More Than 100 CEOs Plot Moves To Expand Voting Rights | Morning Joe | MSNBC

More Than 100 CEOs Plot Moves To Expand Voting Rights | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


    1. @not a doctor well thankfully the average poll worker shows up with 500 bottles of water to hand out to the voters standing outside in the Georgia heat for hours.

    2. @james westberry your sarcasm was pathetic.
      How about the NRA shows up to every poll offering a lobster dinner after you vote for Trump? You ok with that?

    3. @james westberry by the way, if their thirst bothers you that much. You can always donate 500 water bottles to your local poll station and have them distributed by poll workers. As long as there is no political slogan attached. But that would take away from your narrative.

    4. @not a doctor the NRA is filing for bankruptcy. I think they have other things to do with there money. 🤔

    5. @james westberry that point went right over your head. Bless your heart, the adults are talking here.

    1. That’s exactly right? Every born citizen has the rights to vote. Thank you, CEOs and also, Democratics for HR1 & S1.

    2. No ID required, go by uncle Jerome’s place with all in the house tell them how to vote or worse yet fill it out for them, and drop it off at at the the local ballot box not good.

    3. @м нigн People have to show ID to register to vote. It is not necessary to show ID when you vote, because they can already identify you by your signature.
      Republicans are really that petty that they are trying to prevent anyone from voting if they have an expired ID or a lost ID. They need to prevent every last person that they can with petty cheating because they can’t win otherwise.
      The worst part of the Georgia law: The Republican Party can overrule the election results in any county and declare the winner themselves. The law says “the legislature” can do that, but do you think any Democrats are going to vote to throw out election results? No, this law is so the Republican Party can dictate who is in a seat of power regardless of the vote. They can keep themselves in power, or judges or an executive branch official, or they can throw out a Democrat who won.
      It’s blatantly unconstitutional and think about this: a majority of the Republican party legislators in Georgia think that this kind of tyranny is fine.

    4. @Aaron De anda A lot of states don’t require ID to vote. Mine doesn’t. Some states only require documentation like mail or an affidavit. There’re no more incidents of voter fraud in my state than there are in states requiring a photo ID.

  1. Will Smith just removed his entire production company out of Georgia and they stated the move was because of the new voting laws. I got a new level of respect for Will after this.

    1. @I.M. Greg The only way to get Americans to stop voting Republican, is to show them what Republicans represent. Sadly, this means pulling out of Red States and allowing the GOP to turn them into 3rd world countries. Yes, it hurts Americans, but the folks voting Republican will never wake up until they feel the pain and suffering resulting from their choices.

    2. @Mark Herron I hope so but probably not. His property is built on a former confederate army base, and he’s expressed numerous times how he’s so proud that he could build it on land were they plotted and planned on trying to keep 3.9 million black people as slaves, only for black man to own that entire land in the future.

    1. Make it a Friday and extend voting day into Sat and Sun.

    2. Nooooo…. this is a bad idea. What we really need is Nationalized Vote by Mail. You get your ballot 20 days in advance along with pamphlet with a statement by each candidate or for or against each proposition, you mark your ballot, sign the outside of the envelope, and mail it in before election day or put it in a reliably available drop box. One day to vote means long lines and long lines mean less participation. Here in Colorado we have over 70% participation in most elections.

    3. I have no problem with that but just try to get the GOP to agree to it. They wouldn’t hesitate to filibuster it because they know they would not win almost all elections at state and federal level. Democratic and Independent voters are too numerous for the GOP to acquiesce.

  2. Literacy tests/Understanding Clause. Poll Tax. Grandfather Clause. This is a return to Jim Crow voter suppression. This kkkountry is moving backward and it’s pathetic.

    1. Nah he is clutching his own ball and whispering F#%#$…. F*&$#….F*%#@

  3. The world is a funny place when corporations are trying to get politicians to do the right thing.

    1. The alternative is the gop turning America into China 2.0.

      China pretty much owns every business within its borders afaik.

    2. @Super Kami Guru If you don’t realize we were on the bitter edge of fascism back in November, then you don’t know what fascism means either.

    3. @John Cahill we were, with that one guy, but now that he’s gone the current system is pretty far from it.

