More Than 500 People Charged For Role In Jan. 6 Capitol Riot 1

More Than 500 People Charged For Role In Jan. 6 Capitol Riot


Scott MacFarlane joins Ayman to discuss updates in the Jan. 6th Capitol riot investigation, six months later.
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    1. @Stagehands Labor no I sound like someone calling out dems with facts you all hate America

    2. @Brett Garretson
      Trump killed Ashley Babbit .
      if not for him she would be alive today

    3. @Hugh Jass hey @huge
      Your shinny new crackpot troll account is a joke .
      Is this the 6th or 7th time you been kicked off ?

    1. @Andrew Perry
      *There was no insurrection.*
      People bring guns to real insurrections and there were none. In a real insurrection people try and seize and hold power and they didn’t. They came and went. _They didn’t even stage a sit-in._

    2. @infinitytoinfinitysquaredbitch lol you’re still talking about sit-ins? I remember that canned line from a month ago, you’re a joke

    3. @Andrew Perry
      Good to see you remember it because *I* wrote that line. So many fools so little time. C&P makes life easier, kid.

    4. @infinitytoinfinitysquaredbitch One of the Oath Keepers just pleaded guilty last week in the insurrection. He will be cooperating with the Federal government. Paranoid crazy crackpot conservatives stole Pelosi laptop tried to sell it to the Russians. Over turn the presidential election. Hang Mike Pence! The Capitol hill riots was planned out and funded by republicans in Congress.

  1. We can’t forget to thank the criminals who did this for documenting every illegal and violent action so nicely on video for the FBI. Also will save prosecutors alot of time.

    1. @Scott Coleman Get real, Scott. The protests over the murder of Mr Floyd were justified, unlike the 6 January insurrection, which was fomented by a damned lie/liar. Don’t EVEN attempt to portray “equivalence”.

    2. @Rick Steeb Neither were justified. The sooner the left is able to admit that, the better. Protests were fine. Nobody faults a protest. But burning your communities to the ground and injuring over 2,000 police officers is not okay. Violent rioting NEVER okay.

    3. @Scott Coleman Neither riots’ *VIOLENT ACTS* were justified, I agree. Only one set of *PROTESTS* was. And if you can’t see the difference between getting *murdered* over passing a counterfeit $20 bill, (or selling individual cigarettes) versus leading a violent mob into a sacred space that is *validly* protected with lethal force, then you’re deficient.

    4. @Scott Coleman Stop with the false equivalencies, the two events are completely different. Black Lives Matter is protesting over centuries of human rights abuses, police brutality, and racism. *You Trump cultists lost an election and instead of accepting it, you violently tried to overthrow the government to install your cult leader as a fascist dictator.*

      Most of the Black Lives Matter “riots and looting” *were committed by gangs, right wing insurgents (such as the Boogaloo Bois, the Oath Keepers, the Proud Boys etc), and opportunistic criminals.* The vast majority were extremely peaceful. But you go ahead with your little talking points and white rage tantrums, after all, you’re the “victim.”

  2. “Until Republicans return to reality and become responsible, they should not be trusted with power again.”
    That’s been obvious for some time, the same warning others like me have been advocating, but it’s good that Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney is amplifying that message. More Americans need to understand this.

    The constant lies, denials, deceits, delusions, gaslighting, dog-whistles, crackpot conspiracy theories, projectionism, Whataboutism, bogus victimhood, and hypocrisy of Republicans is disgusting and alarming. The Republican cult has poisoned itself with its own propaganda, choosing to live in a dystopian fascist Orwellian fantasy world. The Republican cult has been radicalized to such extent that it poses a clear and present danger to our society, our democracy, our country, and the world.

    Republicans have been programmed into a mindless fascist partisan cult that is unhinged, delusional and evil. And it’s extremely dangerous to our security, to our democracy, and to our country. They’re essentially a domestic terrorist group, and we should be targeting the leaders of that group with the same vigor and determination we would a foreign terrorist group attacking our country. Don’t know of a time since the Civil War when our nation has been at greater peril, and we need to recognize that, acknowledge it, and act upon it accordingly.

    1. @Polar Opposite False equivalence. You don’t have to like the Dems but they don’t come anywhere near close to what wily wascal said about the Republicans/GQP.

    2. @Alfred Nueman only because you get your one sided news. If I watch CNN I find myself hating Republicans. Turn on FOX and I think, Republicans aren’t so bad, but those scoundrel Democrats. Switch to MSNBC and oh my goodness those traitorous b@stard Republicans.

    3. @Alfred Nueman ~ “Polar Opposite” is an apt name for one of Putin’s sock-puppet propaganda pawns with a new YouTube account only several months old. You’re of course exactly right about the comparison being a false equivalence, but they get paid extra $$$$ for eliciting responses to their troll-bait. Personally, I try to avoid getting hooked by such evil creatures, simply ignore them or make general replies in rebuttal to the comment itself.

    1. @NWSization That’s fine. There are no brave americans. Just complacent sheep. The politicians are just as guilty as the people who were part of the insurrection.

    2. does this included those that participated in the SBLM riots, looting and destruction of buildings and businesses?

    3. @Noneshere yeah you’re right. The “other guy” was as dirty and dumb as they get. No ones there alright.

    1. Unarmed and the a police man shot an unarmed woman. Some insurrection. Failed attemp of a take over. They should have joined the rest and whoop it up in the cities to get all them free goodies then get away with it.

    2. @J Z how is fighting for freedom in a systemically racist system the same as what these insurectionests did? Ignorant much?

  3. Awesome job to the detectives and everyone who were able to file charges against this crazy people.

  4. That was Ms Q nut greene>>>>> Why has not ONE republicans who help the coup not been arrested?????

    1. lol….unless are talking about the SBLM looters. it has been decided that they will not be prosecuted.

  5. They still haven’t even begun to change and arrest the leader and his family and friends
    Nothing really matters if they don’t
    Trump and his family and friends(GOP)
    It’s about time that they do
    It shouldn’t fall two the American people to remove them
    They still wouldn’t be held accountable for their crimes

  6. The only disappointing thing about these arrests they’ve been charged with some softball charges with more likely no prison time and probation only

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