1. Too bad that fight isn’t being enforced at Roxham Rd where illegals are strolling across our border as we speak and the rcmp are working as $100000 bellhops. WELCOME TO CANADA!!

    1. You do not know this is truth. It is Conservative fear mongering and hatred for immigrants. Stop perpetuating this baloney!!

  2. Keep the borders closed for awhile longer covid 19 is running wild in America (I wonder why) pmurT

    1. @Straight Goodz Help them with what? shopping? visiting tourist attractions? during a global pandemic ??

    2. @Straight Goodz sorry, can’t help stupid. Did you see the cans of beans he pose with? Who’s the joke

  3. I wish I could see the look on their faces when those seeking to come here to shop, travel, or for recreational purposes are turned away.

    1. Right …What makes them think they can even come up here? Isn’t this travel ban widley publicized? or at least a sign or something telling them at the border?

  4. 10000 could be a drop in the bucket. How many total Americans were admitted over the same. And I assume this has nothing to do with the airports, but only the drive-up orders because the airports are a free for all between USA and Canada for some strange reason

  5. KEEP OUR BORDERS CLOSED!!!! We have Sacrificed our Economy and Freedoms due to Covid-19. We as Canadians, can not afford to go backwards due to the Ignorance of a Self-serving President and Americans who Will Not except the measures in which Canada is Govern in a Pandemic…Sorry but my family, friends and future is on the line! Life or Death!! Personally…we have enough ignorance in our Country/Provinces, we don’t need anymore!

  6. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist in order to see. ..keeping Our 🍁 border crossings closed is a necessity. Sad , yet true.
    For the health and safety of Our Country and it’s Citizens 🍁
    As other Countries have , and are still doing.

    Recreation can be had and made at home 🍁✌
    A’ho 🌎

  7. An their still sneaking in. One couple was caught and quarantined for 14 days in B.C. A few were caught in Ontario fined a $1000 dollars each for not adhering to the 14 day quarantine rules. Now they are really under quarantine not going anywhere. But oh sorry some Americans not all of them, believe they have rights and they do not respect the rights and laws of other nations. Sorry not in Canada.

  8. Heck.. if they have money should grant them 6 month stay.. if they do a 21 day quarantine at the boarder. As long as they can support themselves… why not..
    Think alot of peps want out by now

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