More Calls for Face to Face Classes – October 29 2020

More Calls for Face to Face Classes - October 29 2020 1


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19 Comments on "More Calls for Face to Face Classes – October 29 2020"

  1. I heard systematic, I think she meant asymptomatic.

  2. My kids will stay home

  3. Covid is a worldwide scam !!! The people need to wake up and rise up !!!!

    • One question here Empress, if thats the case what is killing all of these ppl.

    • D Johnson according to many doctors worldwide in this plandemic
      deaths by other causes are being recorded as Rona .
      Here in England the gov has published guidelines to medical personnel to record all deaths within 28 days of testing positive with the unfit for purpose rt-PCR test with a 97% false positive rate to record as Covid. That’s the stark reality. It’s a worldwide ScAm !!! Check my channel for more info

    • @Empress Yudah scam or no scam, at what point does it shows that ppl are dying when they stick to the guidelines, alot of ppl are saying that its a scam, but .up to the time have fail to come fort with any unquestionable facts, for each leads to more confusion.

  4. Take the stupid mask off you’re not Sick !!!!

  5. Firstlady Castro | October 30, 2020 at 12:46 PM | Reply

    what I don’t understand. If there are no knw cases y is school not open. I thought the main reason school was not opened was because of the rapid cases in other communities. But communities with no knw case should b open. Y jamaica locked down n they don’t have all the resources for online classes. while America n other countries carry-on with precautions and they have all the necessary resources for online classes.

  6. It’s a shame….I hope they will provide for those children, always taking care of the virus just the same

  7. johnny blazzee | October 30, 2020 at 12:53 PM | Reply

    Like seriously? So will this be who wants to send out them kids? We’re we going to get different money to make uniform and bus fair? I already by a phone for my kid’s……kmt when them done them a pree buju! Something just don’t add up…..i at first it was the election cause the case’s to start go up and them trying to put the blame on everyone else……now them want to open school?……is it we need to catch this virus so we ofto take the vaccine!?……this is clearly there’s something cooking up for us. From day one them should make who can’t afford the gadget send there kids……bt not everyone that don’t make any sense

  8. Mine not going back

    • Hosea Brown what you going to do keep the child home hiding away from a virus with 99.9% survival rate. Known now to affect the already sick and infirm. Wakey wakey !!!

    • Empress Yudah
      I’m glad to see you here. But some people don’t want to go there again because they don’t want mask to be on their face especially for a long time. Because if they go there again they would force them to wear mask.

    • Yasin Qur’aan ahhhh I overstand now. It’s the mandated mask wearing and not the fear of the virus. Gotcha. In that instance I agree 100%
      !!!! Children should not we made to wear masks

    • Yasin Qur’aan find me on Instagram ok. I mostly post on there and on twitter ✊🏽💯

    • @Empress Yudah
      Thank you for the answer

  9. All.of these ppl who are calling for the reopening of schoolare not the parents that were not involved in the children education to begin with,some ]parents just don’t want to bothered with having the children at home and instead of murmuring they need to get involved,for alot of these children are just a stone throw away from their schools all they need to be concern about and is their break and lunch , but what about rhe ines that will have to take the public transportation, what about the parents who are not working, where will the money will be coming from to cover these expenses, as far as i can see the MOE is looking on a one sided coin, i wonder what will be they respond if they allowed the children to go to school and when you look this virus get out in the schools.

  10. Stol this zoom thing send our kids back to class school should reopen

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