate the bald-faced lying criminals running the GOP. They (the GOP) are made up of some extremely greedy power hungry inhumane rats. It’s time to run them off the ship.

    5. @Sirens Atnight I agree the GOP has lost and is continuing to lose white moderate republicans and independents. They’re not going to try to get these voters back because they know if they makes a play for inclusivity, it will offend their largest base of support—the Trump voter, who by the way, is loyal to Trump because of his racist appeal. It’s the same reason Tucker Carlson, Trump’s reliable mouthpiece, feels comfortable spewing his white replacement theory—which sounds like something Hitler would have told the German people to justify his final solution. The GOP has become the unabashed party of white power and white supremacy.

  6. The issue with HR1: if you are a corporation, you cannot secretly fund a politician or rather their campaign.
    That is why the Chamber of Commerce will push against it, HR1 destroys the ability to funnel dark money to campaigns.
    While at the same time, publicly speaking out against voter suppression is Patriotic, prudent, and responsible. But it is also a public position.
    The dichotomy you describe is expected, it’s predictable. It perfectly captures the public and private face of corporate America.

    HR1 needs to pass, to undercut that private political pressure corporation exert. And at the same time, I hope corporations continue to advocate for American’s fundamental right to cast their ballot. All of their actions, in the sphere of politics, should be public. And that makes many businesses nervous.

    1. It’s likely that Voter Suppression will lead to massive pushback, and the GOP losing more seats in 2022? Then they’ll get HR1 passed . . . The GOP might actually be signing their own death warrant?

    2. @Tim Kozlowski The unions are gradually becoming irrelevant. They need to stop donating to anything because they are going to need their money to survive.

  7. It’s good to see how much people care about our noble experiment. Haven’t seen this much passion in 70 years.

  8. I’m still stuck on the fact that Coca Cola originally made Fanta for Germany during WWII because they couldn’t sell cola alone…corporations are pretty gross, they don’t have principles aside from profit margins increasing at any cost. Period. Welcome to capitalism.

    1. Coca-Cola has been a rather evil force from as long as I’ve had any dealings with them. Their mistreatment of their own employees is similar to slavery except their “my way or the highway” attitude at least gives people “the highway” as a choice. But now, it’s good if they stop being on the side of the Republican party.The enablers of the crooks, or of any crooks on either side of the aisle need to be exposed and stopped. It’s not cancel culture, it’s common sense. This world needs to unsubscribe from the GOP and it’s fools.

    2. Idk, I personally don’t feel the government has much to do with this per say, the economic system we have being capitalism itself I believe is the issue at hand, I mean to run for senate costs I believe 1.5 million dollars, unless your high up in a corporation whose ideals stem from gaining profit no matter what you tend to not consider “others” in that conversation, or the alternative being you ask for money from lobbyists…I.E corporations, and since their goal is to gain profit no matter what they will want something in return, and what is it that senators can give lobbyists in return? Well, simply put, they can propose bills in favor of corporations who we already established have to, by idealism, gain profit “no matter what”….no this is simply a way that corporations can appease the people into believing that corporations ideals are to serve the communities profits…I understand your sentiment I just think it may be nuanced to mine, I hope others can start to have these talks or commentaries? That we are having now and maybe things will get better than they are :/

  9. Corporations want a STABLE environment in this Country, what the REPUBLICANS are currently pulling is RIPPING it apart, Corporations they are not going to put up with it.

  10. Corporations should stay out of politics and explain why CEOs salaries increased during the past year when at the same time millions of their employees were laid off?
    Maybe they are just diverting the attention in another direction.

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  12. Hi Rachel, LOVE YOUR SHOW!

    I’m over on the other side of the pond (you know what I mean) but there was a crucial part of this interview where I I had a Eureka moment…
    Wouldn’t it be ironic if all of these individuals who were kidnapped from their native lands to be subservient functionaries in making their ‘owners’ more wealthy are now the protectors of the American Constitution?

    The so-called ‘Party of the Constitution’ couldn’t give two hoots about the Constitution based on their behaviour over the last four years.
    “We the People”… The most exalted three words since “In the beginning”. This Statement was a statement about a nation of individuals with a common cause. It was not invested in some Royal Patronage, which was the norm at the time. Remember those words on the $1 bill, “Novus Ordo Seclorum” [Sic]. In many conspiracy theories and maybe even in the common consciousness this has something to do with a “New World Order” NO!

    The guys who peddle this stuff bank on the simple fact that you will not check what they are saying!
    ‘Novus’=new ‘Ordo’=order ‘Seclorum’=ages

    We all judge the past through the lens of the present (like one of my late lecturers referred to the study of Scripture with “Post Resurrection spectacles.”)
    The vision of the Founding Fathers had nothing to do with a ‘New World Order’, they weren’t thinking that big – they just wanted to get their own Colonies separated from Great Britain and under ‘Home Rule’. BUT what they envisioned was revolutionary for its time – a Nation or collection of associated Nation States – with a desire for democratic self-governance without some sort of monarchical figurehead that the rest of the world seemed to possess.

    The AMAZING experiment that the Founding Fathers launched is still going today (and it even survived Tr***, but only just).

    The thing I’m trying to say is that the wording of the Majestic Document of the Constitution of the United States had the vision and foresight to be more than the actual words written at that time.
    The Constitution embraced the equality of all, even when those living under it only believed in some watered down version of it.
    The Tr*** Presidency only served to remind Americans and those around the world who love the USA, that there continues to exist a disturbing element within American Society that sees the invaders of that nation as somehow superior to those who lived there before they got there and superior to all those they enslaved to do their bidding.

    Now it is those very same people who are holding Americans to account.
    Not based on their own beliefs – but on the beliefs set forth in the Constitution that all of these invaders recognise.

  13. Way Past Time That Corporate America Sit Up & Take Notice… Voting Is Fundamental & Essential!!! These “Moves by gop/tp” Across Our Country Are Disgusting & Must Be Stomped Out Completely!!! More Voting & Easier to Vote With Automatic Voter Registration at Age 18!!! Si Se Puede…

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