More FLA Controversy | 3 Siblings Killed | TVJ Midday News – Mar 10 2022

More FLA Controversy | 3 Siblings Killed | TVJ Midday News - Mar 10 2022 1


  1. Montague and Bunting should resign immediately, and those guns revoked. Is the post of FLA Head a political appointment? Why are the politicians able to influence gun issuance? Yuh a telll mi seh wi cah find one degeh degeh sumady weh nobady cah influence if give gun license tuh criminal? No Jamaica, tings serious!

  2. Dem seh Yu reap wt u sow
    Yu sow gun Dem reap blood
    Montego bay Jamaica has sow disstrucktion up on Montego bay now the innocent suffer the good died for the bad so sad 😭 wt you invested in jamaica

  3. And who from this entity will be fired I think all of them everyone who work there them know what is going on they are a part of the corruption in this beautiful country Jamaica land we love

    1. I don’t want them fired…some jail time for this level of illegal activity… Tired of the one law for them and another law for us. ONE LAW FOR EVERYONE.!!

  4. Why did he do that why did he approve a family member God look down do you see what really is going on in Jamaica his family member not important to me

  5. All of who name mention should dealt with and face the full force of the law Jamaica can never better because you have a lot of parasite you see son today it may be a disaster tomorrow

  6. Each and everyone who work there should send home they are very dirty and you tell me when this report is out I know they will say nothing never go that way

  7. This along with other slackness have been happening for a long time! It comes to the attention of the public and then you hear nothing about it. Mek a wen me of another regular person. Dem woulda lock we up and throw weh de key.

  8. None of those “big people” nah go a jail enuh🙆🏾‍♂️🙆🏾‍♂️🙆🏾‍♂️

  9. This is some serious acquisition at the fire licensing office hope they weed out those low life ASAP

  10. These photos of property in pictures about the killing in Irwin are misleading that are showing the property at the entry of the District.
    Has no affliction to the killing. I am very disturb about these photos.

  11. Can you imagine this story on fire arms? Sad indeed, These men are also responsible for the death of citizens due to negligence.

  12. Sad three people lose their lives in such brutal way !! People lives seems not to worth anything neither is it that important to people anymore !! C’on jamaica 🇯🇲 we need to do better !! This government need a shuffle to take guns 💪 in charge in jamaica 🇯🇲

  13. Can someone check on these so call road repairs to ensure its properly done before paying them because too much money is being spent for shabby work

  14. I’m one person who was granted a firearm permit by the fla a couple years ago and I’m thankful.
    But the real truth is the standards from the fla from it was just form is nothing but naturally redicilous and stupid.
    A lot of persons that was granted firearm licenses should never be granted at all.
    When we as decent citizens try to get a permit or license from the fla, we are always taken through all kinds of process and a lot of us were denied for some very stupid and waste of time reasons.

    But yet still,,,, the same fla had been granting licenses to many people of questionable characters..
    From just the looks of many of these people you can see straight forward that they are wrong doers..
    The fla need to lock down entirely.

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