Moral Monday March To Manchin's Office 1

Moral Monday March To Manchin’s Office


Democrats are increasing their pressure campaign on Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia. NBC's Ali Vitali and Leigh Ann Caldwell join Geoff Bennett and Hallie Jackson with more.

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    1. @Dach
      It’s not about getting a voter ID; it’s all the other ridiculous hoops and rules a minority voter endures to vote. And you can’t deny the history of voter suppression of African Americans from 1865-1964. The current crop suppression laws want alter the reality that white Americans have achieved zero population growth and in 24 years will be the minority. The rest is history.

    1. No, Manchin is a normal centrist, moderate democrat. Your perception just demonstrates how far to the left the Democrat party of 2021 has gone.

  1. Manchin won’t care about a march. He only cares about the dollars he gets from his corporate donors.

    1. @Steve Nadort My numbers are real; I’ve handled billions in trust funds for more than 2 decades and understand that nothing is free. All those stim checks people like you have gotten have been swallowed up by the insane inflation. And regardless of gas or electric; with oil exploding; EVERY product transported to your local store is up a lot in 2021 and will continue higher. Yes electric cars are on their way and that’s great; but paying $60 for 1 sheet of plywood or seeing food rise by 20% in 2021 is horrible. Scrap the green new deal and do a basic infrastructure deal or you young people will never get anywhere with this selfish spending

    2. @Steve F Oh please, this change we are going through is long over do! Like 40 years over due. And guess what people like it.

  2. Manchins works only for himself, he doesn’t care about federal voting right sb1. Shame on him and vote him out! Get Sen. Cheney.

    1. This FAKE voter suppression Bill is unconstitutional and would be struck down by the Supreme court anyways nice try Dems Never going to happen get a valid ID card oh hang on you already got one. FAKE SUPPRESSION BULL SHI!

    1. This FAKE voter suppression Bill is unconstitutional and would be struck down by the Supreme court anyways nice try Dems Never going to happen get a valid ID card oh hang on you already got one. FAKE SUPPRESSION BULL SHI!

  3. It’s a waste of time, Manchin is not going to vote for his own party because he’s being paid handsomely by right wing dark money.

    1. @Rodgers Shakes- between you and your Democrat masters and Manchin, Manchin holds the moral high ground.
      Just own that and realize that when you cheat to win, you still lose.

    2. Something is happening that is richs whites worse nitemare:
      the poor BLACK & white residents of west virginia are standing TOGETHER to demand the “for the peoples” bill passes.. since the bill will ill affect Black and Poor Whites as well!!!

    3. That is why when Moscow Mitch ask him to change parties, so republicans would have the majority..manchin told Mitch he could better serve them as a Democrat…..He is living up to his word…..

    4. @baked dorito – wait. What are you talking about?
      The people of West Virginia are not communists. Rich or poor.
      Do you honestly believe that wealth redistribution is even remotely possible?

      They try it Britain and all it did was to enrich the very rich and make everyone else poor.

    1. This FAKE voter suppression Bill is unconstitutional and would be struck down by the Supreme court anyways nice try Dems Never going to happen get a valid ID card oh hang on you already got one. FAKE SUPPRESSION BULL SHI!

    2. @Dach the id is not the only thing in the bill and yes the id thing is to target blacks especially. A lot more blacks don’t have a I’d

    3. @Dach Jesus… just say you haven’t read it or anything about its content. Can you, at least, admit you haven’t a clue what’s in it?

  4. Follow the money. Everything he is against plays against his personal income. 15.00 minimum wage for example. He owns hotels who pays 11.00 an hour, so he wanted to raise the min wage to only, take a guess….11.00! He co-signed onto HR1, until the Koch brothers met with him and now he is against it. He is against the filibuster because it will cost HIM money, his constituents, both R and D are 70%+ for the minimum wage, and the voting rights bill. His daughter is the one who raised the price of Epi Pen 400% so she could get a 18 million dollar bonus. Her company did not improve the product, she just wanted money.

  5. Manchin has generational money on the line thru his dark money contributions. Money talks, especially for the morally inept.

    1. @Mark Willoughby It is pretty obvious, you can and will see it for yourself. They are demonstrating in Manchin’s home state. West Virginians are not brain dead. They know that they NEED what is in these bills. I have been to West Virginia a lot when I was a kid and it is a poor state. The coal mines are on the way out. They need investment there quite badly to overcome the inevitable the closure of the coal mines.

    2. @The Northern Spinozist anyone can drive to w Virginia to March. Still making assumptions that it’s all west Virginians with no evidence to back this statement up.

    3. ​@Mark Willoughby I don’t see where you have evidence to back up what you say either. I haven’t seen but there are reports to the contrary of what you claim here. Time will tell. As I said West Virginians need what is being offered to them and the rest of the country. Know that life is change and besides that West Virginians are not monolithic.

    4. @The Northern Spinozist like I said I’m not the one saying west Virginians support this in a majority. Prove yourselves right and cite something. AlL WeST ViRgInIaNs SuPpOrT ThIS.

  6. I’m having serious doubt about the direction the Democratic party leadership is not going.

    1. @Pat Doyle
      Thanks for letting me know. I responded to him more for the sake of other readers. I want people to know the people of West Virginia (both sides) WANT THIS.

      More importantly, they NEED IT. Just as the rest of the nation does.

    2. @Nancy Ross WTH are you going on about? Research? Does it say 4 out of 5 West Virginians (of both party affiliation) WANT THIS. Because they do.


    3. He did NOT accept a bribe. He voted against it because it’s a “For the Corrupt Democrat (redundant, I know!) Act”, which, among MANY more corrupt things, federalizes state elections, which is prohibited in the United States Constitution, which you phux seem to consider just “an idea”. This means that you corrupt democrats would decide the winner and no one is allowed to question it. Not to mention it REQUIRES that for every dollar of campaign money raised, we, the taxpayers (which you’re obviously not!) pitch in another 6. Even for candidates we don’t approve of! Imagine your OUTRAGE if Trump tried to enact this.

      And, by the way, you corrupt democrats used the filibuster almost 400x last year, as opposed to once for Republicans. How convenient for you that it’s now “immoral”. Your nothing more than pos hypocrites!

  7. Joe Manchin has no interest in helping West Virginians nor Americans, he is only interested in helping Joe Manchin and his sidekick Mitch McConnell.

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