More Advertisers Boycotting Facebook In Response To Hate Groups | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

More Advertisers Boycotting Facebook In Response To Hate Groups | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Facebook announced Tuesday that it is removing groups dedicated to the Boogaloo extremist movement one month after federal officials alleged the anti-government network’s adherents used the platform to plan the murder of a federal agent. Reporter Ben Collins and the ADL's Jonathan Greenblatt discuss. Aired on 7/1/2020.
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More Advertisers Boycotting Facebook In Response To Hate Groups | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. Thing is there will never be enough votes to force him out because of the way Facebook is structured.

    2. @H S You’re absolutely right! So why do they continue to make non-ethical investments?

      I’m not saying these people are evil, on the contrary they’re just doing what they can to look out for their families by making as much money as they can. At the end of the day, we’re all slaves to the almighty dollar. Until that fact changes, nothing ever will

    3. Big Brother As individuals, you can chose to consume as ethically as possible given ones own circumstances.

      Equally, you can direct the institutions who manage your retirement funds to invest ethically….

      Appreciate that on an individual level, it’s a drop in an ocean.

  1. I am delighted that they are losing advertisers. Anyone who has ever reported racist, hate or terrorism groups to Facebook knows that the standard response is that they can find nothing that goes against their community standards.

    1. Companies don’t care about anything, so don’t be fooled. Companies believe if they boycott facebook, they will look good. They want to look good so people buy their products.
      Don’t believe the boycotts.

    2. @vshah1010 So in your opinion, they should not boycott Facebook and continue to support the racists?

    3. @Alan Heath
      If they boycott Facebook, it also hurts organizers of protests for good causes. Like the Charlottesville protestors or the George Floyd protests.

      It becomes dangerous when big companies boycott free speech. Maybe their goal is to suppress all kinds of free speech and opposition, such as stop labor unions from organizing through Facebook, etc.

    1. Been close to 5 years for me. Felt so much better after I did. It’s really toxic. YT is next. Only positivity from here on out.

    2. Tik tok is the new platform for change. Never mind that it is mostly young people, much of it is dancing.

      They offer the option to make a video, one minute long or less, which can inform or entertain you. How do you think the young folks organized the Trump Rally Slump? They now have lots more ideas, boycotts, twitter bomb, they exchange ideas on how to organize protests. They educate each other. I learned more about black history this past month than during my almost 70 years.

      Yes, they are a china owned company. So what. The world is owned by the same six mega corporations. And older folks, you don’t have to dance. You can create art. Compile photos.

      Find out why the kids love it. Videos are over quickly. They are set to music. No better way to learn!

    3. I also. It’s a disease. And it’s being spread by Mark the super spreader. Anyone using it is part of the problem. Even this post may only appear to me or disappear completely. Freedom!

    1. oh yes it is coming, I think europe already started, and it will come sooner or later if Facebook keeps it up. It is quite dumb on facebooks part!

    2. Guys now we need to go after small business for Facebook ads.If small business stop, then they Facebook pretty much screwed.

    3. And if you want to know just how powerfull or how evil ZuckerbOrg really is, ask the Rohingya of Myanmar… After the genocide against them was openly called for on FB for weeks, then organized for days there, and after the pictures of the dead children’s and women’s bodies were posted on FB in victory – only then did Mark come out with a few feeble words of no meaning and no consequences at all. As usual.

  2. I am boycotting Facebook along with my family, my friends, my friends’ friends and their friends.

    1. Good, i got rid of mine years ago, dont miss it. Selectively peddling outrage to 3 billion people is a vile way to make money.

    1. Facebook cares about 2 things, user experience, and ad revenue, however, there are about 180 million FB users in the US and 2.6 billion worldwide. The company was daft and noble in the early 2000s but has become slow and stubborn. They hear there ad revenue shrinking by billions of dollars in a matter of weeks, I don’t know if they hear the individual users leaving the platform a little at a time.

    2. noisyimp ya so is advertisement boycotting them, haha Facebook is goona change it policies now

    1. @Said Saeed I couldn’t care less what chinese government propaganda says about Falun Gong.

  3. It’s such a HUGE relief that this decision was made from his “sense of morality” rather than financial concerns……. Oh. wait a minute……..

  4. When I see Zuckerberg blink – I might believe he is human. Until then, he just doesn’t seem quite right.

  5. It’s ironic that these people are able to wear a mask while hating, but wearing a mask to protect others is an infringement on their rights. The hypocrisy party strikes again.

  6. Zuckerborg’s little bangs say it all, poor homely man. He’s playing from a different planet.

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