More Troubling Poll Results For President Trump – Day That Was | MSNBC


    1. UNLESS the poll is conducted and reported, state-by-state, it has no real meaning… Why? These national polls are nice, but the president isn’t elected by the popular vote.. We need a state by state result, so we know how each candidate will fare in the electoral college. Furthermore, polls conducted on specific sub-groups such as Hispanics are also of no value, since what matters is which state these Hispanics live and whether in that particular state they carry enough clout to flip the state, one way or the other..

    2. @buck taves We’re pretty sure they are. Why does Sean Hannity interview Trump and toss out nothing but softballs?

    3. @BARTETMEDIA I understand that when electing a civilian to a military post, it is virtually impossible to know how that person will respond when under fire.. I get that… But NOW that we’ve seen Trump crumble under the pressure of a global pandemic, and provide no leadership, we have an obligation to our children and future generations to NOT repeat the same mistake…. Vote him out… He is unfit to be Commander in Chief…

    4. @Pancho Villa Absolutely, that’s why people that didn’t know how evil he is will now vote against him. Cheers!

  1. Donald will never accept his is the problem – he can change his campaign manager a hundred times and it won’t change the fact he is a rubbish candidate.

    1. @Denise Hall Like Cuomo did? What do you expect him to do? You can’t fight if you close the economy, it isn’t sustainable. But Democraps know nothing about economy or business management.

    2. @Darth Ellok Republicans and Trump take care of the wealthy, that is their base, but they need the uneducated to stay in office. That is where you come in.

  2. how many people have to die, until USA residents understand that whoever is killing them is their own president?

    1. @Darth Ellok you mean ‘defund’. Defunding police is a stupid idea. But making police accountable is absolutely necessary. One tool for achieving this would be to attach a negative funding impetus for police brutality. Because money drives almost all behavior. My preference would be full time body cams with audio that officers can’t turn off. Covering, muting, or removing body cams would be an automatic dismissal offense. Failing to provide aide to a subdued offender would be a dismissal offense. Body cam footage from all involved officers in an complaint incident shall be provided to legal counsel on both sides.
      Easy peasy. You have to remember there are lots and lots of stupid people on both sides of this issue. One stupid idea doesn’t invalidate the the nobel goals of the movement.

    2. Darrin Fry it is and that’s the point. Your right there is definitely evil on both ends but Joe specifically said he’s not working for us. He wants them defunded

    3. @Darth Ellok I didn’t say ‘evil’, I said ‘stupid’. And defunding police for bad behaviour is similar to defunding schools if they have the audacity to put the health of their students and the students families first. Both ideas are stupid and counter productive. Also, Biden is NOT for defunding police. He is for demilitarizing police. Not the same thing.

    4. @Anthony B Except he didn’t actually shut down travel from China. He set some travel restrictions. Planes still arrived from China, carrying goods and people. And those people were not required to quarantine. People weren’t prevented from entering the country from Europe and while the virus may have started in China it entered the US from Europe.
      While there would have been deaths regardless Trump bears responsibility for his lack of leadership, lack of competence, lack of organization of contact tracing and implementation of meaningful travel restrictions. He has behaved as if he wants this pandemic to progress to apocalyptic proportion

    1. @MR DEW well in recent weeks hes responded to race relations, riots, the economy and the pandemic like a president would.

    2. @M Art Biden called trumps china travel ban xenophobia and later admitted trump was right. But not everythig is for the president, you have governors who have the responsibility for their own states and they decide not trump so you cant say the virus is trumps fault if people dont follow their state guidelines. You dont get the virus from hating trump

    1. Ayd McLovin’ it’s funny you think Bidens gonna win. Why would you want someone like that in office? I’ll never know, but I’ve seen and most of America has seen him and don’t want him. U wanna trust the polls like last time? Ok.

    2. @Darth Ellok And you must not have seen Trump running off his mouth with a stream of lies. You like to be lied to?

    1. @Ronita Stobbart no smoking gun found and the evidence mr schiff promised we did not see. Just think for a sec if you have a job and you cannot focus on that job because someone from the side constantly fires up allegations on you and you need to take time to deal with that constantly

    2. @MR DEW I think you should reread the Mueller report. He was found to have obstructed justice 10 times. Russia did interfere with the election, they found 8 people in his circle guilty in court and that’s why Stone got a get out of jail free card because he threatened to rat out his boss for being involved. They did not prove he colluded only his people. But you listen to Barr the most corrupt AG ever. Give your head a shake!

    3. DEAR THOMAS OPINIONS! You do know what they say about opinions don’t you? Facts are, ALL POLLS show Bunker behind in the polls, yes, even Fox! China conducts the polls? Put your crack pipe down and go walk head on into a train, or……. attend a COVID party!

    4. @MR DEW no bias. Hahahaha. Why shouldn’t a con-man, 6 time bankruptcy, multiple fraud convicted, charity charlatan, be allowed to continue to fail to lead the US? Because of all those reasons and the fact his lack of leadership is killing tens of thousands of Americans that shouldn’t have died… And the dying is continuing. His failure to provide any sort of national leadership on covid-19 has magnified the impact on the economy. So the strong economy he inherited is now in the toilet. Before Covid-19 hit, farmers were on massive welfare. The national debt was skyrocketing before Covid-19, which is insane for a economy that wasn’t in serious trouble.
      That’s why Trump* shouldn’t get a second term.
      And the fact he has been actively working to undermine democracy in the US. The real question is, what were those senators thinking when they didn’t vote to convict and remove this trainwreck from office when they had the chance?

