1. Moose be like…theres a better education in the woods then you’ll ever get from these nature deprived humans!

  2. Yes seeing moose in a city is common. I was coming out of Robin’s Donuts and one walked right by me like I was not there. It was headed towards the river that ran along the outskirt of the city. I later heard they thought it had come in that way. I am glad this moose in Saskatoon was caught safely and let go.

  3. So how come the school windows are not safety glass if the children’s safety is a top priority, you can tell by the razor sharp shards that it isn’t?!

    1. I’m not saying that all school windows should be safety glass, but the ones that extend all the way down to the ground should be!

    2. Average Moose weighs 1000 pounds probably went through it like a freight train. There’s a difference between the way safety glass and tempered glass breaks.

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