1. They are KKK and you all know that . When you see the GOP protecting Trump after all has happen we have the KKK ,White Supra-mist in government. Proud Boys is code word for KKK.

    2. Well, well, he’s now talking about healing and unity when he has done the exact opposite in his entire presidency just so he could escape accountability

    1. @IITY WYBMAD you are the fool friend. Look at foreign policy. Idc aboutt the US at all. Burn all. Down but stop invading foreign countries like obama and bush did

    2. @IITY WYBMAD wrong obama and obama care was the worst part of all of it. Economy during obama was doing weak. Fake news

  1. We don’t need ISIS and Al Qaeda to launch a terrorist attacks on the U.S. Just leave it to Trump Supporters.

    1. @Out & About I’d want an investigation of all the individuals involved because BLM activist John Sullivan stirred up his own revolution same day same time, so for all I know that would be his feces!!

    2. @Out & About was it the trump supporters that broke into the police station in Seattle and stated their own community? I say we look at patterns. BLM and Antifa have patterns of violence.

    3. @Jaquin Hamdan pretty sure he didn’t say break into the Capitol building and bring weapons!! He didn’t say drink Clorox, just saying!! Cant be responsible for what people understand, if they don’t understand, perhaps they should go back to school. As far as riots go…. trump rally was very peaceful until that BLM riot and made the party of law and order look bad with their Molotov cocktails and guns!! If only BLM, antifa could just stand for justice!!

    1. @Jennifer Quin You used a clown emoji and insulted me rather than giving a valid argument. That says enough about you.

  2. Oh so this must be what his daughter-in-law was talking about The Best Is Yet To Come huh Trump and his entire family are a threat to the American dream and everyone in this country

    1. @Santa Claws good! any more attempts at treason should be put down with force, a message needs to be sent to these red hatted brown shirt idiots..

    2. @alan william the Trump family will be the Hitler family of the 21st century. They will have to hide and change their names.

    3. Santa Claws your a snowflake shill traitor, melt, melt away. This is operation mockingbird. Look it up.

  3. Hard to feel bad for these Republican Senators when they spent years and years enabling this kind of behavior.

    1. Reading many comments here. It looks like the right wing scored a major political blunder. I am beginning to think Trump was a democrat plant to run against Hillary for a win win election in 2016. If Hillary lost then Trump can dissect the GOP from inside out Clintons and Trumps used to play golf together and meet at social events.. He convinced the right wing that stopping free elections is patriotic The GOP has reduced their image to that of terrorists.

    1. @tanktuba drop the beliefs and use more sensible solutions. The crazy ones can very well go to jail for endangerment of other lives. But hey keep spreading bs and not know the facts this is what you get. If we can fight the coronavirus together like it b was a spirit bomb, well, we may have defeat it by now.

  4. This is the moment when everyone suddenly says, “ Wow, I guess the emperor IS naked! I just realized that. Who would’ve thunk?”

    1. No, let’s be fair play. I probably would be Democrat if I was American, but I’m sure many Republicans are sincerely horrified by what happened in the Capitol.

    2. The real American people had been under stress and financialy by Trump this 4years especialy the middle class and the homeless.

    1. Democrats are like the kids that won’t take away Uncle Joe’s car keys even though they know he has dementia.

    2. @jvee bklyn uncle Joe with dementia is less concerning than the parent who watches their kid destroy things

    3. Hunter biden?? I mean come on, really..lets talk abouts parents and kids.. ohh wait cant do that or big tech will ban you..

    1. I concur with you I just sat up here and quoted Maya Angelou when a person tell you who they are and show you on top of that believe them.

    2. @Sleepy Star Oh, I won’t be…not at all…I wasn’t surprised when those people broke into the Capitol and took the lives of others.

  5. Charge ted Cruz, That is cold blooded having a cop get squished in the middle of a door and still support claims of a false election.

  6. “When the looting starts, the shooting starts”

    interesting how that changes depening on whom we are talking about.

    1. @Ty NJ Yeah, they were only doing something much worse, storming Capital Hall and committing acts of treason and degrading our nation’s democratic process

  7. “He’s out there operating without any decent restraint, totally beyond the pale of any acceptable human conduct”

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