More Than 100 Dead In Germany Flooding As Rescue Effort Continues

Catastrophic flooding in western Germany has killed at least 100 people with more than 1,000 missing as the rescue operation enters its second day. Sky News’ Michelle Clifford reports from Ahrweiler, Germany. 

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More Than 100 Dead In Germany Flooding As Rescue Effort Continues


  1. Praying for their safety and welfare. I hope those 1500 are found safe and secure and or found for family closure!

    1. I hope everyone is found safe but the based on data usually if you go missing during a flash flood the outcome is usually not good.

  2. Dang its awful to see-
    Sending u lots of love from Denmark to u Germany.
    Hope they find the missing people soon-

    1. thanks, kind of you
      Living myself here in germany (Dortmund) and was lucky enough that the rain got drained out in my part of the city, the rest of the city on the other hand, got hit hard…

  3. Prayers for all my fellow Europeans in relation to this horrible flood, with all good wishes from Norway. 🙏

  4. This seems worst than the recent flooding and landslide in Japan. I hope they get the help they need.

  5. We’re so sorry to see this awful flood happening. Keeping that area in our thoughts and prayers. 🙏

  6. Our grandparents in the 1960s / 70s always told the kids to buy a house
    up a hill as the 1000s of valleys in Europe always flood.

  7. It breaks my heart to see this .This is exactly what we experience in Puerto Rico when we got hit with hurricane Maria😔

  8. 🙏 🙏 Prayers for Germans and Austrians caught in the flood.
    Thanks to everyone on the rescue teams, may God give yall the strength you all need to save people from further harm.

  9. Our hearts with all of you sisters and brother. Love from Kurdistan to Germany.

  10. Climate change is real. Everyone should read “The Uninhabitable Earth by David Wallace- Wells. Prayers up🙏🏽

  11. My heart goes out to Germany ❤️😢 may your lost beloveds rest in peace and blessing for eternity , and may the missing be reunited with their loved ones , stay strong Germany ❤️

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