1. It’s time to move forward because it’s not worth fighting anymore…
    Where I live in Missouri only 37 percent vaccinated and that’s not going to change…
    Protect yourself and DON’T SHARE YOUR AIR PEOPLE

  2. So we have to move to the mindset to just live with it.

    (New Variant): Everythings going according to plan.

    1. No, we have to live with it until the infection rates go down. Right now they are on the way down, but they are still much higher than the highest previous levels before Omicron. If we discontinue protection measures too soon, we will have another surge.

    1. @Ben Mercer Do you actually think this is because they are following “the science” and not about the game that they are trying to soften the blow of a disastrous midterms for them?

    2. @Chris”SackNation”Jones  how is he gonna get credit? Nothing has changed with covid. It will only show everyone that the lockdowns meant nothing in the first place.

    3. @Chris”SackNation”Jones  republican governors ended their mandates and lockdowns months ago. Not sure what you are talkin about.

  3. Republicans: lets get past covid
    Democrats: lets stay in covid forever
    Independents: 😏 Republicans are winning

  4. That’s like huge we need to crunch numbers and overinflated fear so we can keep our Covid viewer ratings. Most of us are vaccinated either by choice or mandatory by our employers. We took steps and precautions and were ready to move forward. If people from other states actually knew how to keep a forward outlook they wouldn’t be so abandoned and boring.

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