More Nurses Threatened | TVJ News - April 22 2021 1

More Nurses Threatened | TVJ News – April 22 2021


Following reports that nurses administering the Covid vaccination have received threats. Health Minister Dr. Christopher Tufton, will be having discussions with the police and National Security Minister about the matter.

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  1. The nurses have nothing to do with the vaccines except for administering it. This is so reckless and ignorant to be threatening the nurses.

    1. This is what I think as well. I can believe the first nurse but not the rest of them. It’s too convenient.

    2. Them coming up wid all kind of strategy…fi implement them new plan… always think outside of the box people….mi see them bring a PUPPET pon TV sey him WOOD DEAD and people fi RUN go tek’ them POISON ….PEOPLE watch them mind games…..A them control the MEDIA…

    3. @reel gena real yute I wouldn’t be surprised if your that that is threatening the Nurses..but try remember this.. your place on a Watchlist

  2. You know what, I need to see videos of these alleged threats there is videos fi every lickkle ting except this.
    I just can’t believe every ting unnu seh

  3. I have a feeling that this whole threatening situation will be escalated and used as a catalyst to use the security forces against even regular people who don’t want to take the vaccine. I see where this is going…

  4. Start the thorough investigations. Maybe they are just idlers. No sensible person would want to do such stupid thing.get those idlers behind bars.

    1. It almost too unbelievable. As ignorant as ppl be, it just too dumbfounded to be true. Ppl can’t so foolish & senseless. ( I hope)

    2. @Toya Williams you would be surprised by the number of Jamaican that believe in mermaids living at flat bridge and rolling Calf story

    3. @Toya Williams Frankly, the nurses did not formulate these experimental jabs and they didn’t allow them in the country, Anju and his posse dweet. This whole story is a bundle of ballonies and lies. Jamaica aren’t stupid. Tvj should be ashamed of themselves.

  5. Where a Andrew Holnes on this matter, but as soon as a pastor or anyone mention his name he’s quick to lock them up

    1. @Ashely Boo you see mi.. Andrew holnes is a big fish. He rather lockdown Jamaica but not tryin to release a public statement about the protection of nurses.. but mention his name once and b4 the day finish you got c-TAC At your door step

  6. Lie them telling,them saying that because them wah use the security force ,,,,,,,,,,,,america and British tactic

    1. You must not have heard how many people have died here in UK and USA. We want our economy to get back to normal. You stupid people can continue in your ignorance

  7. We Jamaican”s needs to know how many people have already died after taking the covid-19 vaccine.

  8. Lord take your stand. Guys, the nurses is just as vulnerable as you out there. Please think what you are doing, keep the peace.

  9. My question is; How were people able to identify the nurse who gave Mr Sharp the vaccine, seeing she was shielded and protected on camera while administering the drugs?? Or is there another agenda using the nurses as scapegoats to carry it out? Just asking!

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