More young people are getting involved with anti-abortion movement | USA TODAY

More young people are getting involved with anti-abortion movement | USA TODAY 1


  1. Personally,
    1) I’m a male from Central Texas who is pro-choice, but I feel that it’s ultimately a women’s right/decision to take birth control & that Roe V. Wade should remain in effect as it currently is.
    2) When it comes to the 1st & 2nd trimester, I don’t agree with the argument that the baby is truly alive even with a heartbeat since it also lacks a brain, its lungs, & an immune system, which are needed to keep it alive (& something like this happened to a family member whom I won’t mention by name).
    3) I was born & raised Christian (specifically Baptist), & in The Bible there is a story in the Book of Numbers where a man believes his wife committed adultery, so he asked God for help & he was told by God to give his wife an elixir that would’ve aborted the child if it wasn’t his, so this story proves that The Bible isn’t against abortions.
    4) I believe that once a baby is born it should have affordable medical care/coverage for its entire life since I’m pro-life in that regard & not just pro-birth of the baby.
    5) I don’t believe male politicians should be able to create laws regulating what women can or can’t do with their own bodies when that sets a precedent for female politicians to create laws regulating what men can do to theirs.

    1. What initiates a heart, dear science denier? Do you know another being with. A beating heart, without being alive?

  2. When is it ok to murder children? If I murder a pregnant woman how many murders should I be charged with?

  3. There’s a great contraceptive to be used in America you can either buy the stores drug stores or get a prescription and there’s also one called No and cross your legs or say yes to contraceptives it’s in that this became very complicated saying No and crossing your legs or to purchase contraceptives instead of opening your legs for all the traffic to come through

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