More Local Officials Defy GOP-Led School Mask Mandate Bans 1

More Local Officials Defy GOP-Led School Mask Mandate Bans

As the Covid pandemic continues to worsen in southern states among unvaccinated individuals, more local officials are defying Republican governors and mandating masks be worn as students go back to school. Dr. Nahid Bhadelia and Eugene Daniels join to discuss that and more.

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  1. A centuries old preventive, proven clothing against viruses becomes such a furiously divided political stance. Only in America.

    1. Mask until they get vaccines …..
      I don’t think the parents saying no to masking are going to say yes to Vaccanating ……jus a thought

    2. @Daren Smith my Swiss ancestors were dukes & duchesses of 2 different castles in the 14th & 15th centuries. Came over in early 1900’s, cast system electricians (both boys had girls; there went passing down small business to the boys) and now I am dirt poor. Go figure. That was my paternal gramps’ side of family.

    1. @Tosca Tattertail Stop the vaccinated don’t want to hear the truth about breakouts they want to blame others

  2. After trump said he was glad he was ot president when there was a major Covid problem I knew what they were doing. They are going to try to make Bidens Covid action to be as bad as Trump if not worse.

    1. So basically you’re saying that they want to ruin his presidency so bad that they are ok if there are casualties to attain that goal?

    1. So how about you stop pumping each other in the butt and clean up your Democrat chitholes. Bathing regularly would not be bad either. Wash a Democrat, end COVID.

  3. Turns out a lot of people aren’t willing to go quietly like sheep to the slaughter for the ambitions of Republican politicians. Who knew?

  4. What is the BIG deal. it’s just a piece of cloth that helps to filter out the good from the bad. It’s NOT political, it’s medical. Read my comment a few comments down the list for clarification, and you obviously did not read the one a few comments above this one.

    1. Let’s rephrase this. The BIG DEAL IS that so many are making A BIG DEAL out of having to wear masks. Yes, people SHOULD be vaccinated and they SHOULD wear masks for their own protection, and for those around them. It IS A MATTER OF MEDICAL CONCERN. The ones that are making it a political statement are the ones that are opposed to the mandates that should be in force for their own safety and health. So do not misunderstand me thinking that I don’t care about the vaccinations and the masks. For those who DID read it in the sense that it was meant, would know exactly where I was coming from.

  5. It makes me ask myself, “What is the motive of Governor’s Abbott, de Santis, and other aristocrats who preside over the other southern states? Why are they sending children without masks and without coronavirus shots into the classroom? When I was a child we got, several shots every year. And when I went into the military, we, with no exceptions, received several shots, in order that we could defend our country. And that means to defend you, your family, and your children. And for this, we were paid $78 a month. No complaints.

    1. The are ignorant selfish heartless individuals who have no care for other’s. They will not shed a tear for those who have lost their loved one’s. These kind of people have no soul, no empathy, no concern and zero compassion for other’s or themselves.

    2. They are backed by Trump, so they are pushing the trump rhetoric towards how to manage covid…the problem is it’s going to backfire and probably affect their political careers like it did trumps in that the majority of the country voted for someone else simply because Trump was too delusional and dangerous to be trusted with a second term.

    3. And thank you for taking those precautions. Thank you for your time and commitment to honor and service our country and protecting us!

    4. @Daren Smith What’s True
      Ivanka Trump’s company holds a variety of trademarks in China, including one for coffins.

      What’s False
      However, this trademark was granted in 2018, well before the COVID-19 pandemic occurred.

    1. You must remember that he thinks like his daddy trump does he can do anything he wants when he wants to make himself look good in the face of his republicans base forget about the people that are dying from the virus

  6. I don’t wish anyone harm. However, if you choose to believe lies instead of science because of some deficit within yourself, then you are harming yourself! And I cannot allow myself to expend too much energy feeling sorry for you.

  7. Remember when the former guy said it’ll be gone and back to normal by Easter? Yea, Easter of which year was he referring to? And remember when the former guy said we won’t hear about it anymore after November 3rd? Yea, November 3rd of which year? When we start giving him court dates, make sure to specify the year. Two can play that game.

    1. Just like the Ex President said he would be reinstated on August 13th that was yesterday he’s still the Ex one term President

  8. And the GOP come this Spring will just magically go away. Just the way Trump explained his understanding of COVID19 when it first hit the US.

  9. Guess we’ll be sending non Covid patients to hospitals in the states that believe in science and leaving the beds in the anti-science states for the anti vaccine and anti mask people.

    1. Science? How many Genders are there? Pandemic and ya leave the borders open? Where do you think the children who cross the border infected with China Virus are going to school? Chomo Joe spread all over the country! Dems Science=BS!


  11. Fun fact: those who want their ” freedoms” doesn’t want to do the bare minimum to ensure that they have them.

  12. If you don’t trust medical experts enough to follow their advice and take the vaccine, don’t take their time away from someone else at the hospital when you get the virus.

  13. Selfish individuals hiding behind “personal freedom”, always screaming about “patriotism” but can’t do their part to fight off a national health emergency!! Amazing!

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