1. @ChaoticCreations imagine another wave of covid in the fall!… meanwhile we have a new wave of the influenza for the last 1000 years

    1. not varient, but Monkeypox. Trust me the government will jump onto this bandwagon really quick.

  1. dont think it’ll make a difference, never saw it enforced. ppl who want to wear it will wear it, ppl who dont wont

  2. Healthcare workers are now dealing with a high amount of allergic and skin reactions to wearing masks 8-12 hours a day. Talking to a dermatologist and the wait time to see her now is 12-18 months due to increased reactions to masks. Hospitals operated forever without masks in general practice.

  3. I haven’t worn a mask this whole time, have done everything except for licking door handles. Transvaccinated. Haven’t been sick in 4 yrs. 18 wheels flattened the curve. What it do Baby????

    1. We have been wearing masks in Japan and are continuing to do so. Workplace, shopping, malls, even parks. You occasionally see someone outside without a mask but on the trains/busses? Almost never. Usually it’s a person with some disability.

  4. Ahh, Toronto wants to keep the kabuki theater going, how capital. Dont want to hear about staff burnout when you let perfectly healthy staff go and refuse to bring them back.

    1. @Our Lady of Guadalupe Botanical Garden Project just stay away from homosexual bath houses and avoid risky sexual behaviour

  5. What should Chief Medical Officers say to a healthy 30 year old woman wearing a mask while walking alone outside with her dogs on a bright sunny day? “Stay safe” or “seek help”?

  6. The restrictions have no bearing on current COVID stats. Weve had lower hospitalization rates and deaths and more restrictions. Everything they do is just arbritrary and not based on any threshold or maximums.

  7. If the masks protect you, then you shouldn’t be worried about the unmasked.
    If you’re protected by the shots, dont worry about the unvaxed cause you’re fully protected right??

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