More PNP Controversy | TVJ News - July 19 2021 1

More PNP Controversy | TVJ News – July 19 2021


Now questions have been raised about seeming attempts by the PNP president Mark Golding to surround himself with loyalists. This despite stressing the need for unity.

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  1. Pnp Fi go down the drain we no Fi get the eighteen years of destruction plus Portia four we no want no more tank god Fi Andrew

    1. Are you better off today the corruption jlp have in 4years PNP don’t have it in 18years so stop the talking

    1. Maybe they are entertainers …..the entertainment sector is opened up so they are entertaining the people.

  2. Is Mark Golding DonaldTrump or what? Loyalty!!!!!!!
    Butta caan fry chicken.
    Friend thing caan run business, house or no organization fi dat matta

  3. Jamaicans need to read more history and scriptures and wise up like Mark. Men like Julius Caesar, Samson, Judas betrayed our Jesus, Peter Tosh and look at Haiti great men betrayed by their groupies.
    We can’t trust our own sometimes but a loyal person is unlikely to change or betray us.

    Alot of good people would be better off or still alive if they had let go of all Brutus’s and kept loyal acquaintances. I’m not political but sometimes when people walk away let them, change can be bad but it can be good. More politicians should change and allow new talent to run the country. Guys this is a country not a private club.

  4. Mr golden loyalty mash up things if you wrong there must be someone to say to you that wrong. And it means who disagree will be punished

  5. It is a totally disagrees within the pnp party NEC with, the VP presidents of the party. These guys is behaving so erratic like women, they are not real men at all. We as comrades in the United States was discussing the matter of the party. That there is no true dedicated comrades is going to behaved ,like those bunch of comrades. They are behaving like some little children, but I does not want Mark Golding as the party. To select people who he believes would be loyal to him, it must be elected from the delegates of the pnp party. In that way,it would be more recognized than if he did it. All 4 VP of the party should write a letter to the pnp party, apologizing about resigned from their positions. Becaused some form of misunderstanding, but they are willing to work with the president for the betterment of the party. Divided we falls, and unity we stand together and. They are putting the past behind them and, they are willing to United as a working team. In any group or organization, at some pointing times. There are going to be some form of animosity within any organization for a while, before they can worked it out. It is not the 1st time that problems ever developed within
    the pnp party, it is also happened in the jlp party too, and both parties. Worked out their differences, it is full time that the executives officers of the party. Needs to come together, that they can worked out tragedy how to defeat the jlp party government ministers them out of office . Becaused the people them is already tired of them, because they does not knows how to run the country at all. Becaused they does have the abilities to run the country, they got their time and. They are proven that they does not have the abilities, or the knowledge to run the country at all. I am looking forward to see the pnp party worked out their differences and, get back to square one. It does not make any sense people is fighting for positions, because if you are not doing a proper job. You are going to get voted out at each conference, when they are electing officers. It is not everyone was born to be a leader and, it does not mean because you have several degrees. That means you are the right person to lead the party, a leader must be polite, courteous, honest, those are the qualities of a leader.

  6. Doesn’t matter all of them is the same doing nothing to better Jamaica just themselves

  7. Mark learn from the Godfather and La cosa nostra from dem no LOYAL DONT TEK DEM BACK PON YUH TEAM.We the voters will not back you .

  8. Sorry mr Campbell you don’t fit for politics… that badman/ gangster attitude naw,, can’t work

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