More Losing? Trump Candidate Loses 2021 Primary, Rattling GOP 1

More Losing? Trump Candidate Loses 2021 Primary, Rattling GOP


A Trump-backed candidate lost in a special election, shocking the GOP. Meanwhile, Trump was also ignored by 17 Republican Senators who voted for a deal he rallied against and the former president is now struggling to sell tickets for his tour with Bill O’Reilly. Political strategist Chai Komanduri joins MSNBC’s Ari Melber to discuss the demise of Trump’s control of the GOP. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. In breaking news Trump just made President George W Bush the second worst economic growth president by officially being the worst.

    1. All of you fighting is pointless when arguing with people who voted trump….logic isn’t going to magically appear in this section from them so move on all of your arguments don’t matter

    2. If you go back 80 years it’s a consistent pattern for Republicans. Democrats historically are better with the economy. That’s just a fact. Why the democrats don’t push that fact is beyond me. Instead they let Republicans lie that they are supposedly better economically.

    3. @Coco Crisp
      Absolutely correct on Reagan.
      And Americans have been fighting for citizen representation ever since.
      Reagans presidency started the decline of democracy.

    1. Um……Tucker Carlson, Sean Hanitty, Laura Ingraham, the rest of Fox Noise, THE ENTIRE Q-aNUTS & Newsmax, Alex Jones, Mitch McCONMAN, Jim Jordan, Margorie Taylor Gruesome, Boebert, Matt Gaetz, Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, Kevin McCarthy, Stephen Miller, Don Trump Jr, Steve Bannon, Sen. Ron (TINY) Johnson, Joe Manchin, et al!!

    2. @SXI96 number I wasn’t associating Trump with Jesus. Number one . Have ever met Trump? Do you know him on a personal level or do you get your facts from CNN? Oh if anyone’s a degenerate. Biden/Harris and all the Democrat and Rhino politicians that are currently serving in the United States government are degenerates.

  2. Republicans are gaslighting for funds. Even they know Trump lost the Presidency, House and Senate in one Presidential election cycle. He never won the popular vote.

    1. @Russell M hi Russell, you seem confused, the comment about getting light into the body isn’t confused with “injecting bleach”,
      Donald asked a doctor, on video,
      “I’ve heard that disinfectant knocks it out in a minute, maybe we could try something with that, maybe by injection?”
      Try again Russell…

    2. @Music Director Yes both sides do it. Its dumb, wish we didnt have it. Both political parties play to win.

    1. @Luke_SkyWanker it sounds like Europe has the problem with Russia. I could say the same thing about the cult focusing on Russia. I think you just support the social structure of the ccp. You’re obviously falling right in line.

    2. @Jefryt 67 Actually, I’m not and never have. But you are simply a waste of time, or you’d know that Europe is always strategically important to America’s interests abroad. So, you should go and do some of your own research — original research, not what’s spouted on FOX NEWS, OAN, etc. Try the State Department. They have a lot of info. Also, the CIA shares a lot of information for Americans overseas and American businesses.

    3. @Uriah Heep I was making a joke, man. You’re a heap. Your username Uriah Heep… As to the “hoot” — that’s because your comment was funny and gave me a chuckle. I liked the band. And I like your comments.

    4. @Luke_SkyWanker I don’t get my information from Fox my friend, I get it from true progressives. Not the corporate cronies and certainly not msnbc. The establishment you defend will do NOTHING for you or me.

    1. @Aliza Kessler He lost. Fair and aquare. Those are the facts. People against him because of his unbridled tongue and his manipulation with the post office to get them for voting. Not sure of the reason people voted against him. However, four years of Biden laws are better than 8 years of a stone cold demon possessed lunatic.
      To God be the Glory!

    2. @Aliza Kessler Oh WOW, You are good, I see what you did. I forgot about doing that. It was the go to reply in grade 1.
      You forgot the “but what am I?” LOSER

    3. @Diane Bannister Setting all other arguments aside — if the Dems rigged the election, wouldn’t they have made sure they had a solid majority in both houses of Congress? Would McConnell have won?

    4. @madlen ellul I feel worse for traditional conservatives than anyone else. They currently have almost no voice. I didn’t often agree with them, but I respected people like Colin Powell, the Bushes, and Reagan because they debated rationally providing evidence from respected sources. I have tremendous respect for the Lincoln Project, and I hope they are successful to transforming the GQP back into the GOP.

    1. …….In Ohio House special elections, progressives take a loss, Trump scores a win
      AUG. 3, 2021 UPDATED 8:28 PM PT
      In a defeat for the party’s left wing, Democratic primary voters in Ohio on Tuesday picked an establishment-backed candidate
      ……………..Trump scores a win

  3. Let’s talk about how “Trump finds waning influence in media” while *YOU* the *MEDIA* continue to give Trump *WANING INFLUENCE* by playing his unhinged rally remarks, and reporting on every statement that he releases….
    I’m a Democrat, but is MSNBC trolling itself here?

    1. @Jarry Sciligo, yes, I have been dismayed to understand over the years that the Cretin’s and his acolytes’ animosity to President Obama really hasn’t been politics, or greed, or any other such. It was just naked bigotry. They hated having a black man in office. And there are so God damned many of them, the haters.

    2. Exaaaaaactly!!! The irony is so lost on the poor masses following him and it’s really a tragedy.

    3. He is the king of disinformation, has anyone seen Obama’s birth certificate?, where are Hillary’s emails? Hunter’s laptop? Etc etc

    1. Yeah, like this….blah, blah, blah, blah, blah….(take a breath)….blah, blah, blah, and a BLAH!!…..okay, all done here, where’s my money?

    2. here a shill three a shill ha ha
      …….In Ohio House special elections, progressives take a loss, Trump scores a win
      AUG. 3, 2021 UPDATED 8:28 PM PT
      In a defeat for the party’s left wing, Democratic primary voters in Ohio on Tuesday picked an establishment-backed candidate
      ……………..Trump scores a win

    1. wake up and smell the roses!!!TRUMP LOST AND IS BEGINNING TO LOSE MORE!!!!NOW WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO!!

    1. @Norm C. When all of you millions of Trumpers are vaccinated, I’ll worry about the handful of immigrants who aren’t. Your immature “what about”isms are more appropriate to a playground than a political discussion.

    2. @hi Joey potato head has let over 1 million illegals into the country in the last six months. Thousands with Covid and other disease is being very conservative.

    3. @D O A handful of illegals? Joey the spud head has let over 1 million illegals into the country in the last six months. Let’s assume that only 5% aren’t vaccinated, even though it’s probably closer to 90% that aren’t. Do the math.

    1. @Bobby Williams What’s more MAGA than having to cash the First Amendment checks you write with your peckerholster by falling back on the Second Amendment. Besides, we both know you wouldn’t have the guts to pull the trigger

    2. @Bobby Williams the military hates trump cult because they are the enemy of the country, the cults aim is the country falling apart and the powers that be won’t let that happen. So keep screaming into the ether your are a loud demented minority too loud but too pathetic.

  4. ”The election of corrupt politicians act”… he means the right for everyone to really be able to vote and remove partisan cheating mainly done by republicans. Yeah that sure is corrupt….

    1. show me a rally with 3 million people for biden, please. But not counting illegal immigrants please

  5. On top of all this don’t forget that trump still hasn’t paid most cities for his rally/campaign bills (security – venue – etc). Why would a township want him???

  6. There’s a problem wherever he goes, look at Florida now. They must reject the guy now and be free. Exactly what New Yorkers did

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