Monday Blitz Chaos Explained | TVJ News – August 26 2021

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  1. So unu no bus them in then? How dem expect nurses to come in on lockdown days when public transport is already under strain?

    Not only did you expect them to find their own transportation, but you don’t pay them in a timely fashion? And then wonder why brain drain is happening?

    They can move to Canada and make 100k/year, why would you expect them to work for paltry Jamaican minimum wage (if they even get paid on time). Their pay should be high enough that they can afford a car!

    1. The government of jamaica should be a shame not playing the nurse my God all the nurse should go on strike

    2. @Salome Wilson I agree. Nurses have bargaining power right now because they’re desperately needed to handle the pandemic. They should be using that to their advantage and strike demanding higher pay and better working conditions.

  2. But watch ya now… a Hero dem man.. dem nurse ya need fi deh pan a ten thousand dollar bill to baxide. APRIL?????

    NOW look at this. Alot of us work pay check to pay check and every dollar accounted for. Me cant imagine what to do if my work place decided not to pay me for only 1 pay cycle…

    These lady’s out here working for 5 months without pay???? They are Heroines me a tell you!!! People work to get paid and these lady’s out here doing their best and trying their hardest under the worst of conditions and in the forefront of danger.. you button pushers in the back need to do better man get the ladies their money. While your at it provide them with transportation too man it’s not even too hard to hire a staff bus.

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