More Sex Bombshells Coming? Trump Loyalist Gaetz Alludes To More Allegations

More Sex Bombshells Coming? Trump Loyalist Gaetz Alludes To More Allegations 1


  1. Gaetz refers to the Justice Dept. as “corrupt” but it was the Trump DOJ that started the investigation into his affairs.

    1. @Deanna Elias Trump–“I see the disinfectant, where it knocks it out in one minute. And is there a way we can do something like that by injection inside or almost a cleaning, because you see it gets in the lungs and it does a tremendous number on the lungs.” Yep, it sounds like he asked if it were possible. Pondering the question. Floating the idea. It’s what creative minds do. Horror, the horror.

    2. @Natalie Bierman Trump–“I see the disinfectant, where it knocks it out in one minute. And is there a way we can do something like that by injection inside or almost a cleaning, because you see it gets in the lungs and it does a tremendous number on the lungs.” That’s not RECOMMENDING. That’s wondering. That’s floating an idea.

    3. @Laurence Kitsch Yes hoo ray the deep state and central banks are back in charge to advance their globalist agenda, great financial reset, ship jobs overseas again and put us in more wars. No way the country could have possibly survived another 4 years of peace and prosperity. Trump was definitely a nazi yet he stood for our 1st and 2nd amendment rights while the left/deep state is censoring and threatening “executive action” on “gun control”. And they didn’t steal the election. Mainstream propaganda media ALWAYS tells the truth. 🥴🤡

    4. @Todd Wedl it’s funny when you idiots say non-leftists are a “cult”, yet it’s you people marching down city streets rioting, looting, setting fires, assaulting people at dinner and repeating chants about killing cops from some moron with a bullhorn. 🥴🤡

  2. He has always come across as one of those annoying frat boy pledges that will do anything to get in.

    1. @The Mikeanic the only similarity between Hunter Biden and Matt Gaetz is the fact that each is under investigation by the federal government (though by different investigative arms within the federal government). *That* is where the similarities between the two men ends.

      If Gaetz was smart, he would *never* started endlessly talking in the first place; one-brief-statement would have been the wise thing for him to make. But, because he’s talking and talking and talking and…he is a. impeding the investigation, which does nothing to help him, b. offering up information that has not been made public (we know more about this investigation from Gaetz than we would have otherwise), c. himself look *really* guilty (he may or may not be guilty of anything, but his own actions are making him look as if he is)

      Hunter Biden isn’t flapping his jaws about his investigation, as he should *not* be. *No one* under investigation should be yapping.

    2. Annoying frat boy? What you said there was the definition of prejudice LOL… Why are standards so hard to stick to?

  3. How do you know when your in a whole lot of trouble?
    When Gym Jordan is the only person to come to your defense. 😂
    If Gym Jordan ever came to my defense, I would immediately turn myself into authorities. 😂

  4. His sleazy friend Greenberg is definitely going to flip on him to get a lighter sentence. Count on it.

    1. @Ray Barnes so, no proof and just deflections. Ok trump troll. Your opinion is noted. Here’s your participation cookie. Come back if you ever have evidence. Go back to Newsmax oroann or whatever

    2. @Ray Barnes Frame Gaetz??? You do of course mean to make a photograph of Matt Gaetz suitable for hanging on a wall, yes?

  5. Unfortunately we live in a time where those in power are never held accountable… But the average person…watch out !!!!

    1. You live in a nation where those in power are never held accountable. They are in the majority of the developed world.

  6. What I find most strange is that he states someone was in essence trying to Blackmail him for $25 Million and yet he never reported that to the Police?

    1. @Joan of Snark You’d think so, wouldn’t you? But if I demand $10k or I’m going to tell your spouse you cheated on them, knowing you hadn’t, would you tell your spouse and raise their suspicions forever because of this “ridiculous blackmail story”, or would you scrounge together the $10k? I’m not sure which I’d do, tbh.
      BTW, I love your screen-name. Good one!

    2. @WhatIfSchrodinger’sBoxWasACoffin? Unless they are really good with deepfaking I wouldn’t shell out $10k, let alone $25 million. Although I’m not a politician so who knows if that changes the equation

    3. @christmastiger Yeah, I know what you mean. In my experience it’s the accusation that does the most damage, whether the act was done or not. Trust and reputation are so difficult to restore and it’s hard to get the taint out of the farthest back parts of peoples’ minds, especially if the accusation is salacious. So, yeah, politicians. LMAO Obviously the ‘affordability’ of the amount totally changes the equation, too. I couldn’t come up with Gaetz’ $25 mil if I had to. 🤣✌️

    1. If he is guilty, I hope he goes down, and I hope he takes every corrupt POS down with him. I’m tired of these corrupt politicians getting away with everything. And I don’t care of the Republican or Democrat. If they are disgusting and nasty and corrupt, they need to be exposed and they need to be taken down, There are nasty and evil and corrupt politicians on both sides, Democrat and Republican. It’s disgusting. It’s disgraceful. And it needs to stop

  7. Oh boy, if even Tucker Carlson is calling your interview weird, does that ever ring alarm bells?

  8. Gaetz should be on a leave of absence while he is being investigated. It is a huge conflict of interest.

    1. @Ree Son really that’s not an intelligent answer who else is facing 30 years in jail if they get convicted what Congressman or senator

    1. He’s at the top of the food chain, his buddy will sell him, the guy is facing decades in prison.

    2. I’m not a fan of Gaetz but I hope he has receipts on Trump and uses them. He’s small fish in comparison to the the Epstein’s friend, Trump!

  9. Now we know why he and Hawley told the FBI director they were concerned about the FBI getting Personsl phone information.

    1. They’re honestly idiots lmao if you’re guilty of something whyyyy would you publicly say something before anybody ever had their eye on you?

  10. “We’re not exactly dealing with Einstein here.”

    Understatement of the year – guaranteed winner.

    1. @Beth listen, 99.9999999% of “rich people” aren’t this dumb.
      Fratboys, oh yeah, those guys are this dumb.

    1. They won’t because it will bring attention to themselves. They would rather sit quiet and hope the DOJ won’t look into any of their wrong doings.

    2. Witnesses each of them. Pucker Carlson a witness now unless that dinner date never happened with his wife or girlfriend ??!?!

    1. @Thomas Sanders or she could be a naïve young girl that thought a Congress man loved her and was taking care of her! Until we hear all of it stop assuming! He gets to have a legal response to this she gets to tell her side, and I’m guessing she never wanted this now everyone is going to attack her , but that’s just me guessing as we don’t know! It looks really bad for him, he is the adult!!!!! Not the child involved!!!!!

    2. @Lucid Magic so blame the child involved? Is this really what our moral compass is ? Seriously!!! The adults should know better!

    3. @eric van der schoot Yeah, it distorts behaviour toward men, too (obviously depending on who caused the trauma). Sometimes more. I trust non-males far more than I trust other males, and forget about going back to church… ever. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Wish I had some good advice for you; my parents were attentive, but I was ‘golden boy’ and they thought I had no problems. Just make sure your boys know you love them *no matter what*. I was afraid of being persecuted and/or disowned if my fundamentalist parents ever found out, so I had to suffer all alone in silence until my PTSD imploded me altogether.
      Going back to OP’s comment, I really hope the young woman who has become the focus of such intense scrutiny at 17 is being treated by a trauma-informed therapist. This will affect her mental health for the rest of her life. Stay well and safe. 🙏

    4. @JustRach A I’m not attacking her. I think prostitution should be legal for those of age…if that is their choice. Many do it not by their choice but by circumstance. I am attacking the men who need prostitutes, as apparently they can’t be men.

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