More Protests Sweep U.S. Ahead Of George Floyd’s Funeral | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Two weeks following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, protests across the U.S. show no signs of slowing down. Aired on 06/09/2020.
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More Protests Sweep U.S. Ahead Of George Floyd's Funeral | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. I must say Americans are so beautiful right now, I just love how it’s wall is turned to an artwork with memories of all that have suffer.

    1. @Blitz Krogg If you are surrounded by idiots you are probably one yourself, birds of the same feather……….

    2. @Tony Frias chill a bit, and read a little about was this is about, your question makes no sense in this tread

    3. @Blitz Krogg saying life matters is racist? Jeez, you evangelicals have lost the bible completely now. I mean you offered to sacrifice seniors to the economy, you claim Trump is “the chosen one”, and you think his history of adultery is great. What a sad party the GOP has become…

    4. @Tony Frias you mean the fires a number of days ago? Or the fires that started from flash bang and tear gas grenades thrown into trash cans while still shooting sparks?

    1. @JR Going Funny thing is the justice system is all over the officers so there was NO reason to protest but people had a lot of time on their hands with the shut down and all so they had nothing better to do.

    2. @Alex Power “Large crowds” are formed by hard-working, law-abiding citizens who go to work everyday and therefore don’t have the time to be out protesting in the middle of the week.

    3. I agree it’s a really dumb protest all in all, really not using their time well. I have better things to do than stand around yelling for a cause that wont change. Nor will I ever have interest in being a feral violent rioter looter delinquent.

  2. I think this will be like the #metoo movement, we’ll all gossip about it for a few weeks then everything will go back to how it was before

    1. George Floyd is the MLK of 2020 and this century’s Black Jesus. He laid down his life that the rest of us might live. Very soon we will Demand from these White Racist a holiday to celebrate his blessed life and Name. We will demand a stamp Commemorating his blessed life.

    2. @IzzyFizzy He was a career criminal and was high and resisted arrest …he was and is nothing to sensible people except a pawn on a chessboard used by the democrats & the lying MSM to try and oust Trump …this is political not racism …you ‘Black Lies Matter’ mobs are idiots and are so dumb …YOU ARE BEING USED…where’s your outrage on the huge numbers of black on black killings everyday across the country.

    3. @Abbottpotumas I don’t get your point at all. George Floyd was murdered by a police officer while his fellow coworkers just stood there and watched. There is even video evidence of this. This combined with the fact that racism has been a constant issue in American history and continues to be so is the reason why people are protesting. People are protesting against racism and police brutality. And how does the police respond to these protests? With more police brutality even against peaceful protesters. How does that correlate to “black on black killings”? those killings are not done by law-enforcers aka the people meant to protect the citizens of a country. There is a pretty big difference between the two.

    4. @IzzyFizzy Comparing a lowlife using counterfeit money to MLK and Jesus? He’s only famous because was killed. Not because he did anything to forward humanity or even his community. The level of willful insanity is off the charts with the BLM movement. All lives Matter.

    1. Gropping Joe is making it a campaign stop via video because his handlers are afraid he’ll sniff George’s wifes hair… or his kids.

    1. This also should double as the funeral for the thousands of people that will die from the disease these protests are spreading.

    1. Typical meanie.
      He did his time. Already. Should he of been apologizing morning, noon and night for ever and ever??
      Do you not know how to forgive others?

  3. No one looted or rioted over the stomping murder of Tuba Man in Seattle.
    He wasn’t even a thug criminal either.

  4. what’s really funny and adorable about it all is that you’re actually creating more hatred against your people then you ever had before and you will have to pay a price for it because you now think that you should have everybody else underneath you not a quality black lives matter wants to be the king so now you’re creating more hatred so good luck with that people and please stop televising this b******* anymore

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