Monkeypox Update – ‘No Need to Panic’ | TVJ News – July 7 2022

Monkeypox Update - 'No Need to Panic' | TVJ News - July 7 2022 1


    1. @jason miller Laughter is good. It makes you feel elated & live longer. Don’t worry about a thing. Just be happy!!

    2. @Franklin Chin Quee I wasn’t laughing at your comment Africa Unite was the one who made me laugh , the comment was true but funny .

  1. Way unuh prepare fah ? KMT. There was never any threat in the first place. Unuh know what unuh all know what is going on . Please spear me

    1. Wow you are really panicking because you are praying for it not to go backπŸ™ˆπŸ˜«

  2. Listen man! Stop telling the ppl dem not to panic. Look at those things on the skin who on earth wants to catch that. People unuh plz be careful πŸ™

    1. They can say don’t panic as it more related to the gay community when it passes over is when you don’t know your parent is batting for both sides

  3. As long as it benefits unu its not to panic,but mek is a citizen do something then unu starts show powers and get those person shut down, but only the fitest of the fitest will survive,check unu self before unu want to wreck others because we all are at treat

  4. When the first case of COVID-19 hit Jamaica you were so happy Mr Tufton,,your words were it’s finally here as if the plane was delayed and the flight finally reach and family were at the airport waited a long time to see their loved ones … monkeypoks is finally here and again you are happy Mr Tufton . Our island is too small to be dealing with these virus and how sure are you that the monkey didn’t spread before the health sector found out plus are you sure that person was isolated sir??????

  5. ppl wake up, notice black ppl they showing and only us they called monkey. get it??? Babylon is falling. come back to God. for the christians stop believe in rapture garbage. tribulation start and unuh still here. I yield.

    1. You should look for better informations: here in German TV the first pictures they show ( with that pox) were also with Black peeps, because it was in Africa. The next cases with Monkeypox were German peeps & they showed pictures with White peeps. It’s not true, that they only show Black or call dem monkeys. You try to make the Jamaican peeps angry or panic. Thats not good! Noone need this now .. negative vibrations

  6. That’s what happens when you rely heavily on tourism anything can come in.. we need to enhance our exporting volume and make that our main source of income as a country

  7. No need to panic ? they said the same thing about covid , I am not encouraging anybody to panic but we all need to be careful . the Government need to enlighten people so they can know what to look out for and what preventive measures we can take and they need to do it now . the airport screeners are not doing their jobs properly this decease was imported here they should be suspended or fired !

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