Morgan Freeman On 'The Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain' & Overhauling Policing 1

Morgan Freeman On ‘The Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain’ & Overhauling Policing


Ten years ago in White Plains, New York, Kenneth Chamberlain — a 68-year-old Black veteran with a history of mental illness — accidentally set off his medical alert device. As The New York Times reports, police were dispatched to his home for a welfare check. Ninety minutes later, after he had been taunted with racial slurs and subdued by both a taser weapon and beanbag rounds, Chamberlain was shot and killed. Morgan Freeman, Academy Award winning actor and an executive producer of 'The Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain,' joins Joy Reid to discuss this new film that captures these tragic events. Joy is also joined by Frankie Faison, the actor portraying Kenneth Chamberlain, and Chamberlain's son, Kenneth Chamberlain, Jr.
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    1. Nope, they just hated him. No other reason. Most cops are sadistic people, who want to live a violent lifestyle with impunity.

    2. @Tessmage Tessera Your response saddens me. I have seen and agreed with your comments numerous times. It has become obvious to all that there are sadists within their ranks and ineffective psych screening of recruits and authoritarian and racist beliefs among them. It is equally true that we have asked cops to perform societal functions nowhere near their expertise or training, like responding to mental health issues. But I cannot agree with your blanket condemnation. Clearly, major overhauling of the entire system is long overdue. This must be a priority moving forward. God help us.

  1. And this is the exact reason I refuse to stand for our national anthem!
    Until the day comes that our active military & especially our veterans are treated as they were promised when they signed up or were drafted n2 service, I will continue to sit & pray for them instead.
    My way of peaceful protest!
    Love, peace & blessings to you always, whoever is reading this.

    1. @The Brethren Matthew 23:8 here’s some advice for you.
      Go to Mr. Morgan’s Twitter feed & copy & paste ur complaint with him on there!
      That way you won’t hafta to do it over & over & over here on YT!

    2. Joan, I stopped standing in 02 when we went into Iraq. LONG before BLM. I was ashamed then and will probably die ashamed to be American. I’ve know bullies and that’s what it felt like being. I’ll stand when this country start (it never has) delivering on it’s so called principles.

    3. @MJL aww, u just made me cry a happy tear!
      No one has ever paid me such a beautiful compliment as this.
      You have truly made my day! Tysm
      Love, peace & blessings to you always! 🙏🌹😘🤗🙏

  2. *”Honest MEN”* wouldn’t forward harm to one another in order to maintain normalcy of a *”FALSENESS”* deeply hidden within their *”HEART.”*

    1. Why is morgan Freeman doing this project?
      He told cnn don lemon (if am right) that he doesn’t believe in racial issue in the US

  3. *❣️ Morgan Freeman!* I’m so
    glad to see him supporting *Humanitarianism,* a splendid example of *Morgan’s active belief in the value of human life.*

    1. Why is morgan Freeman doing this project?
      He told cnn don lemon (if am right) that he doesn’t believe in racial issue in the US

  4. First of all, police should be required to have more than a high-school diploma and few weeks of training. Period.

    1. Why is morgan Freeman doing this project?
      He told cnn don lemon (if am right) that he doesn’t believe in racial issue in the US

    2. @The Brethren Matthew 23:8
      This is not a racial issue, it’s a “”Human Being””…Issue, and those
      who are Murdering our “African-American”‘…men, aren’t “”HUMAN”..
      They Can’t be, because “”Human Beings””….don’t act like that, Do
      They? I’m simply asking a question, “”Do They?

    3. @vivian claiborne u r right. Am not disputing that it a human issue with affect more black Americans but morgan wen ask about police brutality on black people by don lemon morgan denies it not y did he take up this issue but hide away from advocating on it.
      Wen u have platform as big as his, he needs 2 us it until it stops we’ve 2 keep talking advocating on it

  5. 🤔🤔..
    A police wellness check results in the killing of the man by the police who came to see if he was in need of medical attention??
    What part of this incident **didn’t** scream excessive use of force by the police??!! 😤😤😤
    Unacceptable incidents such this are the reason **why** qualified immunity must be undone–it gives encouragement & protection to police to act like thugs..

    1. They also need these guys to carry their own insurance, like doctors have malpractice insurance. Time and time again it is the taxpayers footing the bill for their sadistic behavior.

    2. The rot goes a lot further than to rid Qualified Immunity, Wayne. This was viewed by Supervisors, Review Boards, grand jury, even the DOJ under Eric Holder, who all said these cops acted OK, so PLEASE with no Q.I. The system covers cops, and bad cops always slither away thru the flaws. This is like a building a 1905 car to go 200 mph – that’s beyond stupid, you’d build a NEW car designed for that purpose. Todays current policing needs to be scrapped and redesigned with a goal of “HUMANITY” and accountability.

    3. @Tucker Ford
      Losing qualified immunity & the police unions as a shield from behind which to commit transgressions against the public would be a **major** step forth towards reconfiguring how our future police are trained. They would know going in that they would no longer have a blank check to act violently against the communities that they take an oath to protect, and they would also know that accountability & increased scrutiny of their conduct amongst the public are going to be a significant part and presence in their training. Simply put, the bullies & the violently inclined would be put on notice right from the outset that the police department would no longer be a job where they can act out their most malevolent fantasies ..

  6. End all qualified immunity and see how many cops run from their job. I say good riddance to all the bad rubbish we call law enforcement. There are people with the right stuff to be good cops out there.

    1. Why is morgan Freeman doing this project?
      He told cnn don lemon (if am right) that he doesn’t believe in racial issue in the US

    1. Not all popo murders are based on nothing else than butthurt. Unlawful entry and murder of a homeowner inside his home is perfectly legal b/c all they need is a miscellaneous claim of vague harm. Victim threatened to false claim popo if they came b/c he could then sue for being left in medical need. Case includes telecomm and other federal complications like tort. There’s much worse that goes all the way thru the courts. I could show a video of cops sneaking past a leasing office and attacking a resident thru an emergency exit, putting a gun to his head and the gun going off after a hang-fire, with the bullet bouncing off the floor into the camera lens as proof of the murderous act, and a jury seeing this would still convict the homeowner of being threatening to the cop. Electing more “ambitious” political leaders as Morgan Freeman says is the same as saying “hire more cops to watch the already too many bad cops.”

  7. Had a seizure in a bank. Security guard called cops, they tossed me in the back of a paddy wagon with no protection. I didn’t even know who I was !! Aye, some cops are baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad !!!!!

  8. In a more perfect world the paramedics and ambulance services would be state funded. So in these situation as in the U.K medical professionals would have gone to do this type of check not the police.

  9. The DISHONOR that has been shown to African Americans by the American people for hundreds of years now is beyond disgraceful. There is no word or curse that fits.

  10. I so love Morgan Freeman….what an awesome human being!! Who else would bring an attention to this case better, then him. Sad story, brilliant movie…..

  11. It’s such a perfect time for this movie. It should be required watching all police recruits and legislators.

  12. Thank you for sharing about this documentary about this his STORY MUST BE TOLD
    Morgan Freeman your the best GOD BLESS YOU

  13. It wasn’t just the police…The DA failed to pursue the case, and the members of the community who did not award the family wrongful death compensation. I’m glad I’m white… At least I’m “Entitled” to “The Benefit of The Doubt”.

  14. Morgan Freeman what a man, great actor, wonderful human being, Really enjoy all of his movies, great to see his part in this tragic situation.

  15. I hadn’t heard of this story or the movie but,looking at his son here,I vaguely remember seeing him on the news at one time,so,so sad,sorry for the family

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