"More of the same" | Erin O'Toole critical of Justin Trudeau's speech from the throne 1

“More of the same” | Erin O’Toole critical of Justin Trudeau’s speech from the throne


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  1. You wanna stand up for Canadians well why don’t you start by defending the constitution and rights of Canadians

  2. Families? What young families? As a fiscal Conservative the optics of even raising a family during this economic crisis is a completely irresponsible notion.

    Politics and inflation have killed this countries growth.

    1. What would you do about supply and demand? Always odd to listen to a conservative leader complaining about capitalism, many things they might do differently, but interference in capitalism doesn’t sound plausible.

  3. Boy is O’Toole ever getting old to listen to!! Can I suggest he start making statements on exactly what the PC party “will” be doing!!

  4. Finaly you start talking like a proper Politician that Canada needs were were you before election talking non sence

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