More Than 100 House GOP Support Texas Lawsuit | Morning Joe | MSNBC

More Than 100 House GOP Support Texas Lawsuit | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


    1. @Diane Hooper Thank’s Diane. I’m in the same mood right now. This situation simply makes one wish to both cry and laugh at the same time. For hysterical relief. Perhaps a tiny dose of coal black humour will do it 👍

    2. @Tony Yu Nixon was the President who signed SSI into Law. And that Supplemental Security Payment has certainly helped a lot of disabled Americans who could not pay enough into the Social Security program to claim Social Security Disability Insurance
      Of course, there’s a disparity between the two SSDI pays $1,259 .00 per month.
      But, as I said, you have to have paid INTO it to get it.
      SSI is charity. Pure and simple. It pays $771.00 per month.
      And I ain’t complaining since without it I would have been dead long ago.
      So you can say what you like about Richard Milhous Nixon but he did some good things while he was President and he sure was no TRUMP.

    3. @Diane Hooper have you. Been living in the basement with Beijing Biden? Watching CNN? Listen. Pay attention because I don’t want your feeling to get hurt once this electioneer overturned tomorrow. It’s happening. Red pill.

    1. @Pretty Thoughts brilliant.
      What ivy league school did you graduate from?
      Probably none.
      You likely got edumacated with my hard earned tax dollars you stupid fool.

    2. @Cut Twice Treason requires being in a real war. Can’t do treason. Sedition. Oh yes, sedition is a thing. All the AG’s from the 17 states and 126 U.S. House Republicans who put there names down, oh yes: sedition.

    3. @Patrick Rogers Any person up to and including the Vice-President can be indicted. Unfortunately, not our President. Yet.

    4. @James Sears Impeachment and indictment aren’t the same thing, and I was addressing impeachment. Further, it’s not actually clear whether or not the president can be indicted. The DoJ says no, but their theory has never been tested in the courts.

  1. USA has been a “big brother”, interfering or fighting others war to protect the righteous.. now the war is in you…GB AMERICA

  2. Well we know the 106 House GOPs that we don’t ever vote for again. Thank you for putting them in a list for us!

    1. @John Bell depends on context. As a threat to democracy itself this is far more damaging than those events. Those are absolutely a darker moment if you’re speaking of human tragedy. 9/11 and pearl harbor brought out the best of America and and united us. This is doing nothing but bringing out the worst of both sides and dividing us.

    2. @Scammy Hagar You lost him. You used way too many big words. Remember they like Trump because he is “relatable ” AKA stupid like them

    3. @Constipation in Hollywood deaths from other conditions haven’t changed. They haven’t gone down or up. Covid deaths have been counted and deaths in America in general has gone up dramatically for the year 2020. Try again to say other deaths have gone down. That is a lie.

    1. Preach! Trump should have never gotten into the WhiteHouse. Americans saw the writing on the wall again with his visit to North Korea. So many signs that lead to where we are.

    2. You’re absolutely right. Not only did he come right out and tell the American people, but trump’s behavior and character’s been on full display for decades.

    3. @Stush01
      absolutely…100 % never !!
      Watching from 🇨🇦

      Still trying to comprehend
      dt has always !! been who he is

      SO beyond time to get rid

  3. It’s about time someone in the media used the “T” word. Treason is what is is. Treason is what it should be called.

  4. Every senator, every elected official that’s trying to over-turn the election results should be yanked from office!

    1. Agreed. But first we all know most Americans will forget this story by Sunday morning. What I find disturbing, the actions of 100 + gov official should result in some real consequences (translation JAIL time). Yet we all know nothing will happen to them. Let me end my rant with this, Remember the first time you heard Trump say “Fake News” it was in fact from that point on, everything he said was indeed Fake.

  5. Fools…one and all! The so called “law and order” President and his crooked cronies are trying to steal the election.

    1. Sorry but could we maybe say “they have their work cut out for them?” Just saying. Who knows since Lindsay Graham is so scared of Biden’s current pick, it could eventually become a female. It’s still a long time until January 20th unfortunately. Hopefully next year will be brighter & justice will prevail! Stay safe!

    2. Election fraud BIG enough for capital punishment. Load your gear and get your popcorn. Even non Trumpers are assisting in evidence collection. THIS IS EPIC>

    3. @None Given Like anyone believes you! There is no fraud and 50 lawsuits failed and if you think one state can sue another because your guy didn’t win then your so effed up for believing it.To top it off the Texas AG is being investigated as we speak for 2 felonies. The whole lot of you just a bunch of yellow bellied cowards who measure their manhood by the size of their guns.

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