  3. Polls definitely show a sign of what an election might look like, but that’s if people vote. Don’t be lazy, and go vote this November!

    1. @Love Forever …that must be why Biden is polling 35 points ahead of Bonespurs with black voters.

    2. @Richard Alexander yea Clinton was leading too in july 2016 and what happened at end??? u guys were crying and still do.

    3. @Julie my 21yo daughter is a senior in college this year. She, among all of her friends will be voting. Most don’t like Biden but they understand that a no vote or voting for anyone else is a vote for tRump. I believe the young people will surprise us! Trump represents everything they hate & they know when he’s lying. Much of the older generation of Republicans will still vote for tRump & that’s 👌.

    4. @Love Forever Only this time we’ve seen Donnie look the other way while Putin puts bounties in the heads of American troops, and we’re still waiting for Mexico to pay for the wall, waiting for the great health care that was going to be so easy, waiting to win the trade war with China, with 140,000 American already dead from a hoax virus that’s going away, like a miracle…

  4. The 40% are projecting into the Orange Sphincter qualities they want him to have – but doesn’t – and then hitting enter.

  5. Oh my god he’s to conceited to have a campaign that doesn’t feature himself front centre which means he’s gonna lose😍. I swear I can hear the Hallelujah Chorus in my mind’s eye

  6. For all of my 70 years, I thought we had laws and a government. We are all on our own. Laws mean nothing if you have money. I doubt I will live long enough to see America recover from this disaster. Republicans have killed America.

    1. @youknow thething You must be the clone of Donald Trump or part of the Russian troll. Pick your choice.

    2. @Ziyad S Republicans and Trump take care of the wealthy, that is their base, but they need the uneducated to stay in office. That is where you come in.

  7. “I want to see everyone in a mask 😷 and not on a ventilator” Biden 2020 make America safe and free again

    1. @velt Ski ALL FAKE NEWS!

    2. @velt Ski Trump is the most corrupt person to ever occupy the oval office, by a large margin. All the other fever swamp conspiracy crap about Obama, I am not going to waste a single second on it. It’s all been debunked. Get on back to your safe space at Fox.

    3. @Bucky Pinata you are without a doubt one of the Stupidest Morons to ever leave a comment here! NEXT!

    1. @soaringvulture We cant blame anyone for a pandemic, we could only take care of ourselves and others the best we can. Can all angles be covered? i don’t think so.

    2. @iamJROD pictures lie all the time snowflake.😂😂😂😂😂😂

      And you mean the Rothschilds who along with the Mercers and Kochs helped put Trump into office? Campaign documents don’t lie…😘

    3. @Clogged Nostrils actually bigot, I called out specific families. Thanks for showing how ignorant you are though…

  8. Not only vote make sure you call your board of elections to make sure you can Vote I just found out I was removed from the voter registration In Miami Dade White in an interracial neighborhood It could happen to you

    1. every trick in book of corruption I was fooled into a constitutional party that does not exist here.

  9. He shouldn’t be winning on anything on the economy because he came from Barack Obama, get with the program.

    1. You are a complete ignorant on economics… Economics and finances are speculative, Obama was a sitting duck and Hillary’s platform was kick in the gut for investors and entrepreneurs. Trump’s tax program, economic deals, deregulation and manufacturing incentives are the reason, combined with the expectative for a better economy inder a real businessman and not some career politicians who never had a real job in their life. Stop playing. In your mommy’s basement and learn…

    2. @Lark Hughes Another ignorant… All the economic indicators skyrocketed after the election. Obama my d..k! Just check the numbers and stop talking bs.

    3. @Mr. Soze We, the ones doing weird things like Clinton’s Pizzagate or the Lolita express and killing innocent people for political purposes are the Demoncraps…😄🤣😂

  10. can’t wait to see 70 /20 not to much longer the stupid people who don’t take this virus seriously are dying that’s it’s base.

    1. nope triple meltdowns japan / usa / GE / french 20% intensified Plutonium called mox fuel 1996 remember?

  11. When do news segments ever have a sinister piano soundtrack? I wanted to watch the segment but couldn’t because all I could focus on was the effin music. Stop this nonsense please MSNBC.

    1. @3boyyyz Did you know Bill Clinton could actually practice Medicine if he wanted to ?
      He doesn’t wish to , but he is so committed to learning that he has a Doctorate in Medicine , Law , Social science study , History etc…..
      Wow !
      It makes me ashamed as , I wish I had the energy to go back again , but it’s been 27 years since my college days .
      Although Bieng wealth doesn’t hurt .
      That’s why countries with Democracy allow anyone regardless of $$$ to study .
      Not here though SO SAD ☹️☹️.

    2. @3boyyyz You read Atlas Ignored ! & All that Libertarian garbage ?
      I studied Economics & trust me that is such fairy tale kaa kaa bullshite.
      If your still a Libertarian past the age of 25 , you need to further your studies.
      Billionaires use that as a cover for Plutocracy & Oligarchy.

    3. @3boyyyz If your ‘ teachers’ are just Garbage Pusher filth Propagandists . ( FOX , Brietfart , Jones , or ohh God QANON )
      Then your mind will be filled with nothing but GARBAGE 😠.

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