More Trump Cabinet officials have engaged with Jan. 6 panel

The House select committee investigating January 6, 2021, has recently interviewed former Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao and has been in talks with former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos as well as former National Security Adviser Robert O'Brien, multiple sources tell CNN. Chao and DeVos, both members of former President Donald Trump's Cabinet, resigned a day after the attack on the US Capitol and discussed invoking the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from power. #CNN #News


    1. @M Hall trump for prison!! 😂 all traitors shall be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. You prob should turn yourself in also.

  1. Captain Rat King, has all the sane rats jumping ship, trying to land this side not criminally unethical? Sunken ships, don’t sail far!

  2. Our country cannot truly move forward until we hold those responsible for trying to overturn our elections accountable. We need to bring the hammer down hard to make sure this never happens again.

    1. @mrcatfish2100 Nope! Learn how our government works b4 embarrassing yourself with silly comments like this 🙄

    2. @Krusty Haven’t noticed that & mine have to come by ship across an ocean to Hawaii to be delivered 😂 All is well!

    1. It’s better to call him, “Moscow McCreepy instead Mitch McConnell.” 😁😂🤣😆🤣😂😁

  3. Ain’t it great that so many of Trump’s support staff and highly-positioned enablers, by their own admissions, now declare they had “concerns” about Trump’s activities. Well, they allowed Trump to rampage on, apparently unwilling to forcibly intervene in the best interest of our country. Their inaction raises serious ‘concerns’ about their ethics and character, or lack thereof.

    1. @John Armstrong you got orange around your mouth areas. The noose is tightening. Are you freaking out yet? DARK BRANDON

  4. RIP to the poor lost soul who was brainwashed to go to the FBI office in Ohio is now dead based on trump lies. 🙏🏻 no more lives lost trumpers. See him for who he is a conman

  5. 1:09 she had to struggle so hard not to say the word “violence” 🙄 What a disgusting human being.

  6. Yeah just as I thought, they need to go to jail if they did not voluntarily speak to the FBI or Jan 6th Committee.

  7. Trump running again would be like Jesse James wanting to be the manager of the bank he robbed last month!

  8. “We were not a White House that followed the rules. And I will tell you that handling classified information was not something that was really pressed upon us on a daily basis or weekly or monthly.” -Stephanie Grisham
    She then went on to say that she and many others personally witnessed Trump’s mishandling of hundreds of classified documents, dozens of times while in his administration, and that they are all happy to testify to that under oath, anytime.

    1. @Suzie MacDonald They will never admit they are wrong! Requires introspection, and critical thinking! They’re doomed!

    1. I am so fucking jaded at this point that I won’t believe he will face serious consequences until he actually does. He will weasel his way out of this somehow. The worst he will get is a fine he won’t pay and will walk free. Mark my words.

  9. Trump: ”It’s treason then.”
    *Grabs the weapons and jumps up like a maniac, falling on the floor like a turd a second later*
    Trump: ”DOJ AND BIDEN SABOTAGED MY MOVES! Whaa, whaa!!”’

  10. Now they’re speaking up yet their function at the time didn’t allow them to. This MO needs to be corrected or corrupt people be held out of any public office

  11. Concerns about the President? Devos needs to be held accountable herself!! She made millions from the evangelical school vouchers!! The damage she did to the public school system will be felt for decades!!😠

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