More Help Needed to Deal with Domestic Violence | TVJ News - Dec 12 2021 1

More Help Needed to Deal with Domestic Violence | TVJ News – Dec 12 2021


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  1. Here is an opportunity for the church to play a role in having qualified members to assist the number of councilors needed to help.

    1. No disrespect but I have to say: so they can tell them God says to respect the sanctity of marriage so they should stay in it?

  2. It’s so sad to say
    It’s not the abuser is at fault most of the time it’s the abused the why it’s so unfortunate to say those are the men that women like , love 💕
    Ask around and you will see
    The good men gets the what’s left of those women after they are or gets abused !

  3. This abuse comes in many forms. Relationship abuse. No help or please somewhere to go for help. When you have no where to go and no support, the problem cannot be addressed
    Women give up and sometimes wind up dead.

  4. The minister of justice ⚖ Delroy Chuck should realized, that is a thing being going on. By the British government authorities in Jamaica 🇯🇲 for hundreds of years, it is what the slaves learned from their slaves masters. So I want to know how the justice of the peace is going to help those people, when the majority of the people is broke. There is no jobs opportunities for the majority of people in Jamaica and, a couple living for decades and. Becaused of financial support problems, the men cannot no longer provides for their families. So their wives and girlfriends is leaving them by the minutes and hours, so the men them got frustrated and hurt. Their spouses because of financial problems, women leaving their partner for someone else. Becaused they cannot afford to support their families any longer, so it is resorted into domestic violence. It is not easy like how you hear Delroy Chuck is saying, because of the inability of the God. To creates jobs opportunities, by encouraging companies to Jamaica 🇯🇲. The government is very much incompetent to control the sliding of the dollar 💵,also the high cost of living. The food stuffs is out of the hands of the majority of the poor people them, they cannot pay their light bills and so on. That is the thing that the minister of justice ⚖ Delroy Chuck should be telling himself, that his government ministers them is a total failure. They are running the country to the ground, they took over the country. Without having a manifesto to go by,so the government ministers them is. Running the country into total chaos or bankruptcy financially, because the government ministers them. Have no proper plans on how they are going to run the country in the 21st century, so everything is falling apart on the rapid. People cannot be counseled without they are thing in place, to helped alleviated the problems. Such as trying to reduce poverty, it is so high. It is very much out of control, so how the counseling is going to help. When the man 👨 does not have a job to support or maintain his family, it is going to resort to domestic violence. Becaused when the man goes home 🏡 and his wife or girlfriend said, John Brown. The light bill to be paid, our son or daughter needs so and so. Then the woman kept pressuring her partner, the man gets so frustrated and poured out. His anger upon his woman 👩 because, his wife or girlfriend is telling him. That he is going to leave him for someone else, and put the man into a rage to do wicked things to his partner. I don’t strongly believe that the minister of justice ⚖ ever found himself into such a situation, so he does not understand the intricacies about. What some of those men is going through with their lovers, it is a very sad situation. The domestic violence is a worldwide phenomenon, so he don’t believed that is only Jamaica is going through it alone ok 👌.

    1. @Lana Ranger So what is your point, you does not have any sensible to contribute to the conversation. You are trying to feed off my comment, you try to write ✍ something of your own. More than trying to criticized what I am saying, because you read, but you are lacking proper understanding of. What I am saying, I was showing some of the major problems or factors ok 👌.

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