Morneau now under ethics investigation over WE Charity dealings


  1. One of the most smug politicians in Canada, never answers a question and thinks he’s untouchable. What goes around comes around.

    1. Trudeau is more than likely tired of taking all the heat for the corruption. Liberals are partners in crime.

    2. @Angry_Anglo The whole party is corrupt. Trudeau is the face and leader of the liberal party, he should take responsibility.

    1. Right on Theresa,both Morneau & Trudeau will weasel out by more Lies .These parasite Liberals are still at it & will continue. More digging will uncover more money laundering that Trudeau has been doing .How much more bs are the citizens going to take before “really “doing something about these Parasites ?

  2. Corruption in Canadian politics no?? Trudeau corrupt no??? SNC Lavalin was just a great big misunderstanding folks? And the same with this one? Also Trudeau’s ties too the CCP is all above board and legit? Liberals are trusted and by the books always folks? Bahahahahahahaha

  3. Criminal investigation must be held. But who will investigate? RCMP? Corrupt. Ottawa police? Corrupt. OPP? Corrupt. All bought and paid for. The police need to PROVE to Canadians they are true to their oath. Get it done officers, get it done. I will not hold my breath. Prove me wrong. WEXIT now.

  4. Jail them all !!!!!!!wake up all provins Leave that fake country called Canada company(boat).Soon Alberta gone!!Love you Alberta❤️

  5. Morneau’ can afford to be smug because he well knows that a toothless ethics committee will be investigating his and Trudeau’s corruption while the biased liberal press will simply under report and whitewash the degree of corruption involved.

  6. Morneau the corrupt politician who just forgot to mention his villa in France now just forgetting to mention his family connection to a charity his government was awarding a billion dollar contract to..

  7. Time to take a hard look at Canada’s “” beloved “” Kielburger clan as well . When watching their stage antics , the word phoney does not suffice .

  8. Get ready there’s going to be more of them coming the corruption runs deep. No confidence vote is what we need

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