‘More Of A Lunatic Than Trump’: MAGA Gov. DeSantis Touts COVID ‘Success’ As ‘Bodies Pile Up’

A judge has found that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis cannot ban mask mandates in school. The MAGA governor remains isolated in his stance against COVID safety measures, and even Trump is now encouraging people to get vaccinated. Physician and former DNC chair Howard Dean joins MSNBC’s Ari Melber to discuss. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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  1. For a sociopath, killing the most amount of people in the country and getting away with it is something to be proud of.

    1. @Jil Pok That’s horrible, do you really want to go to that backwards place? Give yourself a chance keep calling friends/family or someone who can help you. Don’t give up on yourself. Sorry 😐❤️

    2. @Leila Edwards I don’t need help. I’m just going to move. But thanks. What I am not sure of is if FL banned vaccine requirements for medical workers. I am afraid of receiving medical treatment at a place that has a vaccine mandate. Because they if already fired the ones that would not take the shot and the ones that are still able to work are the ones that did not have any reactions. The ones with reactions had to leave too. So it creates a culture of “see no evil, hear no evil” and no one cares about your right to refuse and want to hurt you for it.

    1. @Joanne DENIOUS I have no idea who you are or what I said to you, but whatever it was… it was in response to something you said. Give the whole “take a long look at yourself” bit a rest too, it makes it hard for me to take you seriously. If you’re not trapped in the MAGA World, then good for you. I must have made a mistake or misinterpreted something you wrote. Just say I made a mistake and move on. All that “extra” is unnecessary lol see look, oh… my bad. I made a mistake. Case closed. Good grief.

    2. Henry Kleber: educated Americans know that personal freedoms take a back seat during an emergency. Have you ever heard the phrase “shouting fire in a movie house?” I know your personal freedoms are important but we focus on those less when people are dying around us. Try to focus on that. Funny that someone who could care less about children is concerned with personal rights. Are children not people? Hmm.

    3. @Jeff Walsh Stop being a parrot sheep hybrid of the right. You are just spewing far right rhetoric against Biden, because you’re uneducated and uninformed. Biden has a stutter, so what? Trump was demented and you won’t say a bad word about him because you worship him. That says more about you than anything. Enjoy your kool-aid tho.

  2. Imagine DeSantis poking holes in a lifeboat while everyone else is bailing water. He’s a public health saboteur, not a freedom fighter.

    1. @Jo Joe All freedoms belong to Trump, his children, and Fox news. That’s what the good people of Florida are voting for. The result will be a pine box Before they are ready to enter their local cemetery in State or out of State.

    1. Bad news!!! Devil’s quarantine in Georgia, he’s in good spirit but he called his agent and he doesn’t want to work with Desantis… Is too evil for him 🤷🏼‍♂️

    1. @Frank Dayton No, science is never posturing, that is something humans do. Science is often starts with a theory that based, the proposition often becomes more and more like absolute truth in the light of test and observation. Scientific truth is most often about what is most likely rather than certainty. . For example wearing a mask highly likely reduces your risk from covid, especially if other people near you wear one. Almost certainly , wearing a mask does no harm. Refusing to wear one in the name of freedom is stupid beyond all doubt.

    2. @Dave Moss humans do science. It is a concept created by people, and a practice carried out by them. Not a pristine divine gift from the gods, incapable of having any flaws. Humans are fallible therefore science is as well.

    3. @Dave Moss -“Almost certainly, wearing a mask does no harm”.

      Do you seriously believe that’s a scientific statement?? If you can’t see the obvious flaw in that statement, then you have no business calling anyone else stupid.

  3. Yes, DeSantis, covid has had great success in your state. But, that’s really not something you should brag about.

  4. George Carlin : “Think of how stupid the average person is and realize half the people are stupider than that!”

  5. Sorry, Ari… I’ll believe “the whole state is turning on him” when they actually VOTE HIM OUT. Until then, those are just empty words.

    1. “He’s unfit to serve.”
      And that’s why he’ll be our next president.
      “God bless Americaaa…!”

    2. Well yeah, his opponent is a communist! Who is his opponent? Doesn’t have one yet. He’s a communist. 
      -DeSantis ✅

    1. Freedom to make your own choices, but when a choice could harm another person, you don’t have the freedom to do it.

  6. “The truth is on the side of people who believe in science.” Survival of the fittest in action.

    1. Fauci must be kicking himself now for going through the trouble of getting school loans, getting a degree, practicing medicine, etc. He could have just done what most Trumpsters do, buy a sharpie (don’t have to be fancy) and get a social media account.

      Next time you Trumpsters are sick and may want to use the hospital, I implore you to ask to see the caretaker’s sharpie or twitter account. They don’t even have to be a physician. You can’t be too sure that they are qualified. Right?

    2. @Parisah Troy We aren’t talking about an inert mask just laying there. We are talking about a mask that has been worn by a human host. That human has been respirating into that mask. Their spittle is full of vector material for the virus to remain viable.

    3. @Thomas Blaine why do people who don’t make the same choices as you are considered stupid do you realize that there are 20zillion people in this world and if they don’t think like you that equals stupid I mean really come on exercising your rights to feel your own feelings think your own thoughts and love by your own standards are HUMAN rights that I’m sure you exercise daily but when others do the same it has to line up with your own logic then they are stupid wow so you don’t think that’s stupid??

  7. Trump: “Dude, scale it back, you look like a loser. I was saying anything to stir the pot. Even Ann Coulter caught on, cmon.”

  8. imagine having such deep mental issues that you have no problem going in front of your peers screaming nonsense about masks…

    1. @g0679 👎 sleepy joe is incompetent and you is true I rather listen RonDesanti than Mr potato head

  9. A lot of blood on DeSatan’s hands, but as long as he’s making a ton of money is all that matters.

  10. “Bad officials are are the ones elected by good citizens who do not vote.”

    “Under every stone lurks a politician.”

  11. “the public pays your salary, you owe them your best” i wish someone would tell that to 70% of America’s Police force

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