More Republicans urge Trump to concede election to Biden

More Republicans urge Trump to concede election to Biden 1


As more Republicans urge U.S. President Trump to concede, President-elect Biden moves ahead with his transition team. Richard Madan reports.

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62 Comments on "More Republicans urge Trump to concede election to Biden"

  1. “Grace and dignity” I’m gonna guess Geraldo hasn’t been paying a ton of attention the last 4 years

  2. Canadian Civilian | November 13, 2020 at 10:51 AM | Reply

    When the news has more in common with a cartoon than reality you know you have a problem.

    • Canadian Civilian | November 13, 2020 at 1:35 PM | Reply

      @GOLDEN G By your own illogic that makes you a racist, see how that works?

    • nick middleditch | November 13, 2020 at 2:06 PM | Reply

      This is probably the dumbest round of arguing I’ve seen. Well done.

    • Christine Walsh | November 13, 2020 at 2:06 PM | Reply

      @VioletRoses Couldn’t disagree more.

    • Nathan Levesque | November 13, 2020 at 2:25 PM | Reply

      More like a cartoon bc what is happening in American politics is cartoonish, or because you think their coverage is a cartoonish misrepresentation of reality? I can agree with the former, but you need counselling if you think the latter.

    • VioletRoses as a Cdn Patriot & Veteran..he has a right, freedom to express his views, opinions & beliefs. Typical for “woke” ppol like u to infrige upon that..Mind ur Business!!

  3. EVEN GERALDO says it? Woah!!! What does Ricki Lake say on the matter?

  4. “for the histroy books” what a way to end that segment lol

  5. Lol he will or won’t after the count….

    • thechickensandwich Biden is cheating and that will disqualified him enough to be the President if his own cell!

    • SheLuvRejext_- | November 13, 2020 at 4:36 PM | Reply

      @MrJesvi there is no fraud and it’s not their it’s there

    • David Franklyn | November 13, 2020 at 4:55 PM | Reply

      @1225pong I don’t know where you got your English but I need an enigma machine to translate it.

    • @SheLuvRejext_- given its emotional humans involved, theres 100% some fraud involved, all it takes is a single person in 300million to fake a signature to refute that claim, but thats not the question. Its more wether its enough for trump to win amount of fraud

    • @1225pong Do you have a single shred of proof ? Not bashing, just thought that if you do, you can help Trump win. So far, there’s been exactly zero.

  6. For those about to comment, I salute you!

  7. What’s dr Phil’s stance on trump conceding? 🤔

  8. Look how low your subscribers have gone hahahah

  9. “Grace and Dignity” yah right..

  10. If you listen very very closely, you’ll hear all the Rick Rollers chattering excitedly…

  11. Senator Lankford wrote on his Facebook page yesterday “President Donald J. Trump is fully in his right to ask for recounts and for every legal question to be fully vetted and resolved. It is important for the 71 million Americans that voted for President Trump that at the end of all this their questions are answered—and there are questions that should and are being investigated.” – and even today (Friday) as you mentioned in your report, he is still supporting the Trump administrations efforts.

  12. who? stop lying

  13. “For the history books…” She means Al Gore conceding on Dec. 12th?

    • Yeah, little different there Junior! That election came down to one state and a total of 537 votes, in a state who’s governor was the brother of one of the candidates and the recount was overseen by an appointee of that governor! Of the situation had been reversed the Repukes would STILL be taking that election to court 30 years later! Stfu fool!

    • Yeah a little different when you have massive voter irregularities and massive voter fraud all in favour of Biden.

      Trump has every right to contest the election, and he’s doing the right thing

    • Trump did not lose by one state by a few hundred votes. He lost by 3-4 states. It’s game over. Trump is only humiliating himself now

    • John Q Taxpayer | November 13, 2020 at 1:49 PM | Reply

      this isn’t even comparable given the circumstances of bush/gore.

    • You ignorant morons always bring that up, without knowing Bush and Gore had a single state only, Biden is leagues ahead of Trump. You lot will accept it eventually, or not doesnt really matter. Facts dont care about your feelings, and they sure don’t care about you lot.

  14. This is an operation mocking bird and you all know it!

  15. Geraldo Rivera…..I haven’t seen or hear about him since that episode that he was looking for Big Al Capone’s lost treasure….

  16. if hearthstone has taught me anything its to never concede. You never know when you top deck Michigan Pennsylvania and Georgia

  17. 2016: collusion
    2017: collusion
    2018: collusion
    2019: collusion
    2020: nothing to see here

  18. Phil Kotmanski | November 13, 2020 at 1:45 PM | Reply

    I can’t believe how many of the world leaders look like used car salesmen

  19. Can you just stop. It isn’t certified, he will concede after the investigations if he loses.

  20. You are a liar, they are finding more and more fraudulent votes every hour! Never figured that you would sell yourself to satan also!

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