    4. @Super Kami Guru Look up “inverted totalitarianism” and you’ll see exactly what America is

    5. @Ben Allmon Democrats currently enjoy a 9 point advantage. Trump pointed this out in a Fox News interview back in September when he said, “If all Americans are able to vote, you will never see a Republican voted into office, ever again”.

      Registered Democrats: 49%
      Registered Republicans: 40%
      Registered Independentsundecided: 11%

      Republicans have to sway 10% of Americans to win Federal elections.
      Democrats have to sway 2% of Americans to win Federal elections.

  4. I personally will not travel to or through any of these Jim Crow States. I won’t even buy things online,that come from these states! I call them Fly Over States

    1. @Mitsu Turbo The GOP will do anything for power like stopping people of color from voting and inciting an insurrection against the government. They literally want to make America the world’s most popular Netflix series.

    2. @Mitsu Turbo CPAC 2021 was literally like a late night show with Trump and other Trump loyalists like Ted Cruz, Matt Gatez, Josh Hawley, and many others including people from Fox News.

    1. Nancy, you are so right! And I would like to add a big thank you to our newest generations who got out the vote and set an exemplary example for their elders. They are the reason freedom rings in America today. THANK YOU!!!

    2. Yes it is History iam 66yrs old and iam so very proud of newest generation THANK YOU ❤ and Thanks to the CEO whom are fighting against the Currupt Replubcans that are trying to Suppress the Black and Brown voters the Currupt Replubcans are turn time backwards to the Jim Crow era !! But it won’t happen We have came to far to turn back !!.and our ancestors has died for our achievements in life and now the newest generation will carry that torch achievements We Shall Overcome

  5. The GOP seems to have forgotten about the fact that capitalism works best in a democracy 🙄…
    Not that they were sane or anything before, but it seems like the whole party underwent some sort of a lobotomy during the Trump years.

    1. They all joined a cult. Now they’re lost. And you’re right, they’ve forgotten they work FOR the people, not just themselves.

    2. I agree – and I think that because of Trump’s despicable & lying & self-aggrandizing behaviour, it allowed those Republicans who are that way inclined to express their worst behaviors & it became the norm for many of them.

  6. It’s a weird dystopia that we have to rely on corporations to help us out but from a GA voter, thank you.

    1. I am not in GA, but I and the reasonable part of America really feel for you all. THANK YOU for turning GA blue in November and January! ✌

    1. Seems far more chaotic now.
      Trump’s first 100 days were like the good old days compared to now.

    2. @elroy the great What world are you living in? Biden has already “Rescued” America, now he’s going to “build back better”. Seems to be doing a fantastic job at the moment, and moving quickly too.

  7. We need the big businesses to stop donating to the government on any level until change is made not just throwing money out to shut people up but actually want change for every day Americans

    1. We need an economy that will work for everybody not just the top one percent and the biggest corporations in America. 2017 Trump Taxs were passed to give tax cuts for richest Americans and the biggest and most profitable corporations in the country. The only people who voted for it were Republicans, not one Democrat voted for it.

  8. This is wonderful news we the public are who made these companies who they are today and they are remembering us by standing on our side We The People and Our Rights. THANKS TO ALL OF THEM !

  9. Yessss!!!!! Take those donations away from the Republican lawmakers for this!!! These laws are disgusting

    1. Sassy Sarina: Unfortunately, MTG raise a record amount of money for a House member in her first year of “service” this past quarter. Having said that, the people who sent her money cannot compete nationally with the hundreds of billions in wealth of these CEO’s. It would have an effect.

    2. I’m confused why the CEO are helping us Americans out usually they are in it for the money no matter what the GOP does it doesn’t effect their pockets so why are the Corporations helping us? It doesn’t benefit or hurt them so why?

    3. @Strawberries Nd Crème
      Someone in a position of power (in their own rights ) have actually made a righteous stand for the people of America… because you know d*mned well that those Governors and Senators aren’t actually going to listen the what the people want.
      The people are powerless to stop this legislation (apart from elections 2022… which they may not be able to vote in anyway)
      Someone had to stand up and say Enough is Enough and this isn’t right… and they did.
      Kudos to them all for caring enough about the people being trampled on to do so